John the Plumber

  • IndustryPlumbing
  • Started2013
  • LocationOttawa, ON
  • Started using Jobber2014


  • Communication
  • Invoicing
  • Ease of use


  • Commercial plumbing
  • General plumbing
  • Drain service
  • Electric hot water tank maintenance
  • Gas hot water tank maintenance


  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

Several branches, one software

Based in Ottawa, and operating in several cities throughout south eastern Ontario in Canada, John the Plumber, has expanded quickly since launching in 2013.

Early on, John Grimes (yes, there is a real John and yes, he’s a plumber) knew that he wanted to find a way to communicate job details with his plumbers, and also put more capability to quote, book, and invoice onsite in their hands. After all, they were face to face with clients, so why not let them provide immediate answers and service.

John found Jobber after searching for plumbing software that did both dispatching and invoicing well, and his team quickly cut manual invoicing and Google calendar coordination from their task list.

“The fact that we can balance working in different cities on one program is great,” says John, and his growing team agrees.

I can go ahead and call my next customer to let them know of a delay without even talking to the plumber, because I can see they’re still clocked into a previous job.

Getting it done, wherever they are

Each of John’s plumbers access Jobber on an iPad, making it possible for them to see an up-to-date schedule along with job and client details.

Agathe Delange, who is responsible for much of the team’s scheduling, plans the schedule by using Jobber’s map view to find the most efficient grouping of jobs. Less time spent driving from job to job might mean she can fit one more job into someone’s day which is great for the team and customers alike.

The team is constantly communicating via text message, and she can also use Jobber to see where the plumbers are as they time in and out of jobs throughout the day—allowing the team to provide the best possible customer service.

“I can go ahead and call my next customer to let them know of a delay without even talking to the plumber, because I can see they’re still clocked into a previous job,” says Agathe.

The ability to connect with each other from anywhere with an internet connection has been helpful as the team balances expanding into new markets with life outside of John the Plumber.

“I was able to go to Vancouver over the holidays and still work,” says Agathe. When working across the country is possible, it’s no wonder John the Plumber can handle a 500 kilometre separation between their main branch and their furthest (for now) market.

I think we use almost every feature in Jobber. It’s clean and efficient for a small company.

A user-friendly system

For team members working in the office, Jobber is straightforward enough that they can book new jobs for clients while on the phone. No need to take notes and enter details into a complicated system later on.

When a plumber calls the office with a question, it’s easy to search for a client by address or name and get on the same page. This simplicity is essential when a plumber is limited to an iPad screen in a truck.

“All of those efficiencies really add up to make Jobber easy to use for both our office staff and our tradespeople,” says John. “Jobber is effective for our industry, and does what it does well.”

New team members pick up Jobber’s functions quickly so at the end of their first job they are already able to invoice onsite.

And John the Plumber’s accounting manager can quickly pull reports to get an accurate look at the health of the business at any time.

“I think we use almost every feature in Jobber,” says John. “It’s clean and efficient for a small company.”

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