Scheduling and Dispatching

Schedule faster: create a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only a few clicks.

How it works

Schedule incoming jobs as one off visits or recurring contracts.

One off visits are for work that only happens once, such as an install or major project. For maintenance work or anything with more than one visit, the recurring contract will make the visits easy to schedule and invoice.

drag and drop calendar

With Jobber’s scheduling filters and color coding options, you can organize every visit, task, and reminder in your schedule.

calendar filters and color coding
You can also sort your calendar items by status—such as unscheduled, overdue, upcoming, or completed—so that you don’t miss any tasks on your to-do list.


Jobber’s multiple calendar views are ideal for dispatching your team efficiently.

Choose from a month, week, grid, map, or list view of your team’s schedule, to get a clear visual of availability for multiple team members—and to avoid dreaded double booking.

Drag and drop calendar

Easily reschedule jobs to different days or times, or reassign jobs to a different crew or team member. It’s literally as simple as clicking, dragging, and dropping.

Learn more about our drag and drop calendar.

Push notifications

When you make a schedule change to an employee’s current workday they will receive a notification on their phone within a minute of you making the change.

They’ll get a notification in the field if they have a new, rescheduled, or cancelled visit that day.

push notifications

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