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12 Service Business Experts Share Their Best Customer Service Tips

February 7, 2020 4 min. read
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Offering great customer service not only sets you apart from competitors, but it also helps your business become more sustainable by encouraging repeat customers.

We chatted with twelve field service business entrepreneurs and they shared their best customer service tips that you can start implementing in your own business.

1. Practice empathy

“When it comes to customer service, the biggest thing I’ve learned is to have empathy. In other words, to put myself in my customer’s shoes. It’s always easy to say ‘I don’t know if the customer is right on that one’ or ‘I don’t know what the customer is thinking,’ but if you put yourself in their shoes and understand where they’re coming from you’ll be able to communicate better and provide better customer service. Empathy is something we can all use a little bit more of.” – Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut

2. Make yourself visible

“Make yourself visible to your customers and show your phone number and address on your website. This brings instant trust. My team are my customers too so I try to not send an email to them outside their working hours. All in all, don’t hide and be upfront with your customers”. – Judith Virag, Clean Club Calgary

3. Build relationships

“Building a relationship with clients is key. Whether you sell to them or not, the relationship will pay for itself both professionally and personally. Relationship building also helps with referrals and customer service.” – Samantha Wright, Garage Doors

4. Follow the Golden Rule

“Great customer service is simple: Pretend that person is you. How would you like to be treated? Good, obviously. So treat them the way you want to be treated!” – Paul Jamison, Green Industry Podcast

5. Appreciate your customers

“When you ever find yourself getting to a place where you feel entitled in your business, and you lose that attitude of service, you’ll quickly see a decline of customers. I really think in 2020 one of the most important things is to show your customers your real gratitude of doing business with them. Whether you’re sending them a postcard, or brownies, or genuinely saying ‘thank you so much for your business,’ you absolutely have to do that. These are real relationships and it is a huge honor to serve them and take care of their property.” – Keith Kalfas, The Untrapped Podcast

From the office to the field, everything we do centers around the client’s experience.

We learned early on that an experience is what they are looking for.

Ryaan Tuttle Team Best Handyman Boston

6. Bring it back to the client experience

“Our entire team is aware that customer service is the heartbeat of our company. From the office to the field, everything we do centers around the client’s experience. We learned early on that an experience is what they are looking for. Not just some job that needs to be done. From their initial request, to when we finish the project, they really don’t have to worry about a thing. Jobber helps us strive to make the entire process, seamless, intuitive and simple. Making their lives easier throughout the process, really does make all the difference!”
– Ryaan Tuttle, Team Best Handyman Boston

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7. Make communication easy

“With a trash can cleaning business, using the pre-visit notifications [in Jobber] is critical and allows you to stand out. It also constantly keeps your name in the customer’s mind. Being that we run a recurring service, it makes the customer very familiar with the business which also allows us to easily upsell other services. They also have the ability to respond to us too for scheduling adjustments if needed. We also use the CRM and notes features to make sure we know everything we can about an account if there was an issue or special request.” – Brannon Fowler, The Trash Can Cleaners

8. Manage their expectations

“It’s YOUR job to manage THEIR expectations.” – Ryan Stewart, Posh House Cleaning

9. Be consistent

“It is important to have business systems in place to deliver the same client experience every time. It shouldn’t matter what team or crew arrives for the service work, the same high quality and positive experience should occur each and every time.” -Ryan Cochrane, Peak Property

10. Just listen

“Just listen to them and assure them that they are your number one priority. Even if they aren’t, everyone just wants to feel like they matter!”– Ann Lane, Park Lane Plumbing Ltd

11. Fix something before they ask

“Listen to them and come up with a solution to their needs. So we mow lawns, and sometimes we see that the trash has been empty and the can is on the curb so we will just bring it up for them. Always over-deliver on what you do.” – Steve Mruk, Potomac Lawns

12. Over deliver

“Under promise, over deliver… it’s literally that simple.” – Brian Boase, MIL-SPEC Landscaping

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