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Best Invoice App: 6 Tools + How to Choose One

May 9, 2024 11 min. read
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Better, faster invoices lead to quicker payment collection—and you’ll save time customizing, tracking, and automating professional-looking invoices with a strong app.

But how do you choose the best invoice app for your business when there are hundreds of options out there? Many of these apps offer the same features, but they’re not all the best fit for your specific invoicing needs.

Browse our list of the best invoicing apps to find the right one for your small business type, team size, and day-to-day needs.

What to look for in an invoicing app

Most apps that are built for invoicing share the same features—but some will fit your business better than others.

Think about the problems or inefficiencies you’re trying to solve, then evaluate these features when choosing an invoicing app:

  • Ease of use. Is it easy to find what you’re looking for when you open the app? How many steps does it take to create and send an invoice? Keep in mind: apps with accounting and payroll features could take longer to learn, but shouldn’t be stressful.
  • Invoice scheduling options. Do you need to accept recurring payments for regular customers? How about progress invoices for larger projects? Pay attention to the invoice scheduling settings that each app offers.
  • Invoice tracking. Your invoicing app should give you a clear picture of who’s paid and who hasn’t. Beyond that, you might want alerts when someone opens an invoice, or details on when a customer last opened their unpaid invoice.
  • Automated payment reminders. Look for an app that helps you remind customers about unpaid invoices. Some apps offer email and text templates. Others let you send those messages automatically on a schedule you can set yourself.
  • Pricing. Expect to pay a monthly subscription if you want an app that comes with quoting, scheduling, accounting, or other features beyond invoicing. Some invoice-only apps just charge payment processing fees. We chose apps that share their pricing plans publicly so you can choose one that’s within your budget.
  • Integrations. Do you use other software that needs to connect with your invoicing app? Check if the invoice apps on this list integrate with the accounting apps, scheduling apps, and CRM apps that you already use and don’t want to replace.
  • Customer support. Your invoicing app should have a reliable support team you can reach fast if you get stuck or want more out of the software. Read customer reviews to get a sense of the app’s quality of support.

1. Invoice2Go: for basic mobile invoicing

iOS and Android | See pricing

Invoice2Go offers mobile invoicing for small business owners who rarely work at a desk and only need basic invoicing features. This invoice app is built specifically for smartphones and tablets, making it easy to build, send, and track invoices on the go.

Invoice2Go does offer a few other operations management features through its partnerships with payroll and payment processing services, like Xero and QuickBooks. Still, invoice creation is what this app does best.

Additional invoicing features

  • Track the status of your invoices
  • Convert bids and estimates into invoices 
  • Collect payment by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal
  • Send invoices directly through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

How easy is Invoice2Go?

Invoice2Go keeps invoicing straightforward and even a bit fun, especially for template customization.

On the app’s home screen, you’ll see two options for creating an invoice: an “Invoices” button on the bottom menu and a ‘+’ icon.

The app gives you a helpful walkthrough the first time you create an invoice. It lets you scroll through document template options—which feels a lot like editing an Instagram photo.

Once you’ve set up your invoice preferences (like your default tax rate and invoice reminder schedule), invoicing in the app is fast. You’ll just have to add your service line items and prices on a simple screen, then choose how you’ll send the invoice.

Pricing• Three pricing plans starting at $5.99/month
• 30-day free trial available
• Unlimited users on one account
Integrations• Connects with 13 apps, including Google Drive, Shopify, and Xero
Customer support• Must submit a request or chat on their website
• No in-app support

2. Jobber: for field service businesses

iOS, Android, and desktop | See pricing plans

Jobber is software that helps you manage field service jobs at all stages. That includes booking home appointments (like plumbing, cleaning, and lawn care) then quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and getting paid for the work.

Look into Jobber if you need advanced invoicing tools (like batch invoicing) and a place to manage your whole job management process. And because it’s built for teams that drive around often, its mobile app is reliable and user-friendly.

Once you set up an invoice template with your company branding and contact information, you just need to fill out the line items you’re charging for. After you ship it off, you can collect payment online or in person.

Additional invoicing features

  • Send multiple invoices in batches
  • See which jobs are ready to invoice, and get reminders to send invoices for jobs you’ve just finished
  • Set up automatic payment reminders on your desired schedule (over email or text)
  • Offer a tipping option when customers pay invoices online
  • Get paid out instantly (including weekends and holidays) for an additional 1% fee

How easy is Jobber?

Invoicing in Jobber is straightforward—and it follows a workflow that makes sense for service-based businesses that have to send out quotes or estimates before completing the work.

If you’ve already written a quote or estimate for the job, the services you’ve added at that stage will automatically copy over to your invoice.

Once the job is complete, you can generate a professional invoice, complete with accurate job details, that’s ready to send to your customers—with one click.

Option to invoice now or later when you mark a visit complete in Jobber

And if you’re starting with an invoice, it’s still simple. When you open the app, you just need to tap the big ‘+’ button at the bottom of your home screen and click “Invoice.”

From there, you can select a client that you’ve saved to your records, or create a new one right then and there. Then, fill in your services, materials, and prices line by line.

PricingThree subscription plans available starting at $69/month
14-day free trial available
IntegrationsQuickBooks Online, Gusto, DocuSign, Zapier, and over 2,000 more popular apps
Customer support• Live chat, email, and phone support available daily
• Award-winning support team

Jobber has freed up so much of my time because I can convert jobs into invoices while I’m still in my truck.

Jessica Bannister Cam Cool Refrigeration

3. Zoho Invoice: for teams on a tight budget

iOS and Android | Free

Zoho Invoice is a free invoicing app that works great for freelancers, startups, and any small business on a tight budget.

