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Jobber Product Updates: 2023 Year in Review

January 4, 2024 4 min. read
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A lot can happen in a year of a home service business, and the same can be said for us here at Jobber. Let’s take a look back at product highlights from 2023, and how Jobber has evolved to help you save time running a successful home service business.

Job profitability tracking, made easy

Job costing

Screenshot of job costing in Jobber

Manage your profitability without spending hours switching between spreadsheets, receipts, and bank statements. 

  • Real-time job profitability: On your jobs, you can now see a profit bar that automatically updates based on your tracked prices and costs.
  • All your costs in the same place: Materials, labor, and expenses are all accounted for, with no double entry required. 
  • Improved pricing and cost estimates: The updated one-off jobs report lets you easily compare multiple jobs, so you can improve pricing and cost estimate accuracy.
  • Profitability trends: Next to your jobs list, view a revenue vs. cost comparison over time and a monthly breakdown of your costs and profit.

Job costing is available on the Grow plan. Learn more about job costing.

Job insights

Job insights in Jobber

See a visual representation of your most important revenue metrics that help you easily understand how your one-off jobs are performing.

Job insights are available on Core, Connect, and Grow plans. Learn more about job insights.

Better scheduling and routing

Online booking

Online booking in Jobber

Save time scheduling and driving with online booking. Bookings made online are automatically scheduled around existing appointments to help you be more efficient with your time. 

  • Control your calendar: your availability is based on the scheduling preferences you set up
  • Get jobs booked faster: bookings are automatically scheduled and assigned in the calendar for you
  • Spend less time on the road: bookings are scheduled around existing, nearby jobs to limit how much you’re driving

Online booking is available on Connect and Grow plans. Learn more about online booking.

Arrival windows

Arrival windows in Jobber

Give your customers an arrival window instead of a fixed start time, to give yourself more flexibility and better set client expectations.

Arrival windows are available on Connect, and Grow plans. Learn more about arrival windows.

Map view in the mobile app

Map view in Jobber's mobile app

Now you don’t need to be at your computer to view your daily visits on a map, so you can stay on track and make on-the-go scheduling decisions for you and your team. 

Map view is available on Core, Connect, and Grow plans. Learn more about map view.

Easier payroll and team collaboration

Location timers

Location timers on a mobile phone in Jobber

Save time on payroll by automatically capturing your team’s time spent at the job site. Location timers automatically start and stop when your team arrives at and leaves a client’s property. Or, Jobber can send a push notification reminder based on their location.

Pro Tip: When you use location timers and job costing, you get an accurate picture of labor costs associated with each job, with less effort.

Location timers are available on the Grow plan. Learn more about location timers.

Spanish-language Jobber mobile app

Screenshots of the Spanish-language changelog in Jobber's mobile app

Spanish-speaking team members can now more easily manage their work in Jobber, including viewing their schedule, sending “on my way” texts, using timers, invoicing, and collecting payment.

The Spanish-language mobile app is available on all plans . Learn more about the Spanish-language mobile app.

New and improved integrations

Gusto's integration in Jobber

The Jobber app marketplace looks a bit different now than it did last year! In addition to Gusto and DocuSign, you’ll find 10+ new integrations that help you save time jumping between tools to run a successful business.  

  • Gusto
  • DocuSign
  • Clyr 
  • Deep Lawn 
  • Toolsey
  • Simple Social
  • SnapPicFix
  • Grab Your Reviews
  • Chiirp
  • IsOn24
  • Protiv
  • PATLive

What’s coming for 2024?

Enough reminiscing about the past! We’re already working hard to take your feedback and build more great features for 2024 and beyond.

  • Maximizing cash flow is crucial for every small business. Get ready for more affordable payment methods, streamlined invoicing and payments, and ways to manage your finances inside Jobber—including payouts and purchases.
  • Your time is precious, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Look out for new automations to simplify your workflows, and insights that use Jobber’s data capabilities and expertise to make better decisions for your business.
  • Attracting leads and winning bigger jobs is about to get easier. Exciting new tools are in the works to supercharge your marketing efforts, helping you deliver great experiences and grow your business, right from Jobber.
  • Running a business is tough, but navigating Jobber shouldn’t be. We’re investing more than ever to keep Jobber easy to use, even as more advanced functionality is added.

All of this to look forward to, and so much more!

We’re humbled by the 200,000+  home service pros that trust Jobber to run their business, and look forward to continuing to help you be successful this year and beyond.

Want to go even deeper on this topic? Join Jeff Sherlock, SVP of Product at Jobber, as he talks about the future of AI and home service management on the Masters of Home Service Podcast.

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