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Tree Care CRM Software to Organize Your Client History

Manage your tree care client history in one place and deliver personalized customer service. Jobber’s tree service CRM helps you keep track of client information, estimates, job details, invoices, and a full billing history—all in one place.

Field service CRM software by Jobber

How does Jobber’s arborist CRM work?

Jobber’s tree care CRM keeps client and job details at your fingertips and helps you build better customer relationships. Learn more about each feature:

Client Details

Create detailed client profiles you can access fast

Customize your client profiles to capture what matters most to your business, like tree details, then access them with a quick search from the office, truck, or job site.

Client details screen in Jobber showing a client’s profile and property details
Job History

Quickly find client and job history at your fingertips

Have a client’s full tree service history, including before-and-after photos available on your mobile device, and never scramble for details during a call.

History of a client’s requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices in the Jobber mobile app
Communication History

Keep organized records of customer interactions

View all past customer communication, including automated notifications, booking confirmations, and on-my-way texts.

Client profile in Jobber showing the last message sent to the client
Lead Management

Turn sales leads into new arborist customers

Tag new contacts as leads in Jobber so you can prioritize your time managing them separately from active clients.

List of clients in Jobber with several clients tagged as ‘LEAD’

What is tree care CRM software?

Tree care software like Jobber helps you manage and organize your client details, job history, and communication. You can use customer relationship management software to organize estimates, jobs, appointments, invoices, and billing details.

These detailed and organized records help you deliver a personalized customer experience that makes every customer feel like your #1. 

With Jobber as your tree service software, your arborists have access to all the customer, property, and tree information they need at their fingertips—without the constant phone calls back to the office. That helps you deliver a professional and reliable service to every customer.

You can also use Jobber to send estimates, schedule jobs, dispatch arborists, and invoice your tree care customers. 

For your Business:

• Provide tree care professionals with the information they need to get the job done right

• Track and organize the client details that matter most to your tree service business

• Save time and headaches with client profiles that are always up to date with communication and service history

For your Customer:

• Get a personalized experience and consistent customer service

• Avoid the hassle of providing contact details more than once

• Trust that your personal information is secure and only accessible to arborists who need it

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

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Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

Jobber saves us a lot of time—there’s no messy paperwork.

Plus, it gives us more brain space. We’re much more efficient at processing jobs.

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