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Roofing Cost Calculator

Need help pricing your roofing services? Just add in the details of your job, like the pitch of the roof and the cost of your materials, and get a competitive range to charge your customers.

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Roofing Cost Calculator


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our roofing pricing calculator shows you the average price range for your specific job based on the details you provide.

Input some information about your job like number of ground squares, pitch of the roof, and cost of materials and labor. The calculator will show you the average cost of roofing jobs similar to yours.

Our roofing job pricing calculator is just one of our free tools made for roofing service businesses. Together, these tools can help you store client information, convert estimates to invoices, and get paid for your work.

Once you’ve calculated your estimated job cost, check if your pricing is profitable after adding all your expenses using our free profit margin calculator.
The price ranges shown by our calculator are based on our own research of the average price for roofing services across the U.S..

There are plenty of factors to consider when pricing your jobs—so check out our detailed guide on how to price and bid a roofing job.
Use the price ranges provided by our calculator to make an informed decision about your pricing. Before you set your final prices, research other roofing businesses in your area to get an idea of how your competitors price their jobs.

Compare other roofing businesses pricing with the price range provided by this calculator, then use our profit margin calculator to set prices that are competitive and profitable.
If your profit margin isn’t as high as you’d like, here are a few ways you can improve it:

• Increase your prices (and prepare your customers with a price increase letter)
Upsell clients on new or additional services
• Lower overhead costs (e.g., reduce fuel costs with automatic service routing software) to be more efficient with the money you’re already earning
• Improve your team’s efficiency so you’re doing more work per hour
On your customer quote, add a line item for each service you’ll offer, along with a description and price. Then, tally up each price and add your sales tax and any discounts. If you’re using pen and paper, it could take a while to write down contact details, add line items, and add up every cost in your head.

With our free roofing estimate template, you can send out a customizable, professional-looking estimate with some of those details already in place—and calculations are done automatically, including taxes and discounts.

It only takes a few minutes to fill in the specific details of your roofing job and send the estimate to your client for approval.
Once you’ve finished the job, use our free invoice template to create a professional roofing invoice for your clients.

Or, upload your job information into invoicing software like Jobber. This makes it easy to write an invoice from your mobile device or computer.

Here’s what you can do with Jobber:

• Let customers book roofing jobs into your calendar through your website
• Create quick estimates and convert them into jobs
• Store customer information and communicate with clients via email and SMS
Schedule employees, route work quickly, track time, and log expenses
• Convert completed jobs into invoices and send them to clients, fast
• Send automated invoice follow-ups using professional templates
• Take payment in person or online with convenient credit card processing
• Use built-in reporting to see how your roofing business is doing

Learn more about how Jobber can help you create invoices and get paid faster.