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Thank You Notes for Customers: 25 Easy Templates for Any Situation

July 12, 2023 10 min. read
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Showing customers you care—and impressing them with your professionalism—can be as simple as saying “thank you.”

A thoughtful, personalized thank you note is an easy way to show customers you appreciate their business. It strengthens your relationships and costs nothing.

Pick from our 25 thank you note templates below and customize them for your customer emails, text messages, and letters.

20 quick thank you messages to copy

Use these quick thank you messages whenever you want to show customers appreciation over email or text message:

  1. Thanks for once again supporting us! We truly appreciate you choosing to be a loyal customer for [length of time].
  2. [Your name] from [your business name] here, just saying thank you for putting your trust in us to [insert service, e.g., clean your house]. You are why we do what we do. Thanks for always being so loyal.
  3. Thanks for placing your trust in us and booking a job for [date]. Our team will be in contact. We look forward to doing the work!
  4. Thank you for your first booking with [your business name]. Someone from our team will call you in the next few days to confirm all the job details.
  5. Thank you for choosing [your business name]. We look forward to coming to your property on [date] to [upcoming service].
  6. [Your name], the owner of [your business name] here. We see you just booked a job for the [date]. [Employee name] from our team will be calling you shortly to confirm the finer details.
  7. Hi, [client name]. [Your name] from [your business name] here. I just wanted to personally thank you for your recent booking. We appreciate your business. Our team will be there on [date and time]. In the meantime, please contact us at [phone number] if you have any questions.
  8. We’re thankful that you chose us for [service you provided] when we’re fully aware there are many other companies to choose from. As a first-time customer of our family-owned business, we wanted to officially welcome you to our family. Cheers, [sign off with your family members’ names].
  9. Our team at [your business name] has just completed [the service you provided]. We wanted to thank you for supporting our [local/family-owned] business and look forward to working with you again.
  10. Thank you for choosing [your business name]. We hope our service and work brought a smile to your face and made your life just a little easier.
  11. Thank you for your support, [client name]. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to helping you again soon.
  12. On behalf of [your business name], we wanted to say thanks for choosing us. Please let us know if there’s any other work we can help you with.
  13. It’s [your name], owner of [your business name]! Our team has just completed the [service you provided]. We wanted to thank you for your support and let you know that my colleague [employee name] will call you tomorrow to check in and make sure you’re happy.
  14. [Your name] from [your business name] here. Thank you for your business, [client name]. Our team thoroughly enjoyed doing the work, and we look forward to coming back again soon.
  15. While you were hard at work at your job, our team was doing the same. We have now completed the [service]. Someone will call you tomorrow to follow up. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and look forward to helping you again.
  16. Our team at [your business name] has just completed [service]. We’re committed to always providing the best work, so if you have a question, concern, or suggestion, please let us know by completing our short survey: [link to your survey]
  17. Hi, [client name]. Our team has completed [service you provided] on your property. We’re committed to providing the best experience to our customers, so we would appreciate it if you could take a second to answer our short survey by following this link: [link to your survey].
  18. Thank you for being a valued customer. To say thanks, here’s a coupon you can use on your next [insert your customer’s most requested service].
  19. [Your name] from [your business name] here. Thanks for supporting our business. We know there are many other [types of businesses, e.g. “landscaping businesses”] you could’ve chosen, yet you chose and continue to choose us. Please know we don’t take that for granted. As a thank you, a 20% discount will automatically be applied to your next invoice.
  20. Thanks for supporting [your business name]. Please know we don’t take your loyalty for granted. As a thank you, we’ve [insert something you’ve done to ‘wow’ customers that’s not part of the usual service and doesn’t take a lot of time, e.g., taking out the garbage].

Pre-written thank you note templates

For longer and more detailed thank you notes, get inspired by these email templates designed for five different customer situations.

Template 1: Thank you note for new customers

Prepare a customized message to thank every new customer who works with you. This shows new customers the level of care they can expect from you in the future—and encourages them to come back to you.

