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400 Cleaning Company Names to Make Your Business Stand Out

April 18, 2024 13 min. read
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Your cleaning business name is one of the first things that customers notice about your business, so choosing the right name helps you make a strong first impression.

We’ve put together a list of the best cleaning company names for you to use as inspiration when you’re naming your business. Let’s get started.

25 unique cleaning business names

A unique business name stands out from competitors and makes it easy for clients to recognize your service business brand. Try one of these unique names for a cleaning business:

  • Alkali Cleaning Solutions
  • Beacon Cleaning Services
  • Bright Delight Cleaners
  • Buds With Suds Cleaning
  • Castor Cleaning Company
  • Clean Scene
  • Clockwork Cleaning Co.
  • Comfort Zone Cleaning
  • Cut Glass Cleaners
  • Dream Clean
  • Dreamland Maids
  • Energize Housekeeping
  • Euphoria Cleaning Company
  • Foam Up Cleaning
  • Genie Cleaning Services
  • Glory Cleaning Solutions
  • Golden Housekeeping
  • Good Hope Cleaning Co.
  • Good Taste Cleaning Company
  • Health & Home Maids
  • Heaven on Earth Cleaners
  • Hestia Cleaning Services
  • Home Foam Housekeeping
  • Home’s Castle Cleaning Co.
  • Homecoming Cleaning
  • In Place Cleaning Company
  • Innovate Cleaning Services
  • Lather & Rinse Cleaners

45 classy names for a cleaning business

A classy cleaning company name makes your business sound upscale—just like the quality of service you offer. Try a classy name that makes clients think of luxury, like:

  • 24-Karat Cleaning Company
  • Allure Cleaning Services
  • Azure Cleaning Solutions
  • Camellia Cleaning
  • Capella Cleaners
  • Charmed Cleaning Solutions
  • Chateau Cleaning Co.
  • Crystal Clear Cleaners
  • Dazzle Cleaning Services
  • Diamond Maids
  • Elysium Cleaning
  • Emerald Cleaning Co.
  • Glamor Cleaning Solutions
  • Gleam Housekeeping
  • Gold Standard Cleaning
  • Heavenly Cleaning Company
  • Immaculate Cleaning Co.
  • Jade Cleaning Services
  • Jewel Maids
  • Luster Cleaning Solutions
  • Luxury Cleaners
  • Monarch Cleaning Company
  • Naturally Clean
  • Noble Housekeeping
  • Opal Maids
  • Palisade Cleaning Solutions
  • Paradise Cleaners
  • Passion for Cleaning
  • Platinum Cleaning Co.
  • Pristine Clean
  • Purely Clean
  • Rhapsody Housekeeping
  • Rosewater Cleaning Company
  • Royal Cleaning Services
  • Ruby Cleaning Solutions
  • Sandalwood Cleaners
  • Sapphire Cleaning Co.
  • Shimmer Housekeeping
  • Shining Armor Cleaning
  • Solace Cleaning Company
  • Sparkle Cleaning Services
  • Splendor Cleaning Solutions
  • Star Cleaners
  • Uplift Cleaning
  • Vega Maids
  • Virtue Cleaners
  • White Glove Cleaning Solutions

Pro Tip: Only use your business name after making sure it’s available in your city and state. Do that by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and doing a name search through your local trademark database.

50 catchy cleaning business names

Catchy names are easy for cleaning clients to recognize, say, and remember. Try one of these attention-grabbing house cleaning business names:

