GPS Tracking

employee gps tracking app

Get a clear picture of your team’s whereabouts as they move from job to job throughout the day.

In Jobber, GPS tracking and waypoints works by dropping a pin on the in-app map. Every time someone on your team clocks in, edits a job, or creates an invoice, Jobber tracks their exact GPS location.

View your team member’s locations on Jobber’s map and adjust the rest of the day’s jobs accordingly, or assign a nearby team to a new last minute job.

You know where your team is and you have another avenue to confirm a job well done with a client in case of disputes.

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"We utilize the GPS waypoints, not at all because we don't trust our staff, but because it's very good to have a record of where people were at any specific time. So if the guys forget to track what time they got to a job, I already have that information. I don't even have to ask.

Clients will sometimes question whether or not you were on site when you said you were, so it's pretty easy to back that up when you have the exact moment someone clicked a button, and where they were when they did so."

Matt Davis
Adair Tree Care

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