Client Communications

Improve job completion rates and boost your customer service by communicating with your clients at key points before, during, and after a job.

Client reminders

Cut down on cancellations when you remind your clients of upcoming service appointments with automated email and SMS text reminders through Jobber.

Schedule an email a week before a visit, and an SMS text the day before—whatever works best for your workflow. When clients receive the message they can confirm their appointment, or request a change if necessary.

The result is more completed jobs, and less last minute cancellations.

Client reminder notification

On my way notifications

Your employees can use the Jobber app to send clients an SMS letting them know when they’re on their way to a job or if they’re running late.

You set up a standardized message that includes your business phone number, and your employee selects how much time they’ll need to arrive at the job.

Spend more time on actual work, and less time on coordination and fixing miscommunication.

email and sms notification

Follow-up emails

Automatically send clients a reminder to rebook, a request for feedback, or a simple thank you at the end of every job. You can customize Jobber’s email templates to work for your business goals.

By automating a step that might take you too much time to do manually, you’ll win more business, improve your workflow, and build your client relationships.

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