Why Jobber is worth a look if you’re researching Service Autopilot

At Jobber, we designed our plans to offer you flexibility as you grow your business and your team. Nickel and dime-ing you for user fees every time you add a new employee isn’t our style. Make sure you do a through review of Service Autopilot's pricing.

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Jobber's been ranked as a Leader in Gartner's report as a Leader. Competitors includes Yardbook, Kickserv, Housecall Pro, mHelpDesk, Razorsync, Zenmaid and Service Autopilot. We've reviewed these different software solutions and came to a few conclusions.

Choose a Software that Supports Your Team’s Growth

As your business grows you want your plan pricing to stay consistent—not balloon as your success leads to hiring more employees. Jobber gives you more room to grow your business.

Free trial—no credit card required

We offer a free 14 day trial where you can try all of our features, and access our awesome support team if you have questions—no credit card required. Service Autopilot doesn’t offer a free trial.

Free setup and 1-on-1 training

We want you to be successful, so the idea of charging you a setup fee doesn’t compute. We offer free 1-on-1 training to get you started and unlimited support via call, email, or chat.

If you ever have questions about new features, feel free to book 1-on-1 time with us to make the feature work for you! Service Autopilot caps their training at 2 sessions.

No additional charges for essentials / QuickBooks sync with every plan

Jobber automatically syncs with QuickBooks Online (QBO) and Xero. Accounting sync is available on all of Jobber’s plans.

Service Autopilot charges $25/month for accounting sync, and it’s only available on their 2nd tier of pricing.

Straightforward pricing

We offer 3 plans: Core (up to 2 users for $69/month), Connect (up to 10 users for $129/month), Unlimited (unlimited users for $259/month). Easy.

Service Autopilot's plans leave you less room to grow—charging by the user with a high base price ($79/month for one user with $15 per additional app user and $25 per additional office user), and charging for add-ons like QuickBooks Online sync.

“The support—you can talk to someone, and they listen.”

“The most important factor in my choosing Jobber is the people behind it. That is what sold me on Jobber. The support—you can talk to someone, and they listen. You have an idea, and they listen. I'm glad I chose you over any other service. Once you get the hang of it, it's so easy to use and literally saves me around 10-12 hours a week in just bookkeeping alone.”

Brian Boase
Mil Spec Lawn Care

"I searched for a long time... before I came across Jobber"

“I searched a long time for a scheduling program before I came across Jobber. Other programs that I tried out were expensive or did not offer enough. For me Jobber offers all that I need for my business at the moment. They are always adding new things and are always open to suggestions for adding improvements. They are extremely quick at answering questions and also respond with quick solutions."

Chris Roberts
Greemile Lawn Care Ltd.

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