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How to Attract More Customers With Google Reviews

March 19, 2024 5 min. read
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Having lots of positive Google reviews can get your business listing higher up in Google search results. 

This type of search engine optimization (SEO) makes it more likely that customers in your area find you when searching for your kinds of services.

Google considers online reviews very important—and for good reasons. Happy reviews and a high average rating tell potential customers they can trust your business to deliver great service.

See how one business owner we know grew his Google reviews by 10x, then learn how to do that yourself.

Google reviews and SEO: How reviews help more customers find you

When your customers need an expert home service provider, most of them run to Google first.

Google is helpful right away: it shows a map of businesses in the area that can provide the services your customer needs.

Each of these business listings, called a Google Business Profile, shows the company’s contact information, a preview of what customers think, and an average review score.

Google orders these businesses based on trustworthiness. The more complete your profile (and the more reviews you have), the better you’ll look to Google.

Google Business Profiles for landscapers

These listings show nearly everything a customer needs to evaluate a service business. So why would they look anywhere else?

This is where you want your business to be.

A recent report from the SEO experts at WhiteSpark found that:

  • Businesses perform better in local searches when they get reviews on a regular basis.
  • More reviews help your Google Local Services Ads appear in front of more customers.
  • The quantity of Google reviews your business has is one of the top ten factors for ranking in the Maps section of Google Search results.

The more reviews, the better

“Quality over quantity” is usually a great philosophy. But for Google reviews, it’s best to strive for both. 

Customers trust businesses with a high number of high-rated reviews the most.

Paul Ricard, owner of Grill Tanks Plus+, had a high average rating on his Google Business Profile for a while: 4.5 stars. But that was only from six customers.

For some homeowners, that’s not enough reviews to feel confident in a business.

Paul asked more customers for reviews, bringing that number from six to 62. Just look at how much better his Business Profile looks now (along with a higher average rating):

Grill Tanks Plus Google Business Profile showing the before and after results of having more Google reviews

The business looks more trustworthy now, right?

It was a big jump, but it only took Paul two months to get 56 new customer reviews

And it’s not a secret how he got all these reviews so fast.

How to easily collect Google reviews with Jobber

Asking customers for a review after every single job is best practice. But doing it manually can add up to hours of work every month. 

To save time, Paul set up automatic review collection in Jobber.

Now, Jobber automatically sends texts to the happy customers that Paul wants reviews from.

Here’s how that works:

1. Paul completes a smooth, high-quality grill cleaning job.
2. He creates an invoice for the job in one click using Jobber.
3. Before sending the invoice, Jobber asks if Paul wanted to request a review from the customer. Paul clicks ‘Yes.’

A list of customer reviews on a mobile phone that came from selecting “Yes” for the “Ask for review: option in Jobber Reviews.

4. Jobber sends the invoice to the customer to collect payment.
5. After the customer pays their invoice, Jobber automatically sends the customer a text message with a direct link to leave a review on Google for Grill Tanks Plus+
6. He leaves a happy, 5-star review for the company.

Now, from his reviews dashboard in Jobber, Paul can keep an eye on his average Google rating.

He can also see his latest reviews in one place, plus some resources on how he can continue managing his business’s reputation.

Reviews dashboard in Jobber

With Reviews embedded into our workflow in Jobber now, we’ve been able to 10x our number of reviews.

Clients are able to share how amazing our work truly is, which also boosts the morale of our team who love to see their hard work recognized.

Paul Ricard Grill Tanks Plus+

How to make the most of your Google reviews

Getting more Google reviews is great. But you can do more than stop there.

Here’s how to get more mileage out of your reviews and attract more customers:

1. Respond to every review

Responding to every customer review, positive and negative, shows that you care about customer feedback and are committed to customer service.

  • Responding to negative reviews can turn a bad situation into a chance to show your business’s greatness. When you respond, show that you’re empathetic and committed to resolving the customer’s issue. 
  • Thanking customers for positive reviews reinforces your great customer service. Customers who see your replies will feel more encouraged to leave their own feedback.

Even Google encourages businesses to engage with their customers, because it shows customers that you’re trusted to be active and responsive.

It’s important to write every response authentically instead of copying and pasting the same one for every review. Personalized responses make customers feel heard and show potential customers you’ll care about their satisfaction.

2. Monitor your reviews to protect your reputation

Checking your Google reviews regularly tells you how your business’s reputation is changing—for better or for worse.

If you notice your rating dropping and see more negative feedback than usual, it could be time to:

  • Investigate which parts of your service experience you should improve.
  • Chat with employees to resolve any quality issues.
  • Reconnect with old clients and gather their positive reviews to improve your score.

When you keep a pulse on how customers feel about your business, you’ll know when it’s time to take action and protect your reputation.

This knowledge helps you keep your review score high so you can attract more customers on Google and keep your business looking professional.

3. Add Google reviews to your website

When potential customers visit your website, they should see proof of the great work you’ve done. Showcasing Google reviews on your website can help customers decide that you’re the right service provider for the job.

Mel’s 101 Service, a cleaning business in Toronto, shares all their Google reviews on one simple reviews page:

Reviews page example

You can get help from a professional web developer to get reviews on your site.

Your website isn’t the only place you can share reviews. Spread the word about your happy customers in all your marketing materials, including your email campaigns.

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