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Apps like Thumbtack: 12 Lead Gen Sites for Home Service Pros

June 29, 2023 9 min. read
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Thumbtack is one of the most well-known websites that helps home service businesses collect new leads and connect with new clients.

But Thumbtack isn’t the only lead generation website for contractors on the market. And getting your business onto other sites like Thumbtack can help you increase your reach and get new customers.

Here’s a list of Thumbtack alternatives you can add to your roster to help you find the best leads and grow your business.

1. Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is focused on providing homeowners with one-off services, like furniture assembly. That means it’s not the right solution if you’re looking for long-term contracts.

Taskrabbit freelancers fall into a variety of categories, like a wedding photographer, HVAC technician, dog trainer, florist, tutor, home project provider, and more.

To become a Tasker, you’ll pay a small $25 registration fee—there’s no cost per lead. 

How to sign up

Create your account, build your profile, and then follow the prompts to submit any required business certification.

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2. Angi

Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is another well-known Thumbtack competitor. As a home service provider on Angi, you’ll have the option to either list your business for free, or invest in paid ads to get better visibility and attract more leads.

While it’s not a requirement, paying for ads can help Angi members:

  • Get listed at the top of the search results
  • Be shown on profiles outside of Angi’s platform (including Handy)
  • Offer deals for potential customers

How to sign up

Visit Angi’s business center and provide your service type and zip code.

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3. HomeAdvisor

Powered by Angi, HomeAdvisor connects a wide range of home improvement service providers with potential customers. 

While HomeAdvisor works well in helping your small service business build an online presence and get more leads, it often comes with a high price tag.

A HomeAdvisor membership costs $300 annually, and the cost per lead can range from $15 to $60 each.

How to sign up: 

Enter your postal code and follow the prompts to create your business account.

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4. Porch

Porch is a lead generation platform for all types of home services, like moving, cleaning, painting, lawn care, appliance repair, and more.

Like Thumbtack, Porch also follows a pay-per-lead business model, where you can set a monthly spend budget or buy leads individually.

Porch also gives you the flexibility to specify your work preferences, choose how you receive leads, and determine how you want to pay for them.

How to sign up:

Create your account, then follow the prompts to build your company profile and set your lead preferences. You can also choose to become a vetted pro and access additional features for an annual subscription of $360.

5. Handy

The main difference between Thumbtack and Handy is that Handy works best for solo entrepreneurs. The app connects service professionals to customers in need of cleaning, or basic handyman services around their house—like furniture assembly and small home repairs. Thumbtack on the other hand is geared towards all types of home service businesses.

The job rates are set directly by Handy and are based on your tier level or star rating. 

While it’s free for you to join, fees may be deducted based on performance-based issues such as:

  • Late cancellations
  • Missed appointment
  • Late arrival
  • Early departure

How to sign up

Access new jobs through Handy by submitting an online application.

6. Pro Referral

Pro Referral is powered by Home Depot to help connect home improvement pros with homeowners looking for their services.

It’s free to join, but you’ll have to pay for a background check before starting your first job. Background checks must be renewed every two years.

While Thumbtack users pay out of pocket for every lead, Pro Referral members pay for leads with points earned from shopping at Home Depot. Members earn 2 pro referral points for every $1 spent, and lead costs range from 40 to 80 points.

How to sign up

Visit the Pro Referral website to create your free account and follow the prompts to register. Once your application is approved, you’ll be matched with potential clients in need of your services.

7. Houzz

Houzz is primarily geared towards home builders, architects, remodelers, interior designers, and handymen. They offer three subscription levels with membership fees ranging from $65 to $199 per month.

In addition to leads, Houzz offers marketing and business tools to help your home improvement company stand out from the competition. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a free basic directory listing with a limited profile and lead inbox.

How to sign up: 

Enter your business email address and a password to create a free account. Then follow the instructions to complete your profile and choose your subscription level.

8. Yelp

Yelp helps your home service business get discovered by ready-to-hire homeowners.

Businesses on Yelp have the option to manage their page for free or upgrade their package to convert page views into new customers.

How to sign up:

Visit Yelp for Business and follow the prompts to set up your business page.

