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10 Home Service Businesses Giving Back to Their Communities

April 29, 2020 5 min. read
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Entrepreneurship is tough (hard work, long days) but it’s even more rewarding. You’re building a lasting legacy for your family, your team, your community, your city, and of course, your customers. Your community is truly built by you, and during times of uncertainty, community is everything.

From food bank drives to surprise free services, we’re highlighting home service businesses who are going above and beyond to give back to the community as they navigate COVID-19. If you’re looking for a way to give back, consider this inspiration.

Are you supporting your community? Big or small, share what you’re getting up to by tagging us and use #builtbyyou on Instagram. We’ll keep an eye out for your stories to share with the community to inspire positivity and support!

1. Landscaping business delivers catered meals to those in need

Veteran-owned MIL-SPEC Landscaping in Clarksville, Tennessee is giving back to their community by supporting local food businesses and delivering catered meals to those in need.

“You know what spreads faster than this virus? Acts of kindness and love,” says co-owner Brian Boase.

“We need to take care of our healthcare professionals’ families, our elderly, our immunocompromised families, etc. We take care of the families so our virus fighters can concentrate solely on the no-fail mission they are faced with.⁠”

2. One thousand pounds of food and diapers delivered to the Vancouver Food Bank

Umbrella Property Services in Vancouver, British Columbia collected 948 pounds of food, diapers, and much-needed essential goods from their customers, and donated it directly to the Vancouver Food Bank.

As a bonus, the locally-owned and operated company is donating $1 for every pound collected.

3. Free lawn mowing for medical staff in Jackson, Minnesota

Healthcare workers are facing some of the most difficult days of their careers. As a thank you for their life-saving work, Chant Singvongsa of Singvongsa Landscaping is offering free lawn mowing for medical staff in his community of Jackson, Minnesota.

“We appreciate our hardworking medical community especially during the virus outbreak,” says Chant. “If you need someone to look after your lawn while you’re looking after all of us, please contact us.”

4. Cleaning services prove they’re essential in more ways than one

Heather Jett, founder of Jett’s Cleaning Service, has a knack for identifying needs.

She started her business 10 years ago as a mother in the medical field, when she recognized the need of help around the house in order to be present with her family.

Now, she’s found new ways to step up and fulfill her community’s needs.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tenneesee business has been giving back to the community by donating cleanings to other essential workers, grocery shopping for elderly clients, making and donating masks to local hospitals. They even hosted a t-shirt fundraiser for local stylists who’ve lost their income.

5. Landscaping business surprises customers with ‘zeroed out’ invoices

During COVID-19, La Villita Landscaping in Sahuarita, Arizona is giving back by surprising randomly-selected customers with a zeroed-out invoice.

“Community is everything, how we love the way that sounds,” says owner Gavin Delgado.

“We have been offering hands-free payment services (thanks to Jobber), and drive-by estimates for our new customers. We’ve also decided to provide a once a week zeroed-out invoice for a rotating services customer (we normally surprise a customer once a month).”

To give back even more, the company has been purchasing masks from local businesses to distribute to our community members and ordering lunch daily from a local business.

6. Lawn care company equips first responders with masks

Communities depend on the strength of their connections.

Veteran-owned Conner’s Lawn Care is doing their part by creating stronger connections between textile manufacturers and first responders in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We’ve connected with a textile company and have been able to deliver and provide almost 200 lbs of fabric to a local mask organization.

They are able to provide first responders with masks to keep themselves and others safe.

Buddy Connors Connor’s Lawn Care

7. Local electric company donates $500 to food kitchen

Sometimes, giving back to your community can be as simple as donating to services that need it the most.

Recognizing that food kitchens have been especially hard hit during the pandemic, locally owned and operated Spaulding Electric has donated $500 to their community’s food kitchen in Littleton, Massachusetts.

8. Businesses helping businesses in Maryland

Local business associations aren’t just for talking shop. For many small business owners, associations are a way to share resources, get support, and give back.

Steve Mruk, owner of Potomac Lawns in La Plata, Maryland, knew that many of his town’s businesses would be impacted financially by COVID-19. To help, he’s offering free lawn mowing to businesses in his local association.

9. Distributing hand sanitizer to keep workers and families safe

Oasis Preferred Maintenance in Pensacola, Florida is supporting a local hand sanitizer initiative at a time when purchasing the life-saving liquid is difficult if not impossible for most. 

We’ve made enough so far to give out to employees, family and friends.

Hopefully, we can also continue to make enough for others over the next couple of months.

Chris Rohling Oasis Preferred Maintenance

10. Providing contactless essential services to keep our homes and communities safe

Perhaps one of the most meaningful ways small businesses are giving back to their communities is by simply getting up and going out, day after day, to provide the essential services that keep our homes safe, stable, and comfortable when we need them the most.

Home repair business Advance Maintenance Co. in West Lafeyette, Indiana is one of the many home service businesses who have stood up to the challenge, and are going to every length possible to provide safe services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that people still need safe and stable homes. This is why we are continuing to do our work as best as we can.

We are considered essential workers since we are doing home maintenance and repairs. We are all doing our part to keep the community safe.

Alicia Coats Advance Maintenance Co.

How are you giving back?

If your business is giving back to your community, share what you’re getting up to by tagging us and use #builtbyyou on Instagram. We’ll keep an eye out for your stories to share with the community to inspire positivity and support!

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