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20 Best Apps for Lawn Care Business Owners (Free and Paid)

December 15, 2022 10 min. read

The right lawn care business apps can save you time and money by helping you manage jobs, schedule teams, and simplify field work—faster.

Here’s our list of the best apps, free and paid, to help you run a more organized, efficient, and scalable lawn and landscaping business.

Best overall lawn care app

1. Jobber

Lawn care app for iOS, Android, and desktop

Jobber is lawn care business software that lets you manage clients, quotes, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and more in one platform.

Jobber keeps your operations organized as you move through each stage of a lawn care or landscaping job, and you only enter customer and job details once.

Here’s how Jobber helps you at every job stage:

  • Keep track of important client details from the office or the field
  • Build flexible schedules and efficiently route the day’s work
  • Create and send professional quotes that customers can approve online
  • Invoice clients with customizable, company-branded templates
  • Take payments online or by credit card
  • Send automatic follow-up texts and emails for your quotes, invoices, appointments, and more

Best free apps for lawn care businesses

2. Lawn care estimate template

Free | Mobile and desktop

Jobber’s lawn care estimate template lets you customize and download a professional estimate for any lawn mowing or maintenance job in minutes.

Estimate template

The template is a blank copy of an estimate that you can fill out with your company info, client details, lawn services, and pricing. Then download your estimate as a PDF that’s easy to send to lawn care clients.

Or, customize your estimate template with Jobber’s lawn care software, where it’s easy to:

  • Add company branding (your logo and colors)
  • Track the status of your lawn care quotes and send automated follow-ups
  • Collect online signatures from clients to get quotes approved
  • Convert those quotes to jobs and lawn care invoices you can send online
  • Send multiple invoices all at once with batch invoicing
  • Impress your customers with access to client hub, a customer self-service portal where they can see and approve important documents

3. Leafsnap

Free plant identification app for iOS and Android

With Leafsnap, you can identify nearly any plant, tree, shrub, or flower species in a client’s yard just by taking a photo. This app offers information on how to care for flora that clients want or already have in their landscapes.

During lawn mowing jobs, use the app to identify plants on a client’s property that need care and provide extra value by helping them maintain those plants.

Get your landscaping clients using Leafsnap, too, so they know what needs fertilizing and how often. Your customers can even set up reminders in the app so they never forget to maintain their shrubs and gardens.

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4. Area Volume Calculator

Free | iOS and Android

The Area Volume Calculator app helps lawn care and landscaping professionals measure the area and volume of lawns and flower beds.

Use the calculator to take precise measurements when you’re planting or maintaining flower beds, working with mulch or fertilizer, or spreading grass seed.

Select the shape you’re using to contain your materials, then calculate the perimeter and area of your container. The app calculates exactly how much wood, water, aluminum, or other material you’ll need for that container—plus over a thousand other materials.

5. Landscaping Calculator

Free | Landscaping app on Android and iOS

Landscaping Calculator helps landscapers calculate volumes for nearly every material. Getting precise measurements with this calculator can help you estimate landscaping jobs more accurately and purchase the right amount of material.

Just plug in your dimensions for gravel, soil, concrete, mulch, and more, and you’ll get quick results in metric or imperial units.

The calculator is also great for estimating retaining walls, paver patios, and square footage for soil and plants.

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6. Measure

Free | iOS

Apple’s Measure app can replace your manual tape measure on lawn care service jobs. This lawn care measuring app uses artificial intelligence to measure height and distance through your device’s camera lens. 

Measure quickly gauges the size of real objects and can automatically provide the dimensions of rectangular objects like flower beds, retaining walls, and other objects.

7. Google Earth and Earth Pro

Google Earth: Free | iOS and Android
Google Earth Pro: Free | Desktop app

With satellite imagery, Google Earth gives landscapers crisp, 3D terrain images of any property. Those images can help you plan for landscape design, development, and maintenance without having to visit the job site.

To get more advanced features for large-scale commercial lawn care jobs, use Google Earth Pro—it lets you print high-resolution images, offers access to historical imagery, and lets you take more precise land measurements.

8. The Weather Channel App

Free | iOS and Android

The Weather Channel app keeps lawn care crews updated on weather conditions.

To reschedule rainy-day jobs faster and save your workers from dangerous conditions, check the Weather Channel for real time updates on temperature, precipitation, wind speeds, and visibility.

To stay on top of weather conditions, get the Weather Channel app to send instant weather change alerts to you and your crew’s smartphones.

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9. GasBuddy

Free | iOS and Android

GasBuddy helps lawn care crews save money on gas for their vehicles. The app helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area, lets you track your gas expenses, and offers driving tips that help you use less fuel.

Search for gas stations by price, location, and restroom availability. With detailed information on regional gas price trends, you’ll be able to budget your vehicle expenses more accurately.

10. CompanyCam

Preview of the CompanyCam app

Free | iOSAndroid, and desktop

CompanyCam lets you take and save photos of your jobs, store them online, and automatically share them with your crew in the app to visually communicate job details.

In CompanyCam, you can organize every photo by category—like type of job or lawn care customer—and the app makes those photos instantly available to your team.

When you use CompanyCam with Jobber, you can easily capture lawn details and keep your customers informed along the way. Automatically get photos with location, time information, and annotations into Jobber and share them with your customers on jobs and invoices.

11. Profit Margin Calculator

Free | Mobile and desktop

The Jobber profit margin calculator helps you figure out how much you’ll profit from any lawn maintenance, mowing, or landscaping job.