9. ServiceWhale

ServiceWhale gives homeowners the ability to search for services and compare pricing—just as you would for hotels or flights on TripAdvisor or Expedia. 

As a contractor, you provide your pricing lists and policies, and ServiceWhale automatically generates quotes for the homeowner on your behalf. 

How to sign up

Visit ServiceWhale’s website and follow the prompts to create your account.

10. LawnStarter

Lawn Starter is specifically for green industries such as lawn care, leaf removal, and landscaping. 

Rather than charging per lead or for an annual subscription, Lawn Starter takes a small portion of the mowing fees. 

With Lawn Starter, service providers don’t have to worry about bidding on jobs or wasting time with leads. You just pick the jobs you want and schedule the work.

How to sign up

Head to Lawn Starter and follow the prompts to create your free account.

11. Talk Local

Talk Local connects local service providers to consumers in their service area. When a potential customer submits a service request with a brief description and desired appointment time, you’ll receive a notification to either accept or reject the offer.

Talk Local works on a pay per conversation model, so you’ll only pay if you’ve initiated a real conversation with a lead.

How to sign up

To register for free, simply head to Talk Local’s website and enter your company and user information.

12. Amazon Home Service

Amazon Home Services helps service professionals connect with customers and expand their business. For a fee, business owners gain access to a large customer base to market and sell their services.

The cost to join will vary depending on your industry and location. You’ll also have to pass a background check in order to join Amazon Home Services.

How to sign up:

Currently Amazon Home Services works on an invite-only basis for the top four or five contractors in a given service area. If you’re invited, you’ll receive an email directly from Amazon with instructions on how to get started.

How Thumbtack stacks up to its competitors

The Thumbtack platform is an online marketplace that helps home service providers find new customers. 

It’s free to list your business on the app and you only pay when you receive a new lead. Pricing varies based on the size of the job, your industry, and competition in your region.

To help you stand out from other service businesses, Thumbtack lets you earn badges like “Responds Quickly” or “In High Demand”. 

You can also qualify for the Thumbtack Pro Rewards program by completing a background check, responding to leads, and accepting jobs. 

Thumbtack Pro Rewards is made up of three tiers that unlock new rewards like expedited phone support, marketing support, a “Top Pro” badge, and more.

Plus, Thumbtack is the only lead generation site that integrates with Jobber so you can seamlessly manage new customers in the same place you manage your jobs.

How to sign up:

To start connecting with new leads for your home service business, visit the Thumbtack Pro sign-up page and follow the prompts.

How to use Jobber and Thumbtack together

Thumbtack and Jobber make it easy for you to get more qualified leads and turn them into paying customers.

When you use Jobber’s Thumbtack integration, you’ll receive a new booking notification in your field service management software any time a new lead contacts you on Thumbtack.

image of Thumbtack activity feed in Jobber

All the service details will automatically appear in Jobber, letting you seamlessly manage your new customers, track jobs from start to finish, invoice, and get paid—in just a few clicks.

How to pick the best lead generation platform for your business

When it comes to lead generation websites for home service professionals, the options are limitless. You don’t need to pick just one either. Your business can be listed on some or all of them. It just depends on your goals, industry, and budget.

So how do you pick the right platforms to invest in?

Here are three steps to help you pick the right lead generation platform for your business.

1. Do your research

We’ve given you the information you need to get started, but you’ll still want to do your homework to make sure the company provides the services you need.

To make the right decision, consider the following:

  • How much will you be paying for leads or subscriptions?
  • Are there any other hidden fees (e.g., cancellation fees)?
  • What does the competition look like in your area and in your industry?
  • How does your pricing compare to the competition?
  • What other services or features does the platform offer that would benefit your business?

2. Browse each platform as a customer

Get a better understanding of your competition by searching service providers on the customer side of each platform.

This will help you see how much competition exists within your industry, and how your business, your services, and your prices stack up.

3. Test them out

If the lead generation site is free, runs on a pay-per-lead basis, or offers a free trial period, test the waters before you make a major investment.

Keep detailed notes on the leads you receive and the profit they bring to your business.

Testing a couple of different platforms is the perfect way to determine which option is the most valuable to you and your business.

Originally published in December 2021. Last updated on June 29th, 2023.

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