Because Zoho makes plenty of money from its other products, it costs nothing to create, send, and track invoices through Zoho Invoice. You just have to pay credit card processing fees when you accept customer payments.

Additional invoicing features

  • Customize the sender, CC, and subject line of your email before sending an invoice
  • Track the status of your invoices
  • Send automated payment reminders

How easy is Zoho Invoice?

Zoho Invoice lives up to its name—it’s focused on one task and hard to get lost in. You can add or modify invoice details from one screen and preview your invoice before sending it.

In one tap, you can connect the invoice to your preferred payment gateway (like Paypal or Stripe).

We like the way Zoho Invoice is built around popular iOS and Android features. On iPhones and iPads, you can send invoices to customers through iMessage and use Siri to set reminders for your transactions. You can also get reminders sent to your Apple Watch.

On Android, you can add a Zoho Invoice widget to your home screen and create invoices without having to open the app.

Pricing• No monthly fees or setup fees
• Transaction fees apply if you use a payment gateway with Zoho Invoice
Integrations• Connects with all other Zoho products (Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, etc.)
• Works with Stripe and Paypal
Customer support• Support available by email or support form on their website
• No in-app support

4. QuickBooks Online: for all-in-one invoicing and accounting

iOS and Android | See pricing

QuickBooks Online is our top choice for improving accounts receivable management. It keeps you on top of cash flow, from the moment you create an invoice to your month-end reporting. 

If you don’t want to bounce across multiple apps to manage your invoicing and accounting, QuickBooks Online is a great place to keep those tasks together. It offers every essential invoicing feature: like customization, automatic payment reminders, and batch invoicing.

After you send an invoice, you can run an accounts receivable aging report to see which customers are late paying and how much cash you have in your business bank account to pay your bills.

Additional invoicing features

  • Send progress invoices at multiple milestones of a project
  • Link billable expenses to your invoices
  • Set up alerts to know when customers pay invoices
  • Schedule recurring invoices

How easy is the QuickBooks mobile app?

The QuickBooks mobile app opens to a simple menu with icons you can click to start everyday tasks—including invoicing.

If you haven’t already uploaded product and service details to your QuickBooks Online account, you can add them to an invoice right from your phone.

Thanks to color coded buttons and intuitive menus, it’s easy to find what you need across all sections of the QuickBooks mobile app.

Pricing• Two basic plans starting at $12/month
• 30-day free trial available
Integrations• Shopify, Method, Jobber, SOS Inventory, and many more
Customer support• Quick setup and onboarding
• Live chat, phone, and email support

5. Stripe: for product-based and e-commerce businesses

Available for iOS and Android | See pricing

Stripe is our top pick for businesses that sell physical merchandise. Their mobile app, Stripe Dashboard, gives you a simplified version of invoicing and payment collection experience.

Most of Stripe’s invoicing capabilities are on its web version. While you can’t customize invoices very much in the Stripe Dashboard app, the app is a very convenient place to pop out quick invoices after selling products as a traveling vendor.

Stripe lets you send invoices for free—you only pay a processing fee when your customers pay invoices online.

Additional invoicing features

These features are available on Stripe’s web app:

  • Schedule recurring invoices for product subscriptions
  • Send one invoice to multiple customers at once
  • Save and charge credit cards on file
  • Track invoice and payment statuses in real time

How easy is Stripe?

Payment collection in Stripe Dashboard takes very few steps. But if you’re expecting to go from creating an invoice to collecting payment (in that exact order), Stripe Dashboard might not fit with your workflow.

Under their “Payments” menu, you need to create a payment before sending an invoice. After you add a price, product description, and the customer’s name, you can choose how you’ll charge your customer.

Generating an invoice for this payment only takes one click: you’ll select “yes” when Stripe asks if you want to email the customer a Stripe invoice. You won’t see a preview of this invoice before it goes out, but this process helps you invoice on the spot really quickly.

Pricing• Processing fee for every successful charge
• Accept pre-authorised debit for a separate processing fee
• No monthly fees or setup fees
Integrations• Stripe payments are built into Houzz Pro, Jane Software, Jobber, and more
Customer support• 24/7 phone and chat support

6. HoneyBook: for creative teams

HoneyBook is the go-to invoicing app for many creative businesses and event planners. Teams that offer design, photography, entertainment, and other creative services need to look attractive to clients—and HoneyBook offers the best creative customization of all invoice apps.

To get started, you can choose from a large invoice template gallery with designs tailored to different business types. Then, edit the invoice’s background color, padding, and text styles, and even add a header image.

Additional invoicing features

  • Add a contract to your invoice
  • Set up alerts to know when customers pay invoices
  • Automatically charge customers for recurring services
  • Accept payments on a scheduled or recurring basis

How easy is HoneyBook?

Like most other apps in our list, HoneyBook’s invoicing tool is easy to find the moment you open the app. Tap on the “Invoice” icon to open a builder that lets you plug in each section of your invoice—including images and videos. 

HoneyBook lets you make design edits on a live document instead of waiting for a preview on a separate screen.

In a sidebar menu, you’ll find settings for recurring invoices, discounts, taxes, and payments—and update them without leaving the invoice creation screen.

Pricing• Three pricing plans starting at $8/month
• 7-day free trial available
IntegrationsQuickBooks, Gmail, Calendly, Facebook, and more through Zapier
Customer support• Email and phone support available daily
• No in-app chat support

There isn’t one invoicing app that fits all businesses—so come back to this guide when you need help choosing one that fits the way you work.

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