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Quoting your clients and scheduling visits has never been this simple.

When you’re working on several jobs and making multiple visits a day, running a flooring business can get chaotic. Between scheduling your crews, tracking site visit details, and sending out estimates to multiple clients, there’s a lot to do. 

Jobber’s affordable and user-friendly platform will make scheduling, job management, and quoting and invoicing a breeze, so you can focus on growing your business.

Jobber lets us get paid quickly and easily
“Emailing invoices and getting paid online has been great for us. We often work with out-of-town customers, property management services, and other businesses that may not be on site.”
Scheduling and Dispatching

Manage your schedule and dispatch crews efficiently

Managing multiple installs and repairs for one job can get messy. Jobber’s scheduling and dispatching feature lets you turn a work request into a job, assign your team, and see at a glance when a job is done and ready to be invoiced.

Quotes and Flooring Estimates

Create, send, and follow-up on quotes

Getting new flooring customers means being able to send professional quotes and estimates to your customers faster than your competition can. Jobber lets you create, send, and track quotes to your clients from anywhere.

  • Gather key informations information before you book a job with on-site assessments
  • Attach photos, optional packages, and add-ons to quotes
  • Create custom fields for materials and labor
  • Automatically follow up on quotes you haven’t heard back on
  • Let your customers approve quotes online in client hub
Invoicing and Payments

Send professional invoices and get paid faster

Never let an overdue invoice or deposit slip through the cracks again. Jobber’s user-friendly software lets you create, send, track, and follow-up on invoices. Plus, you can collect payments in the field or in person.

Job Management and CRM

Deliver consistent service with notes, photos, and checklists

Jobber’s CRM and job management features for flooring businesses give you immediate access to all the job and client information you need. No more sifting through endless paperwork and no more back and forth calls to the office.

Customer Communication

Customize and automate client notifications

Keep your clients in the loop before, during, and after every installation. Jobber’s customer communication management feature helps you and your team reduce communication roadblocks that prevent you from getting work done.

  • Remind clients of upcoming visits with automated email and text message appointment reminders
  • Send texts to clients when your crew is on their way or running late
  • Follow-up with clients after a job automatically
  • Let your clients access appointment details in their 24/7 client hub
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flooring software gives business owners and crews the tools they need to manage clients, employee scheduling, quoting, invoicing, payments, and more. Jobber was designed so that whether you’re at the office or estimating and installing out in the field, you have the tools you need to grow your business.
Yes! Running a flooring business means you’re often on the road or at a property, while your office managers take care of administration at the office. Jobber’s flooring business software lets flooring business owners and teams manage operations from anywhere, giving your crew access to their schedules, work order information, quotes, and client communication. The Jobber mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.
You can send quotes quickly and easily with Jobber. Clients can approve quotes, see invoice history, pay deposits, book more work, or request changes in your client hub. You can also save line items in your system so creating a custom and professional-looking quote is simple and swift. Jobber also integrates with Responsibid, so you can offer your clients accurate estimate options on your website too.
Jobber’s flooring software has different plans to service your business’ unique needs. Each plan builds upon a core set of features that offer the essentials. Learn more about our plans and pricing.
Whether you’re checking us out for the first time, or you’ve been using Jobber for years, we’ve got your back when it comes to support. Phone support, email support, and in-app online chat are available to you for free, and included in all Jobber plans.
Yes! Jobber integrates with your favorite apps like QuickBooks Online so you can extend your use of Jobber.


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