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Cleaning Company Names: 50 Ideas to Get You Started

January 27, 2022 7 min. read

Your company name is one of the first things that customers (and potential clients) notice about your cleaning business. Choosing the right name can help you make a strong first impression.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to pick a unique cleaning business name, share some clever naming ideas, and help you register your name. Let’s get started.

What makes a good cleaning business name

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or renaming an existing one, it’s important to pick a name that best represents your company.

Good cleaning company names have a few things in common:

  • They describe what the business offers
  • They make people think and feel a certain way
  • They’re easy to say and remember
  • They’re unique within a geographic area

Some companies use both cleaning service names and slogans. A slogan is a short, catchy line that tells clients what to expect from you.

For example, let’s say your business is called Sparkle Cleaning. Your slogan could be something like “We make your home sparkle.”

You can use this slogan in your marketing materials to further build your brand.

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How to pick a catchy cleaning business name

Your business name should make you stand out from competitors. So when you’re brainstorming cleaning business names, make sure it’s:

  • Descriptive: You can choose a name that describes what you deliver through your cleaning services—for example, fast service, quality work, or green cleaning. Words like “speedy,” “sparkle,” or “eco” can help communicate your unique service offering. Or, if you’d like, pick a location-based name so potential clients know you serve that area.
  • Thoughtful: Decide what you want clients to think and feel about your brand, then come up with a list of cleaning business names that line up with that feeling. You could choose to include words like “trust,” “care,” or “spotless.” Share your list with a few people whose opinions you trust and make sure they get that feeling, too.
  • Memorable: One of the best ways to promote your cleaning business is through word of mouth—and clients are more likely to refer you if they can remember your name. To help them, pick a name that’s simple, less than three words long, and easy to spell and say.
  • Available: Before you get your heart set on a name, make sure you’re allowed to use it. Do a Google search for other cleaning businesses in your city and your state with similar names. If your name is taken, crack open a thesaurus to find alternative words.

Pro Tip: Your name should include keywords like “cleaning,” “maid,” or “housekeeper.” These are important for search engine optimization (SEO) and will help potential clients find you online.

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50 cleaning business name ideas

We’ve put together a list of possible cleaning company names for you to use as inspiration. You can adjust them to create residential cleaningcarpet cleaningwindow cleaning, or commercial cleaning business names.

If you want to use one of these cleaning business names, you’ll still need to make sure it’s available in your area.

  • Amazing Cleaners
  • All-Star Cleaners
  • Bliss Cleaning
  • Bubble Cleaning
  • Caliber Cleaning
  • Capital Cleaning
  • CITY NAME Cleaning Co.
  • Cleaning Angels
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Clockwork Cleaning
  • Dazzle Cleaning
  • Delight Cleaning
  • Dust & Dash Cleaning
  • Easy Breezy Cleaning
  • Essential Cleaning
  • Five-Star Cleaning
  • Flash Cleaning
  • Fresh Start Cleaning
  • Grade-A Cleaning
  • Gleam Cleaners
  • Green Clean
  • Helping Hand Cleaners
  • Immaculate Cleaning
  • Innovate Cleaning
  • Keen Clean
  • Kind Earth Cleaning
  • Love Cleaning
  • Mint Cleaning
  • Naturally Clean
  • Nimble Cleaners
  • Organic Cleaners
  • Peachy Clean
  • Pristine Clean
  • Polish & Shine Cleaning
  • Queen Clean
  • Ready Maids
  • Ready Set Clean
  • Sparkle Cleaning
  • Speedy Clean
  • Star Cleaners
  • Sunlight Cleaning
  • Sweep Fleet
  • Swift Sweepers
  • The Tidy Team
  • Twinkle Cleaning
  • Uplift Cleaning
  • Value Clean
  • Wax & Polish Cleaning
  • Whistle Clean
  • Zip Cleaning

These are just ideas—don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create a funny, cute, or unique cleaning business name on your own.

You can come up with even more ideas by swapping out “cleaning” for words like “cleaners” or “housekeeping” instead.

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How to register a new cleaning company name

Once you’ve chosen a name from your list of catchy cleaning company names and confirmed that you’re able to use it, the next step is to register the name. Here’s how to do that in a few different areas:

How to register your cleaning company name in the U.S.

  • Register your entity name. Depending on where you live and what business structure you’re using, you may need to register a legal entity name. This ensures you’re the only business in your state operating under that name.
  • Make sure the name isn’t trademarked. Check with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see if someone else has already trademarked the name. If not, you can trademark the name yourself to keep other cleaning businesses in the U.S. from using it.
  • Register your DBA. Your city or state may require you to register your DBA (“Doing Business As”), if you’re using one. It may not always be needed and doesn’t protect you legally, but it’s still a good idea to register a DBA for operational and tax purposes.
  • Register your domain name. Buy an unused domain (URL) for your cleaning business website through an accredited domain registrar. This domain should be short, sweet, and in line with your business name. You’ll need to renew your registration every year to keep your website up and running.

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How to register your cleaning company name in Canada

You usually don’t need to register a business name in Canada if you’re running it under your legal name—say, John Smith. But if you’re using a different name, you’ll need to register it. Here’s how:

  • Register your corporate name. If your business has a name that’s different from yours (like John Smith Cleaning), you’ll most likely need to register it with the provincial government. Registration needs vary from province to province, so check to see what the requirements are in your area. You’ll need a business license for this name, too.
  • Register a trade name. Does your business operate under a trade name that’s different from your corporate name? For example, legally your business might be John Smith Cleaning Services Inc., but you call it John Smith Cleaning in your marketing materials. If that’s the case, register the trade name according to your province’s requirements.
  • Incorporate the name. Incorporating is optional, but you might like gaining the exclusive rights to use your business name. Depending on how you incorporate, you can hold these rights either in your province or across all of Canada.
  • Trademark the name. Registering a trademark is an optional way to protect your name long-term. It gives you proof of ownership, keeps other businesses from imitating you or copying your work, and helps maintain the value you’re putting into your brand.

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How to register your cleaning company name in the U.K.

The process of registering a business name in the U.K. looks more or less the same for sole traders, limited companies, and partnerships. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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How to register your cleaning company name in Australia

Registering your business in Australia? Use the Business Registration Service to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and register online.

If you already have an ABN, you can register your business name through ASIC Connect.

You can also work with a private service provider, like your accountant or solicitor, to register and renew your business name.

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Next steps after naming your cleaning business

Once you’ve chosen and registered your name, you’ll need to take these next steps if you’re just starting a cleaning business:

Already an established business? Then you’ll want to introduce your cleaning business name to the world with catchy house cleaning ads.

Originally published September 2020. Last updated January 27, 2022.

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