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How to Create a Profitable Lawn Mowing Schedule [Free Template]

April 14, 2022 3 min. read
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Scheduling your lawn care crew efficiently will help you book more clients, take on more jobs, and make more money.

But creating a well-organized schedule while managing several jobs and team members can be a headache—unless you have the strategies to do it properly.

We’ll show you the most efficient and profitable ways to schedule your crew, and how to use our lawn mowing schedule template to get started.

1. Organize your crew by location

When your team members have to meet multiple clients in one day, assign them to the jobs that are closest to them. This will reduce the amount of driving your crew needs to do and makes more time for work in everyone’s schedule.

To better plan out your day, here’s how you can organize your crew by location:

  1. Organize your visits into groups based on their location. You can group them by which part of the city or town they’re in (e.g, northeast, southwest, etc), or by neighborhood if your services are more localized.
  2. Assign one team member (or a small crew) to each location group. This way, your staff will spend less time driving from one job to the next.

To make this process easier, use route optimization in Jobber. Jobber automatically creates the most efficient schedule for your crews based on the location of each visit—and lets you track your team’s whereabouts as they’re driving from job to job.

Client details as seen when using route optimization in Jobber

Once you assign a job to a team member, you can select Route From Here and let Jobber map out the rest of their day’s work in the most efficient way possible. You’ll be able to see the entire route in Map View.

A map view of the route optimization feature in Jobber

2. Use a lawn mowing schedule template

Having a lawn service scheduling template to organize your crew for the week can save you time—and reduce the stress of scheduling multiple jobs at once.

With our printable lawn mowing schedule template, you can create an hour-by-hour schedule for each team member that tells you which customer and task they’re assigned to. Then, you can cross off tasks when they’re completed.

Lawn mowing schedule template preview

3. Use a drag and drop calendar for scheduling

Sometimes, you’ll have to reschedule a visit unexpectedly. You can make schedule changes in your printable lawn maintenance schedule template—but it’s even easier to make on-the-fly updates using Jobber’s drag and drop calendar.

Drag and Drop Calendar

4. Set up a channel for team communication

Get everyone on your team set up on the same messaging platform so you can send schedule changes and updates.

Ask your team which messaging platforms will work best for them, or choose one that you’re already comfortable with. Here are some platforms you can use to send crew scheduling updates:

  • Google Workspace
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Discord

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To make sure no one misses a job, use your team messaging platform to send appointment reminders one hour or 30 minutes before each job.

Jobber lets you send automatic team reminders to give every lawn technician a heads up closer to the start time of the appointment. You can set these up after you create each visit to ensure every team member is on time and ready for the next job.

Team reminder settings in Jobber

Start scheduling more efficient workdays

You can plan efficient and profitable days when you assign your teams by location, keep an open communication channel, and use templates and tools that simplify your scheduling.

It’s a win-win-win: you’ll spend less time scheduling, your crew will have more time to get jobs done, and you’ll earn more money to help your business grow.

Originally published in April 2017. Last updated on April 14th, 2022.

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