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200+ Plumbing Company Names to Help Your Business Stand Out

May 10, 2024 8 min. read
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Your plumbing company name is the first thing a potential customer sees—and it forms their first impression of your business. This is why it’s important your plumbing name is unique, memorable, and true to your brand.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 204 plumbing name examples, along with tips to help you pick and register the right name for your business.

Funny plumbing company names

A funny business name is fun for clients to share and could earn a recommendation when family or friends are in need of a plumber. You could use a funny plumbing name like:

  • Flushing Meadows
  • Drain-Oh
  • The Big Flush
  • Double Deuces
  • Toilet Patrol
  • King of the Clogs
  • Epic Flush
  • Master of Flush
  • Doctor Flow
  • The Big Flush
  • The Perfect Flow
  • The Clog-Father
  • Give-a-Crap Plumbers
  • On the Throne Plumbing
  • Dooty Doctor
  • Sneaky Leaky Plumbing
  • Crackless Plumbers
  • The Final Flush
  • Hustle and Flow Plumbing
  • Drip No Mo Plumbers

Clever plumbing company names

Clever business names sound smart and leave a lasting impression on customers. Consider going with one of these clever plumbing company names:

  • Super Plumbing Bros
  • Unclogged Plumbing Co
  • Pied Piper
  • Tapped-Out
  • Ebb and Flow Plumbing Services
  • Royal Flush Plumbing 
  • Leaks Be Gone
  • Plumber to the Rescue
  • First Choice Flush
  • The Sturdy Plunger
  • Flushed
  • Pipe Dream Plumbers
  • Good Flush Plumbing
  • Leaky Pipes Plumbing
  • Backed Up Plumbers
  • Alpha Clog
  • Down the Drain Plumbing
  • Wild West Plumbing
  • Conquer the Clog
  • Reliable Flow Plumbers

Catchy plumbing company names

A catchy plumbing company name can help you create a memorable brand that keeps customers coming back. Get inspired by these catchy plumbing company names:

  • Pipeline Pioneers
  • Plumb Perfect
  • Leak Fix Wizards
  • Streamline Plumbers
  • Pipe Patrol
  • Leak Busters
  • Drip Detectives
  • Trusty Taps Plumbing
  • Swift Flow Plumbing
  • Water Works Plumbing
  • Dynamic Drain Services
  • Guardian Plumbers
  • Infinite Flow Plumbing
  • The Plumb Pros
  • Tap Techs
  • Supreme Stream Plumbers
  • Ever Flow Plumbing
  • First Call Plumbers 
  • Instant Flow Plumbing 
  • Serene Stream Plumbing

Creative plumbing company names

A creative handyman business name stands out from competitors. Try a creative plumbing company name like:

  • Tidal Trace plumbing
  • PipeCraft Solutions
  • Elemental Pipes 
  • EchoFlow Plumbers
  • Opus Plumbers
  • Pure Pipe Designs
  • Nexus Flow
  • Pinnacle Pipes
  • Dream Drains Plumbing
  • Liquid Luminaries
  • Pristine Pipes Plumbing
  • Aqua Aura Plumbing
  • Pipe Impressions
  • Zenith Plumbing
  • Tinker Tubes Plumbing
  • Echo Plumbing
  • Water Weaver Plumbing
  • Pipeline Pioneers
  • Flow Craft Plumbing
  • Plumb Genius

Professional plumbing company names 

A professional plumbing company tells potential customers that you run a reputable business with excellent service. Here are some examples of professional plumbing company names:

  • [YOUR CITY] Plumbing Pros
  • [YOUR LAST NAME] Plumbing
  • [FIRST NAME] the Plumber
  • Praise Plumbing
  • Turbo Plumbing
  • Perfect Plumbing
  • Fix Plumbing
  • Proper Plumbing
  • Total Plumbing 
  • All-In Plumbers
  • Advanced Plumbing
  • One Touch Plumbing
  • Prime Plumbers
  • Fast Response Plumbing
  • Pipe Expert
  • Good Plumbing Movement
  • Qualified Plumbing Pros
  • Certified Master Plumbing
  • SOS Emergency Plumbing Pros
  • On-Time Plumbing

Unique plumbing company names

A good plumbing company name stands out from the crowd. To do that, go with a name that’s unique, with nothing similar in the area where you offer services. Here are some ideas:

  • H2Origins Plumbing
  • EchoPipe Systems
  • FluidIQ Plumbers
  • HydroHex Plumbing
  • Pinnacle Pipeline Co.
  • Element Pipe Pros
  • Flow Core Plumbers
  • Vital Flow Plumbing
  • Mystic Main Plumbers
  • Prime Pulse Plumbing
  • HydroHabitat Plumbing
  • ClearPath Waterworks
  • Current Path Plumbing
  • AquaVantage Plumbing
  • Hydronamic Plumbers
  • Liquid Logic Plumbers
  • Prism Plumbing Pros
  • AquaArch Plumbing
  • Flow Fidelity Plumbers
  • StreamShift Plumbing

Pro Tip: Google “BUSINESS NAME IDEA + YOUR AREA” or check your local trademark database to make sure a competitor isn’t already using your plumbing business name idea.

