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400+ Pool Company Names to Help You Make a Splash

June 27, 2023 12 min. read
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With the right pool company name, you can attract new customers, stand out from competitors, and make a strong first impression.

To help you find that perfect name, we’ve come up with over 400 pool company names that you can use as inspiration. Keep reading for the full list, as well as tips for choosing and registering your business name.

60 catchy pool company names

Catchy pool business names are recognizable and easy for customers to say and remember. Try a catchy, attention-grabbing business name like:

  • Above Water Pool & Spa
  • Bay Pool Cleaners
  • Blue Wave Pool Service
  • Bluefish Pool Repair
  • Bluewater Pool Pros
  • Cabana Pool Cleaning
  • Calm Waters Pool & Hot Tub
  • Cascade Pool Co.
  • Clearwater Pool Solutions
  • Coastline Pool & Hot Tub
  • Cove Pool Cleaners
  • Creek & Cove Pool Service
  • Creekwater Pool Repair
  • Crystal Clear Pool Pros
  • Deep Dive Pool Cleaning
  • Deep End Pool & Hot Tub
  • Fishkick Pool Co.
  • Get Wet Pool Cleaning
  • Gold Medal Pool Solutions
  • Harbor Pool Repair
  • High Dive Pool & Spa
  • High Water Pool Cleaners
  • Inlet Pool Service
  • Jolly Whale Pool Solutions
  • Keel & Hull Pool Co.
  • Laguna Pool Repair
  • Oceanfront Pool Cleaning
  • Paradise Pool Pros
  • Piper & Plover Pool & Hot Tub
  • Portage Pool Cleaners
  • Pristine Pool Service
  • Rainwater Pool Repair
  • Ready, Set, Get Wet Pool & Spa
  • Safe Harbor Pool Solutions
  • Sea You Again Pool Cleaning
  • Seaboard Pool Co.
  • Seawater Pool Repair
  • Seaworthy Pool & Hot Tub
  • Seven Seas Pool Cleaners
  • Sidestroke Pool Service
  • Single Stroke Pool Pros
  • Skimboard Pool & Hot Tub
  • Smooth Waters Pool Cleaning
  • Sparkle & Shine Pool Solutions
  • Splashback Pool Co.
  • Splashdown Pool Repair
  • Still Waters Pool Cleaning
  • Strait Pool & Hot Tub
  • Swim Away Pool Service
  • Tang & Tern Pool Cleaners
  • Tidal Pool Repair
  • Uncharted Waters Pool & Spa
  • Water Daughters Pool Solutions
  • Water You Waiting For Pool Co.
  • Waterbugs Pool Cleaners
  • Waterworks Pool Service
  • Wave It Pool & Hot Tub
  • Wave Savers Pool Cleaning
  • Wet Net Pool Repair
  • Wide Net Pool Pros

Pro Tip: Make sure to include the word “pool” somewhere in your business name. This is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) and helps potential customers find your business online.

50 creative pool cleaner names

Creative pool cleaning company names make customers think of a bigger concept or idea—for example, larger bodies of water and the creatures that live there. Try a creative pool company name like:

  • Adriatic Pool Cleaning
  • Aquamarine Pool Repair
  • Arctic Pool Solutions
  • Azure Pool & Hot Tub
  • Beaufort Pool Pros
  • Bering Pool Cleaners
  • Bondi Pool Co.
  • Caldera Pool Service
  • Caspian Pool Cleaners
  • Cayman Pool Repair
  • Cerulean Pool Solutions
  • Cetos Pool & Hot Tub
  • Cobalt Pool Cleaning
  • Danube Pool Solutions
  • Diamond Pool Cleaners
  • Elysium Pool Pros
  • First Water Pool Repair
  • Fountainhead Pool Co.
  • Freshwater Pool Cleaning
  • Hydros Pool & Spa
  • Indigo Pool Repair
  • Lagoon Pool Co.
  • Lakeshore Pool Cleaning
  • Lanai Pool & Spa
  • Laridae Pool Repair
  • Loch Pool Solutions
  • Mazu Pool & Hot Tub
  • Medley Pool Cleaners
  • Moraine Pool Service
  • Neptune Pool Repair
  • Nile Pool & Spa
  • Oceanside Pool Cleaning
  • Omura Pool Co.
  • Reservoir Pool Solutions
  • Rhine Pool Cleaners
  • Royal Pool & Hot Tub
  • Saltwater Pool Repair
  • Seaborne Pool Service
  • Seabream Pool Service
  • Seascape Pool Cleaning
  • Silica Pool Solutions
  • Splendor Pool Solutions
  • Springwater Pool & Hot Tub
  • Stillwater Pool Cleaners
  • Turquoise Pool & Hot Tub
  • Ultramarine Pool Cleaners
  • Watercraft Pool Co.
  • Waterscape Pool Cleaning
  • Waterthrush Pool Service
  • Wellspring Pool Repair

Pro Tip: Don’t choose a pool business name that another company is already using in your city and state. Check availability by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and looking up the name in your local trademark database.

45 cool pool service names

Cool-sounding pool company names make it sound exciting to do business with your company. Names like these also help customers build a good opinion of your service business brand:

  • Amberjack Pool Repair
  • Anchor Pool Cleaning
  • Argonaut Pool & Hot Tub
  • Backstroke Pool Cleaning
  • Barracuda Pool Solutions
  • Bayou Pool Service
  • Bluefin Pool & Hot Tub
  • Breakwater Pool Cleaning
  • Cannonball Pool Repair
  • Champion Pool Solutions
  • Coldwater Pool & Hot Tub
  • Delta Pool Cleaners
  • Dunk Punks Pool Service
  • Fjord Pool Cleaning
  • Freestyle Pool & Spa
  • Great White Pool Solutions
  • Gulf Pool Cleaners
  • Hammerhead Pool Repair
  • Headwater Pool & Hot Tub
  • Hydra Pool Cleaning
  • Kraken Pool Service
  • Leviathan Pool & Hot Tub
  • Marianas Pool Cleaners
  • Moray Pool Repair
  • Nautilus Pool Solutions
  • Nordic Pool & Hot Tub
  • Oceanus Pool Cleaning
  • Oxbow Pool Service
  • Poseidon Pool Repair
  • Rising Tide Pool & Spa
  • Sailor Pool Solutions
  • Sandbar Pool Cleaning
  • Sawshark Pool Repair
  • Seadragon Pool & Hot Tub
  • Starboard Pool Cleaners
  • Stingray Pool Service
  • Swordfish Pool Cleaning
  • Tahoe Pool & Spa
  • Tailwater Pool Cleaners
  • Trident Pool Service
  • Triton Pool Repair
  • Waterman Pool & Hot Tub
  • Wavecrest Pool Cleaning
  • Whirlpool Pool Solutions
  • Whitewater Pool Cleaners

Pro Tip: If you offer complementary or seasonal services, like landscaping or snow removal, think about including them in your business name to stand out from competitors who don’t offer them.

40 funny pool cleaning company names

Funny pool cleaning names use jokes, wordplay, and turns of phrase to tell customers that they’ll enjoy working with you. Here are a few examples of funny pool company names:

  • Ain’t Seen Nothing Wet Pool Co.
  • Deep Down Pool Service
  • Dive Away Pool Pros
  • Dive In Pool & Hot Tub
  • Dive Safe Pool Repair
  • Done Whale Pool Cleaners
  • Duck to Water Pool & Hot Tub
  • Fast Lane Pool Service
  • Float Your Boat Pool Cleaning
  • High Float Pool Co.
  • In the Drink Pool Solutions
  • Lane Chance Pool Pros
  • Lane Event Pool & Spa
  • Lane Man Pool Repair
  • Make a Splash Pool Cleaning
  • Make Waves Pool & Hot Tub
  • Might & Lane Pool Solutions
  • Net Results Pool Cleaners
  • New Depths Pool Repair
  • Next Wave Pool & Hot Tub
  • Nothing But Net Pool Solutions
  • Oh Buoy Pool Co.
  • Pool Cats Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Shark Pool Repair
  • Pool’s Errand Pool & Spa
  • Power Pools Pool Cleaners
  • Safety Net Pool Service
  • Sea You Later Pool Cleaning
  • Slam Dunk Pool & Hot Tub
  • Stroke of Luck Pool Repair
  • Swan Dive Pool Solutions
  • Tall Drink Pool Cleaners
  • Water Friends For Pool & Hot Tub
  • Water the Odds Pool Cleaning
  • Wave On Pool Repair
  • Wave Yourself Pool & Spa
  • Wet to Rights Pool Cleaners
  • Wet to Work Pool Service
  • Whale & Good Pool Cleaning
  • Whale Wishes Pool Repair

35 cute pool company names

These pool service company names use marine life and descriptive words to make customers associate the business with pleasant ideas. Try a cute pool company name like:

  • Anemone Pool Cleaners
  • Aquata Pool Service
  • Ariel Pool & Spa
  • Atoll Pool Repair
  • Beluga Pool Solutions
  • Butterfly Pool Cleaners
  • Calypso Pool & Hot Tub
  • Coral Pool Repair
  • Dazzle Pool Co.
  • Egret Pool Cleaning
  • Heron Pool & Hot Tub
  • Ibis Pool Solutions
  • Jellyfish Pool Repair
  • Kittiwake Pool Service
  • Lionfish Pool Co.
  • Marina Pool Cleaning
  • Marlin Pool Repair
  • Mermaid Pool & Spa
  • Narwhal Pool Cleaners
  • Orca Pool Pros
  • Pearl Pool & Hot Tub
  • Pelican Pool Service
  • Sapphire Pool Cleaning
  • Sea Lion Pool Repair
  • Sea Otter Pool & Spa
  • Seagull Pool Co.
  • Seahorse Pool Solutions
  • Shimmer Pool Cleaners
  • Shine Pool Service
  • Siren Pool & Hot Tub
  • Skipper Pool Repair
  • Sunfish Pool Cleaning
  • Twinkle Pool & Spa
  • Waterdrop Pool Co.
  • Yellowfin Pool Solutions

Pro Tip: Come up with even more pool company name ideas by changing “pools” to something like “pool service,” “pool cleaning,” or “pool maintenance,” depending on what you offer.

20 unique pool service company names

A unique name can help your business stand out in many ways. These unique pool business names are memorable and can make customers think about the water you’ll be cleaning:

  • Aqua Pura Pool & Hot Tub
  • Aqua Vitae Pool Cleaners
  • Blueline Pool Repair
  • Bottlenose Pool Co.
  • Bowhead Pool Cleaning
  • Canal Pool Solutions
  • Captain Pool & Spa
  • Cliffside Pool Pros
  • Coast Pool & Hot Tub
  • Deep Blue Sea Pool Cleaners
  • Deep Water Pool Repair
  • Doggy Paddle Pool Solutions
  • Gleam Pool Co.
  • Moonwash Pool Cleaning
  • Northwest Passage Pool & Spa
  • Oceania Pool Pros
  • Out of the Water Pool & Hot Tub
  • Seabreeze Pool Cleaners
  • Swimmingly Pool Service
  • Watercolor Pools

50 professional pool business names

A professional-sounding business name tells customers that you’ll do good work and take excellent care of their pool. Try one of these professional pool company name examples:

  • Accomplish Pool Solutions
  • Achieve Pool Repair
  • Adept Pool Cleaning
  • Advantage Pool & Hot Tub
  • Ascend Pool Co.
  • Bold Pool Cleaners
  • Craft Pool Repair
  • Custom Pool Service
  • Discover Pool & Spa
  • Dream Pool Pros
  • Dynamic Pool Cleaning
  • Edge Pool Service
  • Enlighten Pool Repair
  • Essential Pool & Hot Tub
  • Expert Pool Solutions
  • Explore Pool Cleaners
  • Five-Star Pool Cleaning
  • Flair Pool Service
  • Flex Pool & Hot Tub
  • Focus Pool Solutions
  • Force Pool Co.
  • Fortify Pool Repair
  • Guardian Pool Cleaners
  • Illuminate Pool Service
  • Impact Pool & Spa
  • Inspire Pool Pros
  • Integrity Pool Cleaning
  • Method Pool Repair
  • Pioneer Pool Solutions
  • Poise Pool Cleaners
  • Precision Pool Service
  • Principal Pool Repair
  • Prosper Pool & Hot Tub
  • Pure Pool Solutions
  • Quality Pool Cleaning
  • Ready Pool Co.
  • Resolve Pool Service
  • Rise Pool Repair
  • Seasoned Pool & Spa
  • Success Pool Cleaning
  • Superior Pool Solutions
  • Supreme Pool Cleaners
  • Swift Pool Service
  • Synergy Pool & Hot Tub
  • Talent Pool Cleaning
  • Thrive Pool Repair
  • Venture Pool Solutions
  • Victory Pool Co.
  • Vision Pool Service
  • Wonder Pool & Hot Tub

Pro Tip: Double-check that your business name sounds professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. Sparkling Pools (SP) is fine, but avoid something like Pool Operators of Orlando.

50 personal names for pool companies

When you use your first and last name as your business name, you can build a company brand on your own reputation. Here’s how your personal name could look as a pool business name:

  • Ali’s Pool Cleaning
  • Armstrong Pool Service
  • Baldwin Sisters Pool Repair
  • Bates Pool Solutions
  • Bell Brothers Pools
  • Casey’s Pool & Spa
  • Castillo Pool Service
  • Chambers Pool Repair
  • Cohen & Daughters Pool Co.
  • Crawford Pool Cleaning
  • Daniels Pool Solutions
  • Dixon Family Pool Pros
  • Elliott’s Pool & Hot Tub
  • Fisher Pool Cleaners
  • Freeman Pool Service
  • Gardner Pool Cleaning
  • Gomez & Sons Pool Repair
  • Greene Pool & Spa
  • Holt Brothers Pool Cleaners
  • Hopkins Pool Service
  • Howell Family Pool Cleaning
  • Hudson Pool Repair
  • Hunt Sisters Pool Solutions
  • Johnston Pool Cleaners
  • Jordan’s Pool Service
  • Kelley Pool Cleaning
  • Luna’s Pool Repair
  • Medina Pool & Spa
  • Mendoza Pool Solutions
  • Mitchell Pool Cleaners
  • Myers Pool Service
  • Neal Pool Cleaning
  • Patterson Pool Repair
  • Perry Family Pool Repai
  • Pierce Pool Cleaners
  • Rose’s Pool Service
  • Ross Pool Cleaning
  • Ruiz & Sons Pool Repair
  • Schneider Pool Solutions
  • Silva & Daughters Pool Co.
  • Simpson Pool Service
  • Summers Pool Cleaning
  • Wallace Family Pool Repair
  • Warner Pool & Spa
  • Watson Pool Cleaners
  • Webster Pool Service
  • Wheeler Pool Cleaning
  • Will’s Pool & Hot Tub
  • Wong Family Pool Repair
  • Woods Pool Cleaners

Pro Tip: Think you might sell your company one day? It might be better to avoid using your personal name—customers will get confused if Paul no longer works at Paul’s Pools.

50 location-based pool cleaning company names

Customers should know you provide pool services in their area. A location-based name also helps your business appear higher in Google’s search results when customers search for pool services nearby.