  • All-Star Cleaning Co.
  • Alpha Cleaning Services
  • Amazing Maids
  • Blissful Cleaning Solutions
  • Bright Cleaners
  • Caliber Cleaning Services
  • Capital Cleaning Company
  • Castle Cleaning
  • Clean Legion
  • Clear Cleaning Services
  • Complete Cleaning Co.
  • Delight Housekeeping
  • Dreamer Cleaners
  • Essential Cleaning Company
  • Five-Star Cleaning
  • Flash Cleaning Solutions
  • Fresh Start Maids
  • Friends Who Cleanse Cleaning
  • Glow Up Cleaning Services
  • Good As Gold Cleaners
  • Grade-A Cleaning Company
  • Green Clean
  • Helping Hand Cleaning Co.
  • Keen Clean
  • Lather Up Cleaning Solutions
  • Lemon Fresh Housekeeping
  • Mighty Tidy Maids
  • Nimble Cleaners
  • No More Chores Cleaning Co.
  • Queen Clean
  • Rare Form Cleaning Services
  • Rinse Prince Cleaning
  • Scrub Hub Cleaning Company
  • Shape Up Cleaning Solutions
  • Soap & Sponge Cleaners
  • Solvent Cleaning Co.
  • Sparkle & Shine Maids
  • Speedy Clean
  • Spray Away Housekeeping
  • Spritz & Shine Cleaning
  • Squeaky Cleaners
  • Sweep Fleet Cleaning Co.
  • Swift Sweepers Cleaning
  • Team Tidy Cleaning Services
  • Time to Tidy Cleaning Co.
  • Top Mop Cleaning Solutions
  • Twinkle Cleaning
  • Wax & Polish Cleaning
  • Whistle Clean Housekeeping
  • Zip Cleaning

25 funny cleaning company names

Want to show clients you’re fun to work with? Consider using a funny name that makes your clients smile. Here are a few examples of funny cleaning company names:

  • Beauty Sweep Housekeeping
  • Butler Did It Cleaning Co.
  • Change of Clean
  • Clean Thumb Maids
  • Custom Maid
  • Deep Sweep Cleaners
  • Dust Bunnies Cleaning Co.
  • Dust Busters Cleaning
  • First Maid Cleaning Services
  • Got It Maid
  • Heaven Scent Housekeeping
  • High Soaps Cleaning Co.
  • HomeMaids
  • Jeepers Sweepers Cleaning
  • Maid For It Cleaning Company
  • Match Maid
  • Oh My Wash Housekeeping
  • Peachy Clean
  • Promise Maid
  • Ready Maid Cleaning Services
  • Scent to Be Cleaning Co.
  • Scrub Along Cleaners
  • Spray Day Cleaning Solutions
  • Sweeping Beauty Maids
  • There’s the Scrub Cleaning

Pro Tip: Do you offer multiple services, like window cleaning, laundry, or home organization? Think about including those services in your cleaning business name to promote every area of the company and stand out from competitors.

20 clever cleaning company names

Clever business names often include wordplay or smart ideas, which makes them fun for your clients to say. Think about using a clever cleaning company name like:

  • Big Sweep Cleaning
  • Brush Rush Cleaning Co.
  • Bubble Up Cleaning Solutions
  • Clean Hands Housekeeping
  • Crystal Cleaners
  • Clean Sweep
  • Clean Start Housekeeping
  • Done With Dirt
  • Dust & Dash Cleaning
  • Elbow Grease Housekeeping
  • Fresh Air Cleaning Services
  • Green Light Cleaning Solutions
  • Keen to Clean
  • Maid In the Shade
  • Ready Maids
  • Ready Set Clean
  • Scrub Club Cleaning Co.
  • Spray On Cleaning Services
  • Sweepover Cleaning
  • We Adore Chores

Pro Tip: You can come up with even more cleaning business name ideas by swapping out “cleaning” for words like “cleaners” or “housekeeping” instead.

50 professional cleaning company names

A professional cleaning business name tells clients that your employees are experts who will get the job done right. Consider a professional-sounding cleaning names like:

  • Admire Cleaning Co.
  • Advantage Maids
  • Ally Cleaning Services
  • Artistry Cleaning
  • Ascend Housekeeping
  • Aspire Cleaning Company
  • Best Cleaning Solutions
  • Boss Cleaning
  • Capital Cleaning Services
  • Catalyst Cleaning Co.
  • Classic Cleaning Solutions
  • Complete Cleaning Company
  • Courtesy Cleaning
  • Dedicated Cleaners
  • Depend Cleaning Services
  • Detail Cleaning
  • Distinctive Housekeeping
  • Elevate Cleaning Company
  • Enrich Cleaning Solutions
  • Essential Cleaning Co.
  • Experience Cleaning
  • Five-Star Maids
  • Flair Cleaning Services
  • Flawless Housekeeping
  • Guaranteed Clean
  • Illuminate Cleaning Co.
  • Impress Cleaning Solutions
  • Inspire Cleaning Services
  • Lead Cleaning Company
  • Master Cleaners
  • Merit Cleaning Solutions
  • Method Cleaning
  • Optimum Cleaning Services
  • Paragon Maids
  • Perfect Cleaning Company
  • Platinum Cleaning Co.
  • Poise Cleaning Solutions
  • Polish Housekeeping
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Prestige Cleaners
  • Quality Cleaning Services
  • Ready Housekeeping
  • Rely Cleaning Company
  • Satisfy Cleaning Co.
  • Signature Cleaning
  • Spirit Cleaning Solutions
  • Talent Maids
  • Victory Cleaning Co.
  • Vitality Cleaning Services
  • Vivid Cleaning Company

