example of route optimization software in jobber

Visually route the day's work for your team, and assign incoming jobs to the closest team member on the map.

Produce a more productive daily schedule for your team when you review a map view of the day.

Assign tasks to nearby team members, reassign jobs to cut down on transit time, and reorder jobs to follow a more efficient route.

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Route optimization

Use Jobber’s daily route optimization feature to find the most efficient schedule for individual team members.

Choose one job as a team member’s starting point, and Jobber will map out the rest of their day’s work. The generated route is a great starting point for your scheduling, allowing you to make changes as needed .

Master Route: Jobber’s algorithm generates an efficient master route for all the properties you service.

"For everyone in the service industry, Jobber is one of the best tools you could have in your arsenal. Once set up, it does everything you could want it to. From client email reminders, crew schedules, route optimization, expense tracking, invoicing, time management. The best part is, you can do it all while on the fly from your phone. It really does take the guesswork out of everything. Thanks, Jobber for making my life a whole lot easier!"

Brian Boase
Mil-SPEC Landscaping

Frequently asked questions

How does route optimization work in Jobber?

In Jobber, under the map view, you’ll select your starting visit. You will see the “Route from here” option at the bottom of the screen. Click on this and watch as Jobber calculates the optimized route for that team member.

Can I change the route after it’s been optimized by Jobber?

Yes! You know your area and the drive time better than anyone, so you can still move around visits to customize your route, but Jobber does most of the optimization work for you.

Will my team see the optimized route in the field?

In the Jobber app, your team will see the visits and tasks listed in the order of the route you have created for them.

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