Work at Jobber

Perks & Benefits

Jobber is changing the way mobile service businesses work and we're looking for passionate and creative people to join us.

We take pride in the fact that we’ve been able to foster an amazing company culture. We’re strong believers that your team is your most valuable asset, so we do our best to live up to that standard. When it comes to perks and benefits, Jobber provides everything you need to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Work Autonomy

Employees who exercise autonomy regularly are happier and more productive. So at Jobber, you'll have the freedom to work on the things you feel excited about.

Full Health Benefits

You and your family will be fully covered with our health benefits package; vision, dental, massage and more.

Free Lunch & Snacks

We always keep our fridge and pantry fully loaded with healthy food (and some not so healthy food) so you can enjoy lunch on us.


Breaks are important. Play a round of foosball with a co-worker or team-up for our doubles foosball championships to win the coveted foosball trophy.

Apple Gear

Who doesn’t love new Apple gear? When you join the Jobber team you’ll get a new Apple computer, you can even take the shrink wrap off yourself.

Three Weeks Vacation

Work hard, play hard. We value the hard work our team puts so we want to make sure you have plenty of time to recharge your batteries.


We’re not looking for cookie cutter people. We love thinking outside the box; we want you to come up with new and innovative ideas.


Passion is essential to Jobber. From the first stroke on the whiteboard to the last pixel pushed into place, it's all about passion.


We’re looking for smart people who aren’t afraid to tackle difficult situations and get things done.