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Listening Time 33 Minutes

Turn Employees into Growth-Driving Leaders

With Chase Stetson, Jason Savageau and Raquel Lindsay

Episode Overview

This episode unpacks strategies for molding effective leaders in your business—leading by example, setting personal and professional growth tracks, and understanding employees’ aspirations from day one. Learn about the importance of regular one-on-ones for career nurturing, balancing learning with guidance, and other surprising benefits that come from developing leaders within your team. Join host Adam Sylvester, Chase Stetson (“That Lawn Dude”), owner of Mike’s Lawn Care, Raquel Lindsay, owner of Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Services, and Jason Savageau, owner of Current Electric Systems.

Show Notes

– Introduction to the episode and guests (0:25)

– Guests share their definitions of a leader within their businesses, with traits like accountability, problem-solving, and embracing company values (1:25)

– Learning from past leadership mistakes (3:36)

– Challenges of leadership and the difference between employee and owner mindsets in business (6:05)

– Identifying and nurturing potential leaders within a company (8:30)

– Employee mentorship, development and the importance of fostering a culture of learning and growth (10:54)

– Balance between giving employees freedom to learn and guiding them in alignment with company goals (14:09)

– What the guests love about Jobber (16:00)

– Specific examples on how to invest and develop employees: leading by example, creating a personal and professional growth track, understanding what employees want to get out of the job from the beginning, and one-on-one meetings for career nurturing (17:50) 

– Emphasis on regular team meetings and technical training sessions for continuous improvement and development (22:13)

– Business benefits of growing employees into leaders (25:36)

– Concerns about investing in employee development and the risk of them leaving the company (27:57)

– Final thoughts on leadership development: the necessity of investing in people for business growth (31:15)

– Adam’s takeaway tips: instill your values in your team – look for hungry, humble and smart employees, talk about your people’s goals in weekly one-on-ones, expect that you’ll develop people and they leave – it’s part of running a successful business (31:41)

About the speakers


Adam Sylvester



Adam started Charlottesville Lawn Care in 2013 and Charlottesville Gutter Pros in the fall of 2020, in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to say, “I do gutters and grass! When it rains the grass grows and the gutters leak!” He got into owning his own business because he saw it as a huge opportunity to generate great income while living a life that suited him. He believes that small companies can make a serious impact on their communities and on every individual they touch, and he wanted to build a company that could make a big difference. His sweet spot talent is sales and marketing with a strong passion for building a place his team wants to work. Adam values his employees and loves leading people. While operations and efficiency is not something that comes naturally to him, he is constantly working to improve himself and his business in these areas. 



Mike’s Lawn Care Service

TikTok: @thatlawndude
Instagram: @thatlawndude
Facebook: @thatlawndude
YouTube: @thatlawndude

Chase Stetson runs Mike’s Lawn Care Service with his dad, Mike, in Louisville, KY. They’ve provided exceptional lawn care, landscaping, mowing, and snow removal services for 35 years. Chase was practically raised in the business, and took on a full-time role 10 years ago. He’s always loved lawn care, from an early age planning to join and eventually lead the family business. After earning a marketing degree from the University of Louisville, Chase focused on social media marketing. He enjoys content creation, and being able to combine his marketing skills and lawn care knowledge to significantly contribute to his family business’ legacy has been rewarding.


Jason Savageau

Current Electric Systems

LinkedIn: Jason Savageau
Instagram: @currentelectricsystems

Jason Savageau leads Current Electric Systems in Plymouth, MN, which has specialized in providing concierge-level electrical services to homeowners and businesses since 2012. Jason’s mission is to create a supportive work environment, focused on developing the skills and craftsmanship of his electricians. Through streamlined processes and transparent communications, he aims to provide exceptional customer service and high-quality work, setting new industry standards. The company is actively developing a comprehensive four-year apprenticeship program, integrating hands-on experience, weekly training sessions, and a paid night-schooling program. In addition, they are working on launching a recruitment program and exploring the creation of educational video content on electrical topics.


Raquel Lindsay

Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, LLC

Facebook: sparkleandshinecleaningofwestmi
Instagram: @sparkle_and_shine_cleaning

In 2018, Raquel Lindsay turned cleaning homes for extra cash into a thriving business, Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, LLC, in Grand Rapids, MI. She started by helping out friends, and soon she turned her knack for making homes look great into a successful company that cleans houses and offices professionally. Raquel makes environmental stewardship and keeping her team happy through a strong employee culture her priorities,  while also making sure every space they clean gets first-rate service. Her business has a reputation for leaving places spotless and shining, and being a place employees love to work at.

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