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350 Pest Control Company Names For Starting Your Business

February 6, 2023 11 min. read
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Having a catchy, memorable business name sets you apart from other pest control companies, draws in potential customers, and makes a statement about what your business does differently.

But what’s the best name for your pest control company? Find the one that’s right for your business with these 350 pest control company name ideas.

40 catchy pest control names

Want a name that’s easy for your customers to say, spell, recognize, and remember? Try one of these catchy pest control names:

  • Above & Beeyond Exterminators
  • All Abuzz Pest Control
  • Ant Army Pest Control Services
  • Bait & See Pest Solutions
  • Bedbug Busters Pest Control Co.
  • Bee Green Pest Control Company
  • Bees Knees Pest Control
  • Bug Bite Exterminators
  • Busy Bees Pest Control Services
  • Buzz Bros Pest Removal
  • Buzz Off Pest Solutions
  • Cat & Mouse Pest Control Company
  • Catch-All Pest Control Co.
  • Don’t Panic Pest Control
  • Early Bird Exterminators
  • Fog & Smog Pest Control Services
  • Hive-Alarm Pest Removal
  • It’s A Trap Pest Solutions
  • Jeepers Creepers Pest Control
  • Leaping Lizards Pest Control
  • Mice Work Pest Control Company
  • Nine to Hive Pest Control Services
  • Perception Pest Control
  • Pest Offense Exterminators
  • Pest Shot Vermin Removal
  • Pests Bee Gone
  • Rat-A-Way Pest Control
  • Rat’s It Pest Removal
  • Repel-A-Rodent Pest Control Co.
  • Rodent Reachers Pest Solutions
  • Rodent Repel Pest Control Services
  • Spray & Stay Exterminators
  • Spray Cool Pest Control Company
  • Swarm Savers Pest Control
  • Termite Technicians Pest Control Co.
  • Trap Back Pest Solutions
  • Wasp Wardens Pest Control
  • Wasp Whisperers Pest Removal
  • Well Sprayed Pest Control Services
  • What’s the Buzz Exterminators

Pro Tip: If you offer other services like weed control, include them in your business name. That way you’re telling customers everything you offer right from the get-go.

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30 cool names of pest control companies

A cool pest control company name tells customers that you’re a tough, determined person who doesn’t get squeamish and will get the job done. Check out these examples of cool pest control names:

  • Bad Rat Pest Control Services
  • Bat 1000 Pest Control
  • Beetle Beaters Pest Solutions
  • Bug Out Pest Control Company
  • Buzzkill Exterminators
  • Colony Crusher Pest Control Services
  • Colony Kings Pest Control Co.
  • Final Spray Pest Control
  • Gauntlet Pest Solutions
  • Got Gators? Pest Co.
  • Hive Alive Pest Control Services
  • Insect Inspectors Pest Removal
  • Live Trap Pest Control Company
  • Mice Guys Pest Control
  • Mighty Mites Exterminators
  • Mosquito Veto Pest Solutions
  • Moth Bosses Pest Control Services
  • Mouse of Cards Pest Control Co.
  • Mousetrap Pest Control Company
  • On Guard Pest Removal
  • Packrat Pest Control
  • Rat Race Exterminators
  • Steel Trap Pest Solutions
  • Swarm Reform Pest Control Services
  • The Mosquito Men Pest Control Co.
  • The Termite Team Pest Control
  • The Wasp Watch Exterminators
  • Trapdoor Pest Control Company
  • Wasp Warriors Pest Removal
  • Yellowjacket Pest Control Services

Pro Tip: Make sure the name you choose is available in your city and state. You can figure this out by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and searching your area’s trademark database.

