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To support Jobber in delivering its Services, Jobber may engage third party service providers to assist Jobber with its data processing activities. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor, the third-party service provider is a sub-processor of Jobber (“Sub-processor”).

Last updated: september 19, 2022
SubprocessorService ProvidedLocation
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud hosting (Analytics, compute, database, machine learning, networking, and storage)USA
AutopilotCloud-based Email Delivery ServicesUSA
CHEQ AI Technologies Inc.Website traffic monitoringUSA
CloudKarafaData storageUSA
Ekata Identity verificationUSA, EU
Fivetran, Inc.Pipeline Data Processing ProviderUSA
Functional Software, Inc. (Sentry)Application and error monitoringUSA
Google LLCCloud hosting (Analytics, compute, database, machine learning, networking, and storage);
Mapping delivery;
Google Local Services;
Data import from Google Services into Jobber *
HubSpot, Inc.Customer relationship management, email marketing automation and trackingUSA, EU
Intercom, Inc.Chat service for customer support and communicationsUSA
Intuit *QBO IntegrationUSA
Kinsta Inc.HostingCAN
Kloudless, Inc. *Facilitates data transfers from third-party services into JobberUSA
LexisNexis Risk Solutions FL Inc. Risk dataUSA
Plaid Retrieves bank account information for our payment processorsUSA, CAN
Referral SaaSquatchCloud-based referral tracking and rewards systemCAN, inc.
(including Heroku and Tableau)
Customer support;
Cloud hosting (Analytics, compute, database, machine learning, networking, and storage);
Data analytics
SiftFraud detection and analysisUSA
Stripe, Inc. Payment processing and other financial servicesUSA
TruConversionVisual analyticsUK
Twilio Inc.
(including Sendgrid)
External communications provider, including email and SMSUSA
Zendesk, Inc.Customer supportUSA
These services are tied to use of the Jobber Payments Service
* These services are tied to optional, opt-in features within Jobber