Twinkle Clean

  • IndustryResidential cleaning
  • Started2013
  • LocationLondon, UK
  • Started using Jobber2014


  • All-in-one solution
  • Communication
  • Quickbooks integration


  • After build cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • End-of-tenancy cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Window cleaning


  • Client manager
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Accounting sync
  • Quoting

Step by step by step

Roberto Garritano, owner of Twinkle Clean, one of London, England’s leading cleaning companies, remembers a time when he was managing multiple tools to track each area of his business.

Buckle up.

“The main way we were carrying out scheduling and other tasks was through spreadsheets and Google calendar. We would have to take inquires over the phone then complete spreadsheets with the inquiries we received. Then from there we would update the spreadsheets with successful quotes and turn it into a job.”

Deep breath.

“Then we would have to put the job into Google calendars manually. Next we would have to produce the invoice, which would be sent to the customer by email. Then we would take the payment for the invoice and create an invoice from QuickBooks. From QuickBooks we would add any updates. So it was quite a lengthy process.”

The main thing that I love about Jobber is the time saving factor.

A single, timesaving solution

Twinkle Clean’s commitment to customer service meant they were growing fast, and outgrowing their cobbled together business management process even faster.

Roberto’s team tried Jobber, and the benefits of handling and tracking all of their client profiles, quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and billing in one place were clear and immediate.

“The main thing that I love about Jobber is the time saving factor,” says Roberto. “Being able to contact the client and produce a quote or an estimate, send that out, and from there you can easily convert that quote to job, really in a matter of a few clicks.”

Roberto also uses Jobber’s QuickBooks integration, replacing the manual entry of hundreds of jobs per month with a single click to sync.

Better team communication

Using Jobber has also had a positive effect outside of Twinkle Clean’s office walls.

Roberto’s team sees changes to their jobs and schedules in real time on their Jobber app, which means printed job sheets are a thing of the past, and last minute additions or changes don’t require Roberto’s team to play phone tag as they move from job to job throughout London.

Twinkle Clean’s cleaners can now accommodate more customers, more quickly, and easily access all of the job-specific information they need for a job well done.

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