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Employee GPS tracking software to schedule jobs on the go

Make quicker scheduling decisions and keep tabs on team progress. Jobber lets you track your field service vehicles in real time, from anywhere.

Employee GPS tracking software by Jobber

How does GPS tracking work in Jobber?

GPS Waypoints

Track crew progress and locations throughout the day

See a team member’s exact location on a map every time they clock in and out, add a note or attachment to a job, or complete a visit.

Employee GPS waypoints on a map in Jobber
Live GPS Tracking

Monitor fleet efficiency in real time (powered by FleetSharp)

Get a live map view of your team in Jobber when you install FleetSharp tracking devices in your vehicles.

Jobber shares instant insights into the speed, direction, and fuel level of every vehicle in your fleet.

Employee GPS locations shown on a map view in Jobber

What is GPS tracking software?

GPS tracking software like Jobber helps you track your crews’ productivity in real time and use their locations to schedule faster when last-minute service calls come in.

Plus, you can pair GPS tracking with fleet management software, like FleetSharp, to monitor routing and fuel efficiency.

When you use Jobber with FleetSharp, you can view your trucks on a map in relation to your visits for the day—and track them as they move. You’ll also see driver behavior reports, route replay, idle time tracking, and more insights that help you cut back on overhead costs.

Here’s how you can benefit from GPS tracking software:

  • Shorten appointment windows and fit more work into your schedule by knowing where your teams are at any time
  • Improve response times to emergency requests by finding the closest field worker
  • Get instant insights into the speed, direction, and fuel level of every vehicle in your fleet

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

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Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

There’s no messy paperwork, and it gives us more brain space.

It reduces phone calls from customers by at least a half, and we’re much more efficient at processing jobs in Jobber’s schedule.

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