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Top 10 Snow Removal Apps to Master Winter

September 21, 2023 5 min. read
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Running a snow removal business means long and cold nights spent in the cab of your truck. Make the season easier by using convenient snow removal apps that let you schedule jobs, dispatch teams, and manage your business on the go.

Keep reading for our list of the best snow removal software and apps to help you run an organized and efficient snow plow business. 

Organize your snow removal business. Try snow removal business software today.


iOS, Android, and desktop 

At the first sight of snowfall, you need to get to work fast. There’s no time to waste on manual scheduling, dispatching, or route planning.

With quoting, scheduling, invoicing, and payments all in one place, Jobber has all the tools you need to run a successful snow removal business.

Here’s what you can do with Jobber as your snow removal business software:


image of Shovler app preview

iOS and Android

If you’re just starting your snow removal business and looking to build your client list, Shovler can help you find snow shoveling or plowing jobs in your area.

Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy through the Shovler app:

  • Easy way to find shoveling jobs in your area: Log in to the app to find shoveling jobs near you, or get alerted when a new job is posted nearby. 
  • Flexible work hours: Work as little or as much as you’d like. Simply open the app to accept a job when you’re ready to get to work.
  • Convenient credit card processing: Get paid online with easy payment processing.
  • Hassle-free pricing: Shovler helps you price snow removal jobs to avoid awkwardly negotiating fees with your customers.


image of Fleetsharp app from the app store

iOS and Android

FleetSharp’s fleet management app makes it easy to track vehicle location, driver behavior, fuel levels, and vehicle maintenance alerts throughout the day. Use FleetSharp to plan out efficient snow removal routes, find the closest workers for emergency jobs, and keep fuel costs down.

Here’s how FleetSharp can help you run a more efficient snow removal business:

  • Shorten appointment windows and improve efficiency by knowing where your teams are at any time
  • Improve response times to emergency requests by finding the closest snow removal contractor
  • Get instant insights into the speed, direction, and fuel level of every vehicle in your fleet


image of Waze app in app store

iOS and Android

Download the Waze app to get to the job faster, even in a blizzard. Waze offers turn by turn driving directions, a live traffic map, and real-time road alerts to help you find the quickest route available.


Preview of the GasBuddy app

iOS and Android

The GasBuddy app helps your snow removal business cut fuel costs for your plows and work vehicles. Use the app to find the cheapest fuel prices nearby, monitor your gas spending, and get driving advice to optimize your fuel consumption.

GasBuddy lets you locate gas stations based on price, location, and restroom facilities. Plus, with insights into regional gas price trends, you’ll be able to budget your vehicle expenses more accurately.

QuickBooks Online

Preview of the QuickBooks Online app

iOS, Android, and desktop

Access and organize your financial records from anywhere with the QuickBooks Online app. Use Quickbooks Online to manage income and expenses, financial reports, payroll, and invoices from a desktop, phone, or tablet. 

With QuickBooks you can:

  • Monitor your business finances and improve cash flow
  • Handle expenses and log mileage
  • Create and track invoices
  • Keep your finances organized for a smoother tax season

Plus, QuickBooks Online integrates with Jobber so you can seamlessly manage your finances in the same place you manage your snow removal business.

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preview image of radarnow! app from the Google Play store

iOS and Android

Stay up to date with quickly changing weather conditions so you can schedule your crews at the first sign of snow. RadarNow! provides accurate, real-time NOAA radar images to keep you informed of up-to-the-minute snowfall conditions.


preview image of the WeatherUnderground app on the app store

iOS and Android

Use the Weather Underground app for accurate forecasts of your snow removal service area. Weather Underground features an interactive weather radar, satellite maps, and severe weather alerts—so you’ll always know when to start dispatching your crews.


Preview of the Mailchimp app

iOS and Android

Mailchimp is a marketing app that helps you grow your snow removal business through email campaigns, postcards, and Facebook and Instagram snow removal ads.

Use Mailchimp’s email marketing campaigns to let your existing lawn care customers know that you also offer snow plowing, or to remind past customers to reinvest in your services.


Preview of the CompanyCam app

iOS and Android

Use the CompanyCam app to organize photos from snow removal jobs by date, time, and location. Then attach images to your client’s file and store them safely in the cloud. 

Here are other ways you can use CompanyCam for your snow removal business:

  • Snap before-and-after images of completed snow removal jobs and share them with customers on jobs and invoices
  • Add comments, tags, or voice notes to images to show your crew what areas need snow clearing, and where to spread salt or sand.

Pro Tip: Try Jobber’s CompanyCam integration to easily capture photos on the job and add them to your customer’s invoices.

The best snow removal apps give you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere—even the cab of your truck in the middle of a snow storm.

But don’t download these apps all at once. Try them out one by one to avoid cluttering up your mobile device and see which apps help your business the most.

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