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Upselling Your Window Cleaning Services

September 14, 2016 3 min. read
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It’s estimated that more than forty billion dollars a year is spent on cleaning products and services in North America. That is a lot of business!

But the window cleaning business is competitive. To grow your window cleaning business, you’ll want to upsell your services. Upselling is the process of selling new services to existing clients. In its simplest form, upselling is about getting more work!

Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help your business generate more revenue from existing clients.

Avoid the Hard Sell

Hard sales tactics have no place in the world of upselling. Upselling is about having the mindset of matching client needs with the services you provide. The primary goal of attracting loyal clients is to create a high level of trust that leads to repeat business.

Hard selling may alienate your clients and lead them to the competition.

Define the Value

You can’t expect to increase sales by offering services that provide little value. When you offer new services to clients, they want to know what’s in it for them. Are you offering a solution to a problem?

For many residential window cleaners, an initial service appointment is to clean exterior windows. What value can you provide by offering to clean interior windows?

Can you turn an initial visit into a maintenance contract? This means your customer won’t have to worry about re-booking and you may offer volume discounts through a maintenance contract.

If you want your clients to add more services, put yourself in their shoes. What new value are you providing? What problem are you solving?

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Timing is Everything

Be thoughtful about when you talk to your client about additional services. The best time to upsell will depend on a few factors: what services is your client purchasing? Is this a repeat client? Are there obvious opportunities that would provide value?

Depending on these factors, you may want to talk to your client before, during, or after a job is complete.

Sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to interact with your client at the job site. In cases like this, sending a service follow-up email can be a great way to provide information about additional services.

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Train Your Staff

Every member of your team is a representation of your company. Train new staff about the services you offer and your standards for customer service. In addition to training new staff, check in with all staff regularly to ensure they know about all products and services.

Many companies will provide field workers with a list of products and services they can upsell. Other options include Jobber’s quoting feature which can give your team real-time access to products, services, discounts, and offers.

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Bundle Your Cleaning Services

One of the most effective methods to upsell window cleaning services involves bundling multiple services into one price point.

For example, you can bundle power washing a homeowner’s windows with adding a sealant to each window to ensure optimal energy usage. The path to getting more window cleaning jobs becomes much easier to navigate whenever you bundle window cleaning services that provide your clients with more value.

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Upselling for Better Customer Service

Approach upselling as a way to increase customer satisfaction. After all, you should be providing new value and solving customer problems.

Upselling can be a great customer service tool that will make your customers happy and improve your bottom line.

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