Your location-based pool service business name could look something like this:

  • Albuquerque Pool Service
  • Arlington Pool Cleaners
  • Atlanta Pool Repair
  • Austin Pool & Spa
  • Baltimore Pool Co.
  • Boston Pool Cleaning
  • Charlotte Pool Pros
  • Chicago Pool Solutions
  • Cleveland Pool & Hot Tub
  • Colorado Springs Pools
  • Columbus Pool Service
  • Dallas Pool Cleaners
  • Denver Pool Repair
  • Detroit Pool & Spa
  • El Paso Pool Cleaning
  • Fort Worth Pool Co.
  • Fresno Pool Solutions
  • Houston Pool Pros
  • Indianapolis Pool & Hot Tub
  • Jacksonville Pool Cleaners
  • Kansas City Pool Service
  • Las Vegas Pool Repair
  • Long Beach Pool & Spa
  • Los Angeles Pool Co.
  • Louisville Pool Cleaning
  • Memphis Pool Solutions
  • Mesa Pool Pros
  • Miami Pool & Hot Tub
  • Milwaukee Pool Cleaners
  • Minneapolis Pool Service
  • Nashville Pool Repair
  • New York City Pool & Spa
  • Oakland Pool Co.
  • Oklahoma City Pool Cleaning
  • Omaha Pool Solutions
  • Philadelphia Pool Pros
  • Phoenix Pool & Hot Tub
  • Portland Pool Cleaners
  • Raleigh Pool Service
  • Sacramento Pool Repair
  • San Antonio Pool & Spa
  • San Diego Pool Co.
  • San Francisco Pool Cleaning
  • San Jose Pool Solutions
  • Seattle Pool Pros
  • Tampa Pool & Hot Tub
  • Tucson Pool Cleaners
  • Tulsa Pool Service
  • Virginia Beach Pool Repair
  • Washington Pool & Spa

What makes a good pool company name?

The best pool company names have several important things in common:

  • They tell potential customers that you offer pool, hot tub, or spa services
  • They make customers think or feel positively about your pool company
  • They’re unique in your area so you won’t be confused with other pool service providers
  • They’re easy for customers to say, spell, remember, and share with friends and family

When you have a name that ticks all the boxes, you’re ready to design a professional-looking logo to go with it. Here’s an example of a logo using one of the pool cleaning business names in this article:

pool company name with logo application

What should I name my pool service business?

Need a name for your pool company, fast? Just follow these four easy steps to find the perfect name for your business:

  1. Brainstorm a list of pool service names using the lists in this article as inspiration.
  2. Make a shortlist of the best pool company names that say something important about your business. These names must be easy for customers to read, say, and remember.
  3. Get feedback from friends, family, and ideal customers to see which business name they like and trust the most.
  4. Choose a name that fits your pool company and attracts the kinds of customers you’re looking for.

5 examples of good pool company names

Brainstorming a pool service company name might feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at these real-life pool company name examples and see where they came from:

  • Payan Pools is named after the business owner, which suggests that customers can build a strong working relationship with him. It’s also snappy and easy to remember.
  • Integrity Pool Development is a professional-sounding pool business name that tells customers they can trust this company with their pools.
  • Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning is named for the loud and mighty bullfrog who might be found near a swimming pool, giving this business a memorable name and brand.
  • Strong Refuge Pool sounds tough and dependable, which tells customers their pool will be a well-kept oasis with the help of this business.
  • York Region Hot Tubs & Pools has a highly descriptive name that tells customers what services they offer to the York Region of Ontario.

How to register your pool company name

You’ve picked the pool company name that’s most likely to make a splash. Now it’s time to register the name so you can legally use it. Here’s how to do that, depending on where you’re located:

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Next steps after naming your pool company

Ready to launch your business and cannonball into the market? Follow these steps to finish starting your pool cleaning business:

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