40 creative pest control names

Some pest control businesses like to go the creative route with a name inspired by nature, music, and other ideas that make customers think about pest removal. Consider creative pest control names like:

  • Anteater Pest Control Services
  • Antfarm Pest Control
  • Anthill Pest Control Company
  • Apis Pest Solutions
  • Armadillo Pest Control Services
  • Attic to Basement Pest Control Co.
  • Bait With Destiny Pest Removal
  • Bee All End All Pest Solutions
  • Catcher In the Fly Exterminators
  • Cloud Catchers Pest Control
  • Cottonmouse Pest Control Co.
  • Dormouse Pest Control Services
  • Eagle Eye Pest Removal
  • Fair Spray Pest Control Company
  • Fieldmouse Pest Control
  • Fine Mist Pest Solutions
  • Firefly Exterminators
  • Flytrap Pest Control Services
  • Honey Catcher Pest Control Co.
  • Honeybee Pest Control
  • Hornets Nest Pest Removal
  • Insectum Pest Solutions
  • Junebug Pest Control Company
  • Mantis Exterminators
  • Mothball Pest Control Co.
  • Mouse and Home Exterminators
  • No Pest For the Wicked Pest Control
  • Pangolin Pest Removal
  • Pest of Times Exterminators
  • Pied Piper Pest Control Services
  • Pollen Pest Solutions
  • Queen Bee Pest Control Company
  • Rat & Mouse Pest Control
  • Rats Nest Pest Control Co.
  • Rats Paw Pest Control Services
  • Sable Exterminators
  • Scarab Pest Solutions
  • Trapsetter Pest Removal
  • Vespa Pest Control
  • Worker Bee Pest Control Services

Pro Tip: Try to include service-related keywords like “pest control” or “exterminator” in your business name. It’s important for search engine optimization (SEO), which helps potential customers find your company online.

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30 funny pest control names

The pest control industry has lots of opportunity for wordplay, and it tells customers you’re fun to work with. Think about these funny pest control names, or come up with a funny name yourself:

  • All Trapped Up Pest Solutions
  • Bait For It Pest Control
  • Bug Off Pest Control Services
  • Easy Buzz It Pest Control Company
  • Final Pestination Exterminators
  • Give Me Hive Pest Control Co.
  • Hive For Fighting Pest Removal
  • Hive Right In Pest Control
  • Mice Going Pest Control Services
  • Mice to See You Pest Solutions
  • Mouse in Order Exterminators
  • Off the Bat Pest Control Company
  • On the Mouse Pest Removal
  • Open Mouse Pest Control
  • Pest Bet Pest Control Services
  • Pest Case Scenario Exterminators
  • Pest Foot Forward Pest Removal
  • Pest of Friends Pest Removal
  • Rat In Hand Pest Control Company
  • Rat’ll Do It Pest Solutions
  • Rat’s a Wrap Pest Control Services
  • Rat’s What I’m Talking About Pest Co.
  • Spray By The Rules Exterminators
  • Spray It Ain’t So Pest Control
  • That’s A Trap Pest Control
  • The Pest Is History Pest Removal
  • To Catch a Fly Pest Solutions
  • Up to Bait Pest Control Services
  • We Clean Up Mice Pest Removal
  • What a Catch Pest Control

20 unique pest control company name ideas

A unique name sets your business apart in your service area and makes it easier for customers to recognize you. You can use a unique pest control business name like:

  • Bait a Minute Pest Control Co.
  • Bee Ahead Pest Control
  • Birds & Bees Pest Control Services
  • Buzz Along Pest Control Company
  • Hive Dive Pest Solutions
  • House Mouse Pest Removal
  • Infested Nest Pest Control
  • Insect Issues Pest Control Co.
  • Just Spray It Pest Control Services
  • Mice Touch Pest Control Company
  • Mouse in the House Exterminators
  • Pest Behavior Pest Control Co.
  • Pest Friends Vermin Removal
  • Roach Approach Pest Solutions
  • Spray Ahead Pest Control
  • Swarm Pest Control Company
  • That’s a Rat Pest Removal
  • Trapspring Pest Control Services
  • Well Sprayed Exterminators
  • Word of Mouse Pest Solutions

Pro Tip: Want to make one of these names your own? Just change the ending to something like Pest Removal, Exterminators, or Pest Control Co.

