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Listening Time 28 Minutes

Hiring Outstanding Employees (and Retaining Them)

With Branden Sewell and Oscar Gil

Episode Overview

In this episode of Masters of Home Service, host Adam Sylvester talks about how to hire great staff for your service business with Oscar Gil (R3 Auto Detailing and Detail Groove) and Branden Sewell (Seal Pro Painting).

Show Notes

– Set reasonable expectations for employees from day one (01:18)

– Don’t guarantee work you can’t provide (02:41)

– Hire better employees with better systems (03:14)

– The real cost of hiring employees and keeping them happy (05:00)

– Bring in employees through accurate, inviting job descriptions (05:56)

– Asking for references—and whether or not to check them (07:21)

– Where to find good candidates who will stick around (09:04)

– Jobber gives your team the routing, scheduling, and job details they need in the field (11:13)

– Improve employee retention with a good culture and opportunities to grow (11:57)

– Hand out employee performance bonuses and incentives (13:57)

– Get to know employees and give them the chance to learn (16:32)

– Don’t be threatened by employees’ side hustles (18:33)

– Create boundaries around side work through an employee policy manual (20:31)

– Share your resources to help employees build their long-term careers (21:43)

– Gamify the work experience for your team (22:58)

– Take ownership of your hiring and retention processes (24:09)

– Build a business where employees want to work (25:15)

– TL;DR: Adam’s top takeaways: set clear expectations, deliver on compensation, support side hustles (25:48)

About the speakers


Adam Sylvester


Instagram: @adamsylvester

Adam started Charlottesville Lawn Care in 2013 and Charlottesville Gutter Pros in the fall of 2020, in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to say, “I do gutters and grass! When it rains the grass grows and the gutters leak!” He got into owning his own business because he saw it as a huge opportunity to generate great income while living a life that suited him. He believes that large companies can make a serious impact on their communities and on every individual it touches, and he wanted to build a company that could make a big difference. His sweet spot talent is sales and marketing with a strong passion for building a place his team wants to work. Adam values his employees and loves leading people. While operations and efficiency is not something that comes naturally to him, he is constantly working to improve himself and his business in these areas. 


Oscar Gil

R3 Auto Detailing and Detail Groove

Instagram: @detailgroove

Located in Houston, TX, Oscar Gil started R3 Auto Detailing in 2011 to provide premium interior and exterior detailing services to the Greater Houston area. In 2015, he started Detail Grove to help others start and grow their own detailing businesses. Since he was 14 years old, Oscar had always wanted his own business. When he got his first car in 2010 and started to learn how to properly clean and detail it, he realized he could start a business detailing other people’s vehicles as well, and the rest is history. Today, he has a special interest and focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) to generate consistent flow, high-quality leads and sales.


Branden Sewell


Instagram: @sealpropainting@brandensewell

Branden Sewell is the owner of Seal Pro Painting in Titusville, Fl, which specializes in residential exterior and interior repaints. He started the company in August 2017, because he wanted to have the freedom in his schedule to focus on the things that matter most to him—spending time with family, enjoying the things he loves, and serving his community.  Branden is driven by his mission to make a positive impact, and to bring respect, professionalism, and world class customer service to his and his team’s work. Branden is also passionate about helping others build companies that give them freedom by sharing his knowledge in marketing, sales, and systems and processes to run an efficient business. 

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