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Listening Time 24 Minutes

Skyrocket Business Success with Physical and Mental Training

With Andy Weins and Paul Jamison

Episode Overview

Dive into the importance of balancing physical, mental and emotional health in this episode. Guests share insights on the impact of fitness on mental clarity and leadership skills. You’ll get practical tips on balancing work and personal life, setting up a schedule for hobbies, and the importance of morning routines and good nutrition. It’s about finding that sweet spot between professional drive and personal well-being. Tune in for a mix of professional wisdom and personal health tips. Join host Adam Sylvester, Andy Weins, owner of Camo Crew Junk Removal and host of the Trash Talk Business Podcast, and Paul Jamison, host of the Green Industry Podcast.

Show Notes

– Introduction to the episode and guests (0:30)

– Consequences of not being physically fit (01:06)

– Connection of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing (02:06)

– Delegate tasks to others, giving yourself more time for wellness (2:56)

– Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and how it influences business leadership (03:33)

– Setting boundaries and implementing effective time management and prioritization (06:10)

– How to set up your schedule for hobbies and personal time (09:13)

– Prioritizing physical fitness and staying accountable (11:41)

– What the guests love about Jobber (13:50)

– Impact of morning routines and nutrition on overall productivity and business success (14:57)

– Getting back into a routine after a long period of time (17:52)

– Final thoughts on physical fitness, healthy habits and good nutrition (19:26)

– Final thoughts on priority management, not time management (21:28)

– Adam’s takeaway tips: don’t work too much – you need to prioritize personal time and hobbies, develop a morning routine so you’re starting the day strong, and finally – have someone to be accountable to. (22:10)

About the speakers


Adam Sylvester



Adam started Charlottesville Lawn Care in 2013 and Charlottesville Gutter Pros in the fall of 2020, in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to say, “I do gutters and grass! When it rains the grass grows and the gutters leak!” He got into owning his own business because he saw it as a huge opportunity to generate great income while living a life that suited him. He believes that small companies can make a serious impact on their communities and on every individual they touch, and he wanted to build a company that could make a big difference. His sweet spot talent is sales and marketing with a strong passion for building a place his team wants to work. Adam values his employees and loves leading people. While operations and efficiency is not something that comes naturally to him, he is constantly working to improve himself and his business in these areas. 



Camo Crew Junk Removal

LinkedIn: Andy Weins
YouTube: @andyweinsdtft
Facebook: AndyWeinsAFW
Podcast: Trash Talk Business Podcast

Andy Weins is the owner of Camo Crew Junk removal, a veteran-owned business in Butler, WI, which provides services in junk removal, hauling, demolition, deconstruction, and logistics for the waste and recycling industries. The idea for his business began as a side hustle in 2009, and in 2016, after his last deployment, he took a bet on himself and jumped into full-time entrepreneurship. Andy and his team understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and service to their community, and he is honored to be able to hire, train, and employ other local Veterans. He is also proud of his company’s environmental initiatives. They keep 80% of the material they pick up out of the landfill, and he