Pro Tip: Your business name should still sound professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. For example, Enrich Cleaning Solutions (ECS) is one of many good cleaning business names, but make sure to avoid something like Clean Residential Apartments of Portland.

40 residential cleaning company names

If you’re starting a residential cleaning company, pick a name that tells prospective customers  you cater your services to homeowners. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bless This Mess Maids
  • Blissful Home Cleaners
  • Citrine Housekeeping
  • Clean Light Housekeeping
  • Clean Living
  • Comfort Home Cleaning
  • Complete Home Care Cleaning
  • Country Cleaners
  • EcoPure Home Services
  • Energize Housekeeping
  • EverClean Home Services
  • Family First Cleaners
  • Fresh Home Cleaners
  • Fresh Start Home Services
  • Gleam Housekeeping
  • Gracious Home Cleaners
  • Happy Home Helpers
  • Harmony Home Cleaners
  • Health & Home Maids
  • Helping Hand Cleaning Co.
  • Home’s Castle Cleaning Co.
  • Homecoming Cleaning
  • Home Sweet Home Cleaning
  • House Glow Cleaning
  • House & Home Cleaning
  • Lavender House Cleaning
  • Lemon Fresh Housekeeping
  • Luxe Home Cleaning
  • Neat & Tidy Residential Cleaning
  • NeatNest Residential Cleaning
  • No More Chores Cleaning Co.
  • Refresh Home Services
  • Serene Home Services
  • Shine Bright Residential Services
  • Supreme Clean Homes
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • The Happy Housekeepers
  • Tranquil Home Cleaning
  • Whistle Clean Housekeeping
  • Zen Home Cleaning

Pro Tip: Your name should include keywords like “cleaning,” “maid,” or “housekeeper.” These are important for search engine optimization (SEO) and will help potential clients find you online.

40 commercial cleaning company names

If your ideal customer is a commercial property owner or property manager, pick a name that demonstrates the kind of clients you service, like:

  • All-Pro Janitorial Services
  • Alpha Cleaning Services
  • Apex Janitorial Services
  • Blue Ribbon Commercial Cleaners
  • Bright Facility Services
  • Commercial Clean Pros
  • Capital Cleaning Company
  • Clean Horizon Office Services
  • ClearPath Commercial Cleaning
  • Corporate Clean Services
  • Crown Cleaning Company
  • Dynamic Clean Solutions
  • Eco Pro Commercial Cleaning
  • Elite Commercial Cleaners
  • Empire Cleaning Services
  • Essential Cleaning Company
  • Executive Cleaning Co.
  • First Choice Commercial Cleaning
  • Five-Star Cleaning
  • Fresh Facility Services
  • Guardian Commercial Cleaning
  • Luxe Commercial Cleaning
  • MetroClean Business Services
  • Omega Janitorial Services
  • Precision Cleaners
  • Premier Office Cleaners
  • Premium Clean Janitorial
  • Pristine Commercial Care
  • ProClean Facilities
  • Pro Facility Cleaners
  • Professional Grade Cleaners
  • Royal Cleaning Services
  • Solvent Cleaning Co.
  • Sparkle Office Cleaning
  • Spectrum Commercial Cleaners
  • Stellar Commercial Cleaning
  • The Cleaning Crew
  • Top Tier Cleaners
  • White Glove Commercial Cleaners
  • Zip Cleaning

50 personal names for cleaning companies

Some business owners use their own names for their cleaning company. This is a great way to build the business on your relationships and reputation.