Here’s a thank you email template you can customize for any new customer:

Template 2: Thank you note for existing customers

To go the extra mile for loyal, long-time customers, send a special note that thanks them for sticking by your business. You can even offer a gift, like a discount on their next service, to show your gratitude.

Use this template as a starting point to thank your loyal customers:

Template 3: Year-end thank you message to customers

An end-of-year thank you note lets you wish customers a happy holiday season and tells them you look forward to working with them next year. It also encourages clients to start thinking about the services they’ll need next year.

Template 4: Thank you note with a review or referral request

Referrals and positive reviews from your customers can attract new clients. Instead of leaving those recommendations up to chance, ask for reviews up front in your customer thank you notes.

As soon as you’ve completed a job, use this template to show your thanks in a customer follow-up email that also asks for feedback:

Pro Tip: Make it easy for customers to leave a review on your Google Business Profile by sharing a direct link to your review page.

You can save time using software like Jobber to send this type of follow-up email. After you complete a service appointment, Jobber automatically sends an email to your customer—which you can customize and add a feedback survey to:

Client follow-up email sent in Jobber with a feedback survey

Template 5: Invoice thank you message

You can also add thank you messages directly to invoices. The invoice is usually the last interaction you’ll have with a customer before they book again, so use this chance to send them off with a great impression of your business.

Here’s what that thank you note looks like on Jobber invoice:

Thank you note at the end of a Jobber invoice

What to include in your thank you notes

These components make up a genuine, professional thank you note that sticks in your customers’ memories:

  • Start with “thank you.” Make the purpose of your note clear from the start by leading with the most important message: your gratitude. This lets customers know immediately that you’re just trying to say thanks, not selling or asking for anything.
  • Make it personal. Always include your customer’s name when you thank them. Make your note even more special with a specific detail or story about your experience with them—like something neat you noticed on their property, or that their lawn was the fiftieth that you mowed.
  • Tell your customer why their business is important. Take one line of your thank you note to tell your customers what their business means to you. When a customer supports you, they’re supporting your team, your family, and the community you’re providing essential services for.
  • Finish with a signature from you or your family members’ names if you run the business together. This adds a personal touch that puts names behind your work and helps customers connect with you.

How to send thank you notes to customers

You can send customer thank you notes over email, text message, or handwritten letter. Choose the method that feels most natural for the customer and situation.

For example, you might send a handwritten letter to a client who booked a special, high-value service, or to celebrate their birthday or anniversary. A quick thanks in a text message works for a customer who’s just booked an appointment with you online.

Pro Tip: Use a service like Mailchimp to create postcards you can personalize and send directly to your customers.

If you choose to send your thank you notes via email or text message, consider sending automated follow-up emails to improve your entire customer service experience.

Using a platform like Jobber, you can customize and schedule these thank you notes to be sent automatically or manually as soon as a job is complete or requested.

Email template for automated client communication in Jobber

And because Jobber stores your client and job information, you won’t need to worry about re-entering client details, sending it to the wrong person, or letting a valuable customer slip through the cracks.

The benefits of thank you notes

Sending gifts to every customer isn’t always possible, but a simple, sincere thank you note is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to express gratitude and build stronger customer relationships.

Customer thank you notes help you:

  • Show customers you care. Thank you notes tell your customers you’re more than a faceless company, and that they’re more than a number—they’re a valued customer. 
  • Collect feedback. Thanking a customer is a natural place to start a conversation about their satisfaction. When you send a thank you note after a job, you can easily ask for feedback on your service and show your customer you’re being sincere.
  • Earn more business. When customers feel appreciated, they’ll refer your business to friends and family and be more likely to book repeat work.
  • Promote your services. For example, you might send a thank you letter to a new customer to show appreciation for their support, and mention you have other service packages that may interest them. You can even incorporate thank you notes into a customer referral program or an invoice.

Check out even more reasons to send thank you notes to your customers:

Originally published on October 21, 2021. Last updated on July 12, 2023.

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