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Snow Plow Insurance: Are You Covered to Make the Move to Snow Plowing?

December 16, 2020 4 min. read
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If you’re thinking about moving your lawn care business to snow removal for the winter, there’s probably a whole flurry of items on your checklist. One very important item you don’t want to get buried in the process: your insurance.

Snow plow or snow removal insurance is almost certainly different than the insurance you have for your landscaping business. This is because you’re taking on some additional risk by adding equipment to your vehicle and operating it in inclement weather. You’ll want to make sure you have the right snow plow insurance before you get your service up and running.

Getting the coverage you need doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Keep reading to find out more about the types of insurance you need, how much it costs, and how to get a quote.

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Why do I need different insurance for plowing?

Your insurance protects your small business from lawsuits or accidents that could occur, like a client stumbling over your tools or knocking down a fence post while working. Consider it a blanket of protection, so you can focus on getting the job done right.

When you buy insurance, you try to buy the coverage that’s as closely suited to your needs and activities as you can find. So if you’re currently covered for operating a landscaping business you probably aren’t covered for plowing snow, for adding a snow plow to your vehicle, or for operating in inclement weather.

What kind of insurance do I need for snow plowing?

The amount and type of insurance for snow removal contractors will differ by state and the type of service you offer (residential or commercial), but typically you will need:

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Tool and equipment coverage
  • worker’s compensation

General liability

Snow plow liability insurance will cover your business in the case of property damage, bodily injury, and reputational harm. There are many ways this can keep your business (and you!) safe while on the job.

For example, what if you don’t see a mailbox because it’s buried under the snow and you accidentally knock it over while plowing? Your property damage coverage will most likely protect your business from the replacement costs.

Or, perhaps you set a shovel aside and a client trips over it, breaking their ankle. General liability insurance will help pay for medical fees to get them the help they need.

General liability is a “must-have” to protect your snow plowing operation and drive it forward safely.

Tools & Equipment

Just like with your landscaping business, you probably have expensive or dangerous snow removal equipment you need to use in your daily routine. If that equipment gets lost, damaged, or stolen, your business can grind to a halt. This insurance is usually added to your general liability policy.

Commercial auto

Even though you might already have commercial auto insurance for your landscaping business, you will need to revisit your coverage if you plan on plowing snow. Adding the snow plow to the vehicles might nullify the insurance you have, so you want to make sure you’re properly insured before heading out on the road.

Any vehicle that is titled to your business that you or your employees drive will need commercial auto coverage.

Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation is a must if you have employees. But even if you’re a one-person show, you might still want it for yourself. It not only covers them in the case of injury on the job, but it also promotes trust between you and your employees. It will help cover medical expenses, as well as lost wages, if they get hurt while working.

For example, if your employee is out on a job and slips on a patch of ice and breaks their arm, workers’ comp will help cover their medical expenses and lost wages during their recovery.

Keep in mind that workers’ comp is legally required in every state except for Texas if you have employees.

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How much does snow plowing insurance cost?

On average,  snow plow general liability insurance policies start at just a little over $1 per day with our partner, Next Insurance. You can also find commercial auto insurance starting at $12.50 a month.

Snow removal insurance prices for your specific business can vary due to a number of factors:

  • The types of services you offer
  • How many employees you have
  • Where your business is based
  • How much equipment you own
  • How many vehicles you operate

Getting a quote is the best way to find out exactly how much your insurance will cost. You can get an exact quote in just a few minutes and do it completely online with Next.

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How do I get snow plow insurance?

Next Insurance specializes in tailored, small business insurance, and offers a simple way for you to get snow removal insurance coverage.

The online process is quick and you can immediately share your certificates of insurance with your clients to boost your brand and build their trust.

Next is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, so you’ll get a quote for exactly what you need. Our team of licensed, U.S.-based advisors are available to help if you have any questions.

The content and information in this article were provided by Next Insurance.

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