These are a few examples of how to create a cleaning business name based on your own name:

  • Allen Cleaning Company
  • Alvarez Family Cleaning
  • Bailey Housekeeping
  • Baker Cleaning Services
  • Campbell Cleaning Co.
  • Castillo Cleaning Solutions
  • Clark Brothers Cleaning
  • Cruz Cleaning Company
  • Diaz Cleaning Services
  • Edwards Housekeeping
  • Evans Maid Service
  • Flores Family Cleaning
  • Foster Cleaners
  • Garcia Cleaning Solutions
  • Gordon Cleaning Co.
  • Harris Cleaning Services
  • Hughes Housekeeping
  • Jiminez Cleaners
  • Johnson Family Cleaning
  • Jones Maid Service
  • Kelly Cleaning Company
  • Kim Cleaning Services
  • King Cleaning Co.
  • Lee Cleaning Solutions
  • Lewis Brothers Cleaning
  • Lopez Housekeeping
  • Miller & Daughters Cleaners
  • Morris Cleaning Solutions
  • Murphy Maids
  • Nelson Cleaning Co.
  • Nguyen & Sons Cleaning
  • Ortiz Cleaning Services
  • Perez Cleaning Company
  • Phillips Housekeeping
  • Reed Cleaning Solutions
  • Reyes Maid Service
  • Richardson Cleaning Co.
  • Roberts Cleaning
  • Rogers Cleaning Company
  • Ross Cleaning Services
  • Sanders Housekeeping
  • Scott Cleaning Solutions
  • Stewart & Sons Cleaning Co.
  • Thompson Cleaners
  • Torres & Daughters Cleaning
  • Turner Housekeeping
  • Walker Cleaning Solutions
  • Watson Cleaning Co.
  • Wright Cleaning Services
  • Young Cleaning Company

Pro Tip: If you plan to sell your company one day, it’s better to avoid using your personal name. Customers may be confused if Julie no longer works at Julie’s Cleaning Company.

50 location-based cleaning company name ideas

You can include your city, region, or state in your cleaning business name. This helps your business show up higher in Google’s search results and tell customers you offer cleaning services in their area.

Here are some examples of what a location-based business name could look like:

  • Albany Cleaning Solutions
  • Annapolis Cleaning
  • Arizona Cleaning Co.
  • Baltimore Cleaning Services
  • Boston Cleaners
  • California Cleaning Company
  • Carson City Cleaning
  • Columbus Housekeeping
  • Concord Maids
  • Denver Cleaning Services
  • Dover Cleaning Solutions
  • El Paso Cleaning Co.
  • Fort Worth Cleaning
  • Fresno Cleaners
  • Georgia Cleaning Services
  • Hartford Cleaning Company
  • Houston Housekeeping
  • Kansas City Cleaning
  • Lansing Maids
  • Lincoln Housekeeping
  • Los Angeles Cleaning Co.
  • Louisville Cleaning Solutions
  • Memphis Cleaning Company
  • Miami Cleaning Services
  • Milwaukee Maids
  • Nashville Cleaners
  • New Hampshire Cleaning
  • New Orleans Cleaning Co.
  • Oakland Housekeeping
  • Olympia Cleaning Services
  • Omaha Cleaning
  • Philadelphia Cleaning Company
  • Phoenix Cleaning Solutions
  • Portland Housekeeping
  • Providence Cleaners
  • Raleigh Cleaning Services
  • Richmond Cleaning Company
  • Sacramento Cleaning Co.
  • Saint Paul Cleaning
  • Salt Lake City Maids
  • San Antonio Cleaning Solutions
  • San Jose Housekeeping
  • Santa Fe Cleaning Co.
  • Seattle Cleaning
  • Tallahassee Cleaners
  • Topeka Cleaning Services
  • Tulsa Cleaning Company
  • Virginia Cleaning Solutions
  • Washington Housekeeping
  • Wyoming Cleaning

What makes a good cleaning company name?

