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Listening Time S2 – Episode 17 Listening Time 29 Minutes

How to Secure Large & Profitable Jobs

With Dan Guest and Judith Virag

Episode Overview

Dive into the world of landing and managing large contracts. Learn about the art of relationship building and the requirements of having solid processes. Gain expert advice on tailoring marketing strategies for different scales and the strategic decision-making to drive business growth. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to go after larger contracts or commercial work. Join host Adam Sylvester, Dan Guest from Guest Plumbing & HVAC and Judith Virag, owner of Clean Club Calgary.

Show Notes

– Introduction to the episode and guests (0:30)

– What the guests consider to be large contracts in their fields (0:57)

– Profitability of large contracts (2:09)

– Strategies for starting small and scaling up to handle large contracts (3:46)

– Marketing strategies for large contracts vs. regular jobs (4:25)

– Nurturing long-term relationships with clients, especially in commercial contracts (5:20)

– How business models differ in residential versus commercial sectors (8:20)

– Setting up and maintaining large contracts, including legal and financial considerations (10:30)

– What guests love about Jobber (11:46)

– Developing meaningful relationships with commercial clients and understanding their business needs (13:38)

– The role of the owner vs. sales team in relationship building (15:54)

– Starting a business with a focus on large contracts vs. scaling up (18:35)

– Operational differences in handling large contracts (25:17)

– Adam’s takeaway tips: learn to say “no” and stay in your lane, relationships matter – so make sure you nurture them, have your SOPs figured out so you can handle those larger jobs (27:38)

About the speakers


Adam Sylvester



Adam started Charlottesville Lawn Care in 2013 and Charlottesville Gutter Pros in the fall of 2020, in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to say, “I do gutters and grass! When it rains the grass grows and the gutters leak!” He got into owning his own business because he saw it as a huge opportunity to generate great income while living a life that suited him. He believes that small companies can make a serious impact on their communities and on every individual they touch, and he wanted to build a company that could make a big difference. His sweet spot talent is sales and marketing with a strong passion for building a place his team wants to work. Adam values his employees and loves leading people. While operations and efficiency is not something that comes naturally to him, he is constantly working to improve himself and his business in these areas. 




Instagram: @guestplumbing, @guestlifepodcast

Dan Guest is the hands-on owner of Guest Plumbing & HVAC, a company known for top-notch plumbing and HVAC services in Hamilton, Toronto, and nearby areas in Ontario. Since launching the business in 2015, Dan has been driven by his strong passion for the community to give back however he can—whether that’s by working on local buildings, creating jobs for young people, or supporting charity work. Guest Plumbing & HVAC, isn’t just about pipes and heating systems. They’re also big on supporting and connecting with other local business owners, and share stories and tips on their own Guest Life podcast. Daniel and his team also help their brand stand out in the community with their savvy digital marketing skills.




Facebook: cleanclubcalgary
Instagram: @cleanclubcalgary

Judith Virag is the proud founder of Clean Club Calgary, a residential and commercial cleaning company that has kept homes and businesses sparkling in Calgary, AB since 2019. Tired of the endless shuffle of papers and the lack of responsibility in her old job as an executive assistant, Judith took a leap into entrepreneurship and has built a business where accountability and hard work are valued. With a strong knowledge of cleaning handed down by her mother, and a passion for business growth and delivering excellent service, she gets satisfaction from doing the physical labor involved in the job. Her knack for administration and tech has given her an edge where many peers struggle, while her quick problem-solving skills keep customers happy and operations running smoothly. Judith has transformed Clean Club Calgary into a trusted name, ensuring it’s not just about cleaning—it’s about providing service where it truly matters.

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