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We love showcasing our customers and the great businesses they run right here on our website. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to Roberto Garritano, owner of Twinkle Clean, a professional cleaning company. Here’s the background story on one of the leading cleaning companies in London, U.K.

Business Overview

Twinkle clean is a professional cleaning company that prides themselves on quality customer service being at the heart of everything they do. Operating for two years based out of London U.K., Twinkle Clean has become London’s number one cleaning company.

Twinkle Clean and Jobber

The main thing that I loved about Jobber was the time saving factor. The way the software has integrated everything from collecting data through an inquiry is great. Being able to contact the client and produce a quote or an estimate, send that out, and from there you can easily convert that quote to job, really in a matter of a few clicks. It’s a very streamlined process, which is very important to us.

Before Jobber

The main way we were carrying out scheduling and other tasks was through spreadsheets and Google calendar. We would have to take inquires over the phone then complete spreadsheets with the inquiries we received. Then from there we would update the spreadsheets with successful quotes and turn it into a job. Then we would have to put the job into Google calendars manually. Next we would have to produce the invoice, which would be sent to the customer by email. Then we would take the payment for the invoice and create an invoice from QuickBooks. From QuickBooks we would add any updates. So it was quite a lengthy process.

After Jobber

Jobber makes scheduling very straightforward. The cleaning teams out in the field can easily access the information they need. Before we started using Jobber we had to print out job sheets for each team every week. If there was an update to a job we couldn’t communicate that quickly and effectively. Now with Jobber we can update things in real-time.

The ability to take an inquiry from our website then put it into Jobber with the form integration is great. Prior to using Jobber we had a separate piece of software that collected customer information. We would have to copy that information from the software then put it into another spreadsheet to produce the quotation. Now with Jobber the process is seamlessly integrated.

The Best Thing About Jobber

The best thing about Jobber is the integration with QuickBooks; the reason being that it saves us a lot of time. Before Jobber we would have to keep spreadsheets of all of the different jobs we did, which would be in the high hundreds each month. We then had to take that information we collected from the spreadsheets and put it into QuickBooks manually. That would take up a lot of our time, which makes us lose money. Jobber helps us save both time and money, that’s why I love Jobber.


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