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An online booking system that fills your schedule with less effort

With Jobber, you’ll save time on scheduling by letting customers book appointments online. Watch jobs appear in your schedule while you stay in control of your availability.

Online booking system in Jobber

Jobber helps you stay organized at each stage of the job.

How does online booking work in Jobber?

Jobber helps you book new jobs faster and streamline your scheduling with these features:

Bookable Services

Let customers know what they can book

Create clear descriptions of what your services include and set estimated prices and durations.

Let customers see multiple service options and choose what fits their needs.

Bookable Team Members

Set team member availability

Choose which team members’ calendars can be made available for bookings.

Jobber will automatically assign whoever is available for the appointment and get it booked in their calendar.

Scheduling Preferences

Stay in control of your schedule

Control your schedule by setting preferences around your earliest availability and buffer times between bookings.

Automated Notifications & Confirmations

Never miss a booking

Prevent no-shows and always be ready for upcoming jobs.

When a booking is made, your customer will get an email confirmation and you’ll be notified automatically.

What is online booking software?

Online booking and appointment scheduling software like Jobber allows customers to book your services directly into an online calendar. Customers can fill a booking form to choose the services they want and their preferred date and time—and you’ll see that work appear in your calendar.

Here’s what you can expect from online scheduling with Jobber:

  • Choose which services clients can book and add detailed descriptions
  • Set availability preferences for yourself and your team
  • Share your booking page on your website, social media, or directly with customers
  • Get jobs automatically booked in your calendar and assigned to a team member

Prefer to collect information from your customer before they’re scheduled in? Try our quote request forms.

For your Business:

• Stay in control of your calendar by setting availability preferences

• Save time scheduling jobs without back-and-forth calls and emails

• Sit back and let Jobber automatically schedule and assign bookings

For your Customer:

• Choose the appointment date and time that works best

• Select the right services and know what to expect for the booking

• Get an instant email confirmation once the job is booked

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

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Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

There’s no messy paperwork, and it gives us more brain space.

It reduces phone calls from customers by at least a half, and we’re much more efficient at processing jobs in Jobber’s schedule.

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