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The Home Edit Shares 22 Tips for Organizing Your Business

March 1, 2023 4 min. read
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Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, co-founders of The Home Edit, joined us at Jobber Summit 2023 to share lessons and tips for organizing and running your business more effectively.

Get the best quotes from their keynote and learn how to edit out tasks, tools, and processes that don’t benefit your business—and take back your time in the process.

Quotes about scaling operations

  1. To go from a scrappy small business to an actual company, there were some growing pains. We tried to accommodate all of the celebrity projects, every travel job… We were so afraid that if we let go of anything, the business was gonna fall apart.
  2. Ask yourself really honest questions. Am I the best person to do this right now, or is there a more capable party? Am I holding onto it because I’m too afraid of letting it go?
  3. You have to trust that you’re not the only person in the world who’s good at something.
  4. It’s easy to get caught up in small things and forget the bigger picture. But in order to scale and scale well, you have to let things go and let people fail on their own.
Joanna and Clea: am I the best person to oversee this?

Quotes about organizing your business

  1. Organized systems are meant for a small business.
  2. If you can’t find your keys in the morning and you’re running out late for a client, you’re not bringing your best self to that job.
  3. Think about how to edit out things from your work infrastructure that are bogging you down, causing you to be less creative, and taking up time.
  4. Think about your marketing bucket, your clientele bucket, your finance bucket… Contain those categories and put boundaries in place.
  5. The right way to [organize] is the way that works for you and the way that you’re going to maintain it.

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Clea and Joanna - organized systems should be plug and play

Quotes about marketing

  1. In order to sell your service to a client, you have to know how to sell it to your best friend, your husband, your wife, your partner, yourself.
  2. Seek out influencers, even if they’re not big celebrities, people who have influence in your local area, and offer to do a service for them, in exchange for an honest take.

Quotes about employees

  1. One of the unfortunate things we passed on to our team at the beginning was burnout. We would work ourselves to the bone, and they would work themselves to the bone. 
  2. Trust the people that you hire and hold them accountable.
  3. We want our clients to feel like they are getting the best, that they don’t need to talk to us [the owners]. We have representatives there that are just as good, that are just as capable, that have just as much authority.

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Joanna and Clea: we needed a team

Quotes about partnership

  1. Our skillsets complemented each other almost miraculously… I can’t imagine scaling to anywhere even close to where I got without the help of Clea.
  2. We have this phrase that we say: “I feel strongly” or “I don’t feel strongly.” It could be, “I know where this bin should go.” If the other person feels strongly, we’re like, “Okay, great, you feel strongly, let’s go with this direction.”
  3. We just don’t get into petty stuff ever. We just don’t. It’s not worth our energy. It’s not worth our time.

Quotes about entrepreneurship

  1. Running a service business is perfecting how you work with a client, how you are interacting in their home, how you can provide expertise to them that feels valuable.
  2. You are the business. You are the face of it. You represent it.
  3. Be realistic about your goals. Not everything’s gonna change overnight in any way.
  4. Each thing that you do leads to other success. Each failure leads to different successes. And so, I don’t even see anything really as a failure.
  5. This is a constant evolution, having a business, being an entrepreneur. And that’s what’s exciting about it.

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