Good cleaning company names and logos have several things in common:

  • They clearly tell customers that you provide residential or commercial cleaning services
  • They inspire a certain thought or feeling around your business
  • They’re one-of-a-kind in the area where you do business
  • They’re easy to say, spell, and remember

Once you’ve picked a name, you can design a cleaning business logo to go with it. Here’s an example of a logo, paired with a cleaning business slogan:

Cleaning business logo application for Sparkle Cleaning

5 real-life examples of cleaning business names

Need more inspiration to help you brainstorm cleaning company name ideas? Check out these examples of real-life names for cleaning businesses and see how a name can help a business:

  • Cleaning By Jen is named after the business owner. This name tells clients that Jen will most likely be cleaning their homes, which gives the business a personal touch.
  • Cleaning Ninjas sounds like a business that’ll swoop in, clean in a flash, and disappear, leaving only a tidy home behind—just what their clients want.
  • Time to Spare Cleaning tells clients that the business’s cleaning services will save them time that can be better spent on more important tasks.
  • Joy of Cleaning FL tells clients the business is located in Florida, and it has the added benefit of sharing how much the business’s employees love their work.
  • Too Green Cleaning is up front about what makes them different from competitors—their focus on providing green cleaning services through eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

How to name your cleaning business

Follow these quick and easy steps to create and narrow down a list of memorable cleaning company names:

  1. Brainstorm a list of possible names, using the lists of cleaning business name ideas in this article as inspiration. (You can also use a cleaning business name generator to help create extra ideas.)
  2. Make a shortlist of names that say something important about your cleaning business and are easy for your customers to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback from friends, family, and potential customers to help you decide which name is most appealing. Make sure to ask what they like about their favorite name.
  4. Choose a name that fits your cleaning business and appeals to your ideal customers.

How to register your cleaning company name

Once you’ve chosen a name for your cleaning company and confirmed that you’re able to use it, the next step is to register the name.

Here’s how to do that in a few different areas:

United States

  • Register your entity name. Depending on where you live and what business structure you’re using, you may need to register a legal entity name. This ensures you’re the only business in your state operating under that name.
  • Make sure the name isn’t trademarked. Check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see if someone else has already trademarked the name. If not, you can trademark the name yourself to keep other cleaning businesses in the U.S. from using it.
  • Register your DBA. Your city or state may require you to register your DBA (“Doing Business As”), if you’re using one. It may not always be needed and doesn’t protect you legally, but it’s still a good idea to register a DBA for operational and tax purposes.
  • Register your domain name. Buy an unused domain (URL) for your website through an accredited domain registrar. This domain should be short, sweet, and in line with your business name. You’ll need to renew your registration every year to keep your website up and running.

READ MORE: Should I incorporate my small business?


You usually don’t need to register a business name in Canada if you’re running it under your legal name—say, John Smith. But if you’re using a different name, you’ll need to register it. Here’s how:

  • Register your corporate name. If your business has a name that’s different from yours (like John Smith Cleaning), you’ll most likely need to register it with the provincial government. Registration needs vary from province to province, so check to see what the requirements are in your area. You’ll need a business license for this name, too.
  • Register a trade name. Does your business operate under a trade name that’s different from your corporate name? For example, legally your business might be John Smith Cleaning Services Inc., but you call it John Smith Cleaning in your marketing materials. If that’s the case, register the trade name according to your province’s requirements.
  • Incorporate the name. Incorporating is optional, but you might like gaining the exclusive rights to use your business name. Depending on how you incorporate, you can hold these rights either in your province or across all of Canada.
  • Trademark the name. Registering a trademark is an optional way to protect your name long-term. It gives you proof of ownership, keeps other businesses from imitating you or copying your work, and helps maintain the value you’re putting into your brand.

United Kingdom

The process of registering a business name in the U.K. looks more or less the same for sole traders, limited companies, and partnerships:


Use the Business Registration Service to apply for a new Australian Business Number (ABN) and register your business online. If you already have an ABN, you can register through ASIC Connect.

You also have the option to work with a private service provider, like your accountant or solicitor, to register and renew your business name.

You can skip this step if you’re using your personal name as your business name.

Next steps after naming your cleaning business

Once you’ve registered your cleaning business name, you’ll need to take these next steps if you’re just starting a cleaning business:

Originally published in September 2020. Last updated on April 18th, 2024.

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