Client Notifications

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Appointment reminders, on my way texts, and client follow-up software.

Customize and automate notifications to keep your clients in the loop at key points before, during, and after the work.

Work smarter, not harder.

More completed jobs. Fewer last minute cancellations.


Remind clients of upcoming service appointments with Jobber’s customizable automated email and text message reminders.

Schedule an email a week before a visit, and a text message the day before—whatever works best for your workflow.

Clients can view which staff will be visiting their property, check their appointment details in client hub, and confirm or request a change if necessary.

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Effortlessly keep clients in the loop.

On my way text messages

Your team can use the Jobber app to send clients text messages letting them know when they’re on their way to a job, or if they’re running late.

Send a standardized message that includes your business phone number. Your team members can share their name, and select how much time it will take to arrive.

Spend more time on actual work and less time coordinating and fixing miscommunication.

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Stay in touch during critical moments after a job is complete.

Client follow-ups

Automatically send custom follow-up emails to rebook appointments, request feedback using surveys, or simply say thank you after every job.

We help you identify happy customers so you can ask them to leave a review on your favourite business review website.

Ensure your clients feel comfortable and informed at every stage of your service.


Your clients can access appointment details such as date, time, and address of their past and upcoming appointments in client hub.

They’ll also see the name and photo of any team members assigned to the work.

You’ll look professional, and everyone will be on the same page.

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An automated sales process that helps you win more work with less effort

Quote follow-ups

Win more work with less effort, by sending automatic follow up messages to clients about quotes you haven’t heard back on. Email and text message follow-ups will help proposals close themselves.

In Jobber, you can customize your follow-ups so that they work seamlessly with your sales process. Change the email and text message templates, pick the number of follow up messages sent, and on what days/times you’d like them to be sent.

Quote follow-ups are available on Grow Plans. Visit pricing.

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Offer 24/7 customer service and convenience—all of it is automated

Set it and forget it or custom emails––you choose.

Email Templates

Look more professional than ever with email templates that feature your company’s branding.

Change and customize the template to suit your needs, and track all your emails right in Jobber:

  • Offer personalized promotions
  • Follow up on unapproved quotes
  • Send out client-satisfaction surveys
  • Follow up on client satisfaction surveys
  • Have a clear record of when an email was sent, who sent it, and if your client opened it
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Want to know more?

Does Jobber offer a field service app?

Absolutely. Mobile field service management lets you to manage your client communication, team, and operations from anywhere. Jobber’s mobile app gives your technicians access to their schedules, work order information, quotes, and turn-by-turn directions to their next job, anytime and from any phone or tablet device.

What's the advantage to using text and email appointment reminder software?

When you're able to remind your clients about their appointments in advance, you're able to reduce roadblocks that might prevent your team from doing their job. For example, sending your client a text to remind them to unlock their door, keep the dog in the house, or have the materials they promised for you ready when you arrive can speed up service, and keep everyone happy and on track.

How can client follow-up software grow my business?

Everything is about follow-up. Sending emails and texts demonstrates your capability and professionalism. If you follow-up immediately with a customer, saying, "hey, how did you we do? Are you happy? If you’re not, we’re willing to make you happy." It helps build your client's confidence in you, and it shows them that you really care about their satisfaction.

Does Jobber provide follow-up email and text scripts and samples?

Yes! Absolutely. We provide your team with a template that you can use as is, or modify to your liking so it matches your needs and intent.