To find out your exact profit margin on a job, just add your labor, material, and overhead costs, then the price you charged or plan to charge your client.

If you have a target profit margin, use the profit margin calculator to test out different lawn service pricing and see what will get you that margin.

12. Broadly Free

Free | iOS, Android, and desktop

Broadly Free is a reputation management app that helps you get more reviews and attract more high-quality lawn care leads. It’s a great tool for winning more loyal lawn care and landscaping customers on a small marketing budget.

With Broadly Free, you can collect and share customer reviews, manage leads from Google, Facebook, or your website, and see reports on overall customer satisfaction.

You can even connect Broadly with Jobber to send review invitations to your clients after every job.

13. Mailchimp

Free | iOS and Android

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that helps you promote your lawn care company with email marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, and audience reports.

You can use Mailchimp to email all your customers at once—or specific groups—about special deals on lawn maintenance or landscaping work, notices of rainy day delays, and other important news.

When you integrate Mailchimp and Jobber, you can sync your existing Jobber customer contacts into Mailchimp, then create your first campaign with a ready-made template.

Best paid lawn care business apps

14. Turf Therapy

Preview of the Turf Therapy lawn care business app

$0.99 for iOS, $1.29 for Android

Turf Therapy helps lawn care specialists save time calculating fertilizer application rates by taking away guesswork and helping you plan better for granular and liquid fertilizer purchases.

With more precise calculations, you’re able to purchase the right amount of fertilizer and quote jobs properly.

Turf Therapy is a great lawn mowing business app for estimating lawn care jobs and calculating quotes—and it can help you train workers on fertilizer estimating.

15. iScape

Preview of the iScape app for landscaping businesses

Starting at $14.99/month | Landscaping app for iOS

iScape lets landscapers build augmented-reality environments to show landscape designs to customers. This landscaping app can help you plan out softscaping and hardscaping jobs that impress customers and bring their visions to life.

Place images of shrubs, new grass, flowers, trees, and full landscape designs onto photos of your client’s property. Or, you can build a landscape in augmented reality.

16. Planimeter

Preview of the Planimeter lawn care business app

$7.99 | iOS

Planimeter is a tool that measures land areas and distances on maps. Use it to measure yard sizes and landscapes when you’re off-site—and get square footage estimates to prepare for a landscaping or mowing job.

Search your client’s address on your phone or tablet, then drop pins on the map to start measuring the client’s lawn size. The app is great for commercial lawn care contracts and large-scale landscaping projects that need quick, long-distance measurements.

17. FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf

Previous of the FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf app for lawn care business owners

$49.99 | iOS app for turf contractors

FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf helps you measure turf health, based on chlorophyll content, using your smartphone’s camera. The app calculates your turf’s Dark Green Color Index (DGCI) so you can identify early warning signs that your client’s turf is under stress.

Use the FieldScout app to take a sample of your turf, adjust the app’s settings based on the type of turf and land, then get a visual rating that indicates your turf’s health.

These precise calculations can help you make more informed decisions in your fertilization and irrigation practices.

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18. FleetSharp

Preview of the FleetSharp app for lawn care businesses

Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device) | iOS and Android

FleetSharp is a fleet management service that uses GPS to help you locate, monitor, and track the efficiency of your work vehicles. Use FleetSharp to plan out efficient schedules, find the closest workers for emergency jobs, and keep fuel costs down.

View details on each vehicle’s speed, direction, and stops, along with detailed reports of vehicle activity. The app can also send you mobile alerts about unsafe driving behavior or excessive idling.

19. QuickBooks Online

Starting at $22/month | iOS, Android, and desktop

QuickBooks Online is accounting software that helps you manage income, expenses, financial reports, payroll, and invoices for your lawn care or landscaping business.

When you integrate Jobber with QuickBooks Online, you can:

  • Keep your data up to date and eliminate double entry
  • Add a products from Jobber to your QuickBooks inventory
  • Track time in the field with Jobber and sync back to QuickBooks Online for easy payroll
  • Streamline your accounting and make time to win more work

20. NiceJob

Preview of the NiceJob app

Starting at $75/month | iOS

NiceJob makes it easy to request reviews from lawn care customers so you can improve your online reputation and attract more business. Set up automatic review requests, get customer referrals, and turn your website visitors into leads and customers.

When you get a lawn care job approved in Jobber, NiceJob will automatically enroll your Jobber customer in your reviews campaign so you can request a review from them.

It works the other way, too—every new lead you get from NiceJob will instantly show up in Jobber as a work request.

What should you look for in a lawn care business app?

Look for a lawn care business app that makes managing your jobs, clients, and team easier. When you lean on lawn care business software like Jobber to eliminate paperwork and simplify day-to-day lawn care operations, you have more time to work on lawn jobs and grow your business.

Your go-to lawn care business app should allow you to schedule, reschedule, and assign mowing jobs in minutes.

In Jobber, you can easily drag and drop visits that need rescheduling and get a clear, customizable view of your crew’s availability.

Along with stress-free scheduling, your lawn care app should help you:

  • Keep information organized for every client and job
  • Improve your customer service and communication
  • Build professional lawn care quotes that clients can quickly approve online
  • Send multiple invoices in batches when you’re busy
  • Measure team productivity by allowing you to track time on each job

Apps should save you time, so try to limit the number of apps you use to manage your business operations. Jobber is a great place to start.

Originally published in February 2020. Last updated on December 15, 2022.

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