90 professional pest control business names

A professional name tells customers that you know what you’re doing and will give them a top-notch service experience. Think about choosing a professional pest control company name like:

  • Accomplish Pest Solutions
  • Adept Pest Control
  • Advantage Pest Control Co.
  • Ally Pest Control Services
  • Amazing Exterminators
  • Ambition Pest Solutions
  • Ascend Pest Removal
  • Authority Pest Control
  • Axiom Pest Control Company
  • Best Pest Control Services
  • Bold Exterminators
  • Boss Pest Solutions
  • Capital Pest Control Co.
  • Catalyst Pest Control
  • Center Pest Removal
  • Champion Pest Control Company
  • Command Exterminators
  • Committed Pest Control Services
  • Complete Pest Solutions
  • Concord Pest Control
  • Cornerstone Pest Control Co.
  • Courtesy Pest Control Company
  • Dedicated Pest Removal
  • Dependable Exterminators
  • Direct Pest Control
  • Discover Pest Control Services
  • Drive Pest Control Co.
  • Dynamic Pest Solutions
  • Edge Pest Removal
  • Elevate Pest Control Company
  • Elite Pest Control
  • Emerge Exterminators
  • Endurance Pest Control Services
  • Enterprise Pest Control Co.
  • Essential Pest Removal
  • Experience Pest Solutions
  • Expert Pest Control Company
  • First Exterminators
  • Five-Star Pest Control
  • Flair Pest Control Co.
  • Flourish Pest Removal
  • Focus Pest Control Services
  • Force Exterminators
  • Foresight Pest Solutions
  • Fortify Pest Control Company
  • Foundation Pest Control
  • Guardian Pest Removal
  • Hero Pest Solutions
  • Icon Pest Control Co.
  • Independent Exterminators
  • Innovate Pest Control Services
  • Insight Pest Control Company
  • Inspire Pest Removal
  • Legend Pest Control
  • Master Pest Control Co.
  • Merit Pest Solutions
  • Method Pest Control Services
  • Modern Exterminators
  • Optimum Pest Control Company
  • Paragon Pest Removal
  • Paramount Pest Control
  • Partnership Pest Control Services
  • Peak Pest Solutions
  • Performance Pest Control Co.
  • Pioneer Exterminators
  • Platinum Pest Control Company
  • Power Pest Control
  • Practical Pest Removal
  • Precision Pest Control Services
  • Premier Pest Solutions
  • Prestige Pest Control Co.
  • Progressive Pest Control Company
  • Prosper Exterminators
  • Pure Pest Control
  • Purpose Pest Removal
  • Quality Pest Solutions
  • Ready Pest Control Co.
  • Reliable Pest Control Services
  • Resolve Exterminators
  • Satisfy Pest Control Company
  • Seasoned Pest Control
  • Sentinel Pest Solutions
  • Signature Pest Removal
  • Star Pest Control Services
  • Summit Pest Control Co.
  • Superior Pest Control Company
  • Supreme Exterminators
  • Trailblaze Pest Control
  • Venture Pest Removal
  • Victory Pest Control Services

Pro Tip: Your business name should still be appropriate as an acronym or shortened version. For example, Flourish Pest Removal (FPR) is a good name, but avoid something like Precision Extermination Experts.

50 personal names of pest control companies

Build on your relationships and reputation by using your personal name as your pest control company name. Check out these examples:

  • Adams Pest Control Services
  • Anderson Pest Control
  • Baker Brothers Pest Solutions
  • Campbell Pest Control Company
  • Castillo Sisters Pest Removal
  • Cox Pest Control Co.
  • Diaz Family Pest Control Services
  • Evans Pest Solutions
  • Foster Pest Control
  • Garcia & Sons, Exterminators
  • Gonzales Pest Control Company
  • Harris Pest Control Co.
  • Hernandez Pest Control Services
  • Hughes Pest Removal
  • Jackson Family Pest Solutions
  • Johnson Pest Control
  • Jones & Daughters, Exterminators
  • Kim Pest Control Company
  • King & Sons Pest Control Services
  • Lee Brothers Pest Solutions
  • Lopez Pest Control
  • Martin Pest Control Co.
  • Miller Sisters Pest Removal
  • Moore Pest Control Company
  • Morales Pest Control Services
  • Murphy Pest Control
  • Nguyen’s Exterminators
  • Ortiz & Daughters Pest Solutions
  • Parker Pest Control Co.
  • Perez Family Pest Control Company
  • Peterson Pest Control Services
  • Ramirez Pest Control
  • Ramos Pest Removal
  • Roberts Pest Solutions
  • Robinson Pest Control Co.
  • Rodriguez Exterminators
  • Ruiz Family Pest Control
  • Sanchez Pest Control Company
  • Sanders & Sons Pest Removal
  • Scott Brothers Pest Control Services
  • Smith Pest Control Co.
  • Stewart Sisters Pest Solutions
  • Thomas Pest Control
  • Thompson Exterminators
  • Torres Pest Control Services
  • Turner Family Pest Control Company
  • Walker Pest Removal
  • Watson & Daughters Pest Solutions
  • Williams Pest Control
  • Wilson Pest Control Services

