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The Essential Roofer Salary Guide for 2023

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If you’re looking to hire a roofer to join your team, you probably have some questions about what to pay them. To help you, we’ve put together the essential roofer salary guide with up-to-date, crowdsourced data courtesy of Payscale. Below, you will find roofer salary information based on national averages, years of experience, and geographic location.

How much do roofers make in the United States?

There are a few factors that will affect the salary you pay your roofer. Things to ask yourself include:

  • How much does a roofer make a year on average in the U.S.?
  • How much do roofers make in the state where they live?
  • How much experience does the roofer that you’re looking to hire have?
  • How much does an entry-level roofer make compared to an experienced roofer?
  • Roofers earn $41,246 per year on average
  • A roofer’s hourly rate is $17.95 on average
  • Entry-level roofers earn $32,203 per year on average
  • Experienced roofers earn $50,558 per year on average

Average Roofer Salary in the U.S.

|  Detailed Breakdown

To help you understand how to determine what you pay your employees, we have provided a detailed breakdown of roofer salaries by state and by years of experience.

Use this information to ensure you are paying fair wages in your state to help attract and retain top performers.

Holmes Roofing: professional roofer using equipment
Homes Roofing: professional roofer on house
Holmes Roofing, Edmonton , AB

State-by-state average roofer salary

Where your roofer works will affect their average income. To illustrate, roofing professionals working in Alabama earn $35,456 on average, whereas roofers earn $39,162 in Texas and $38,499 in Florida.

Average Salary by State (USD)

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  • $50,000-$54,999
  • $45,000-$49,999
  • $40,000-$44,999
  • $35,000-$39,999
  • $30,000-$34,999

Roofer salaries by years of experience

Roofers’ salaries increase as they earn experience. Here are national averages based on their levels of experience.

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