Electrical and plumbing company names

If you’re planning on starting a company that provides both electrical and plumbing services, try a plumbing business name like:

  • SparkFlow Services
  • ElectroPlumb Solutions
  • PowerPipe Pros
  • Volt & Water Works
  • Flow & Fuse Solutions
  • PowerFlush Systems
  • Pipe & Plug Professionals
  • Fusion Flow Technicians
  • HydroElectric Services
  • WattWater Works
  • ElectricStream Technicians
  • Flow & Charge
  • Pipeline Electrics
  • Power & Plumbing Pros
  • SparkPipe Solutions
  • PlumbVolt Services
  • Stream Surge Services
  • Water & Wire Solutions
  • Wired Plumbing Pros
  • SparkWater Services
  • Electric Plumbing Co.
  • Volt & Valve 
  • Current Plumbing Co.
  • HydroVolt Services

Plumbing and heating company name ideas

If you offer both plumbing and heating, choose a name that encompasses both services, like:

  • AquaHeat Solutions
  • Water & Warmth Co.
  • ComfortFlow Plumbing
  • Hydronic Heating Pros
  • AquaTherm Services
  • HeatWave Plumbing
  • Thermal Pipeline
  • HotPipe Services
  • WarmWaters Plumbing
  • Boiler & Basin
  • HeatLine Plumbing
  • HotWater Works
  • Thermal Waters
  • TrueTemp Plumbing
  • TempTech Plumbing
  • Plumbing & Heating Pros
  • HeatWave Plumbing & Heating
  • TempSure Plumbing
  • WarmTouch Plumbing
  • Radiant Thermal Plumbing

Commercial plumbing company names

Cater to your commercial clients with a professional plumbing company name like:

  • ProPipe Commercial Plumbers
  • Commercial Flow Solutions
  • Elite Pipe Services
  • Corporate Plumbing Co.
  • Industrial Pipe Pros.
  • Skyline Plumbing Pros
  • Metro Commercial Plumbing
  • Citywide Plumbers
  • Corporate Plumbing Solutions
  • Streamline Pipe Services
  • Apex Commercial Plumbing
  • ProGrade Plumbers
  • Structured Plumbing Co.
  • Enterprise Plumbing Experts
  • Civic Plumbing Services
  • Industrial Flow Solutions
  • Spectrum Commercial Plumbing
  • Capital Commercial Plumbers
  • Core Commercial Plumbing
  • Apex Facilities Plumbing
  • Systematic Plumbing Solutions
  • Omni Commercial Plumbing
  • TrustFlow Commercial Plumbers
  • BlueSky Commercial Plumbing
  • Summit Commercial Plumbing
  • Metropolitan Pipe Services
  • Premier Pipeline Systems
  • Integral Plumbing Solutions
  • Titan Commercial Plumbing
  • FlowMax Commercial Plumbers
  • Elite Infrastructure Plumbing
  • Commercial Core Plumbers
  • Major Pipe Professionals
  • Commercial Waterworks
  • HighFlow Plumbing Solutions
  • Tower Plumbing Solutions
  • Professional Plumbing Partners
  • Commercial Grade Plumbers
  • HighTower Plumbing Co.
  • CityScape Plumbers

How to pick a plumbing company name

If you’re just starting your plumbing business or rebranding your existing one, picking the right plumbing company name can help you stand out from your competition and win more customers.

Here are a few keys to crafting an appealing plumbing company name:

  • Keep it short and sweet – A short business name is easier to say and remember. Try to keep your business name to two or three words at most.
  • Make it descriptive – Let your plumbing name describe the services you offer like emergency responses, leaky pipes, clogged drains or toilets, etc.
  • Share your value –  Do you offer same-day service or low pricing? Let potential customers know instantly with your plumbing company name.
  • Use puns, rhymes, and humor – A clever or funny business name can make your plumbing company name much more memorable—provided it’s the right option for the clients you want to target.

For example, if the average customer in your service area is a young or middle-aged adult, they’re much more likely to appreciate a funny business name.

On the other hand, if your business works mostly with commercial properties or builders, a professional business name is your best bet.

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  • Highlight your city, town, or county – Including your service area in your plumbing name can help you get found by local customers searching for a plumber.
  • Use plumbing-related keywords – Using industry-related keywords like plumber, plumbing repair or plumbing services can improve your overall plumbing SEO
  • Avoid hard-to-spell words or names – Long or complicated company names can make it harder for customers to find you online.
  • Say it out loud – While your plumbing name might look great on paper, make sure it sounds just as good when said aloud.

Pro-Tip: Your plumbing name doesn’t need to check every box. What’s most important is that you pick a name that best represents your brand and your services.

How to register your plumbing company name

Registering your plumbing company name in the U.S.

There are three different ways you can register your business name in the U.S.:

  • Entity name keeps your business protected at your state level. Check with your local government to see if an entity name is required for your business.
  • Trademark protects your plumbing business name at a national level. Trademarking your plumbing company name will make sure no other plumbing businesses in the U.S. can use it.
  • Doing business as (DBA) is required by most states to run a business under a name different from your own personal name. 

Pro Tip: To grow your business’s presence online, you’ll also want to buy and register a domain name. A domain name lets you create a plumbing website for your business. Also known as a URL, you can buy a domain name through an accredited domain registrar.

How to register your plumbing company name in Canada

Unless you’re using your own name as your business name, you’ll need to register it to run your plumbing business.

There are three different ways you can register your name in Canada:

  • Register a trade name if you’re planning on using a name for your business that’s different from your legal name. You can register your trade name with your provincial government.
  • Register a trademark to protect your brand and keep other plumbing businesses in Canada from using your name. 
  • If you’re considering incorporating your business, you’ll receive a corporate name through the process. A corporate name gives you exclusive use of your business name in your province or across Canada (depending on how you incorporate). 

Pro Tip: Before you try and register your company name, type your desired name into a Google search or social media to make sure it’s not already in use by someone in your state or province.

Build a profitable plumbing business

When you choose a plumbing company name that fits your business and stands out, you make it easier to attract new customers and grow.

With that great company name, you’ll be ready to spread the word and get your plumbing business off the ground.

Originally published in May 2022. Last updated on May 10th, 2022.

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