Pro Tip: Planning to sell or leave your company one day? Avoid using your personal name as a business name—customers might be confused if there’s no Mike at Mike’s Pest Control.

50 location-based pest control company names

You can improve your pest control SEO by putting your location in your company name. This way, people searching for pest management services in your city, town, or county are more likely to find you in Google searches.

Here’s what your location-based business name could look like:

  • Annapolis Pest Removal
  • Arizona Pest Control Services
  • Austin Pest Control Company
  • Bay Area Pest Control
  • Bismarck Pest Solutions
  • Boise Pest Control Co.
  • California Pest Removal
  • Chicago Exterminators
  • Columbia Pest Control
  • Des Moines Pest Control Co.
  • Detroit Pest Control Services
  • Florida Pest Control Company
  • Fort Worth Pest Removal
  • Frankfort Pest Solutions
  • Harrisburg Pest Control
  • Houston Exterminators
  • Indiana Pest Control Services
  • Indianapolis Pest Removal
  • Island Exterminators
  • Jacksonville Pest Control
  • Las Vegas Pest Control Company
  • Louisville Pest Solutions
  • Maryland Pest Control Services
  • Memphis Pest Control
  • Miami Pest Control Co.
  • Milwaukee Pest Removal
  • Nashville Exterminators
  • Nevada Pest Solutions
  • New York Pest Control
  • Oakland Pest Control Services
  • Oklahoma Pest Control Company
  • Omaha Pest Removal
  • Peninsula Pest Control
  • Pennsylvania Pest Control Co.
  • Portland Exterminators
  • Prairie Pest Solutions
  • Providence Pest Control Services
  • Raleigh Pest Removal
  • Sacramento Pest Control Company
  • Salt Lake City Exterminators
  • San Jose Pest Control
  • Seattle Pest Solutions
  • Springfield Pest Control Services
  • Tallahassee Pest Removal
  • Texas Pest Control Co.
  • Tulsa Pest Control
  • Virginia Pest Control Company
  • Washington Exterminators
  • Wichita Pest Control Services
  • Wyoming Pest Removal

How do I name my pest control company?

Naming a pest control business is easy—just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of possible pest control company names, building on the lists and tips in this article with your own ideas. (Need more inspiration? Try a pest control business name generator.)
  2. Make a shortlist of pest control names that make a statement about your business and are easy to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback from friends, family, and potential customers to understand which name appeals to them most and why.
  4. Choose a name that fits your pest control business and appeals to potential customers.

Once you’ve chosen the right name for your business, design a professional logo to represent it. Here’s a logo example using one of the good pest control names in this article:

Examples of pest control company names

While the names in this article are just ideas, you can get inspired by these real-life names of pest control companies, too:

  • Hitman Termite & Pest Control not only sounds cool, but also suggests that the company’s pest control technicians will hit their mark every time.
  • Parker Eco Pest Control is named after owners Chris and Wesley Parker, and it includes the word “eco” to explain why their services are different.
  • On the Fly Pest Solutions uses clever wordplay to tell busy customers that the business can solve their pest control problem, fast.
  • Elite Ops Exterminators sounds like an efficient business that approaches and solves pest problems in a tactical way.
  • Spokane Pest Pro quickly tells customers that the business serves Spokane, WA, and the surrounding area.

How to register your pest control business name

Protect your service business brand by registering your pest control business name before you start using it. You can register at your local registry office:

Next steps after naming a pest control company

Now that you’ve chosen and registered a business name, keep moving through the process of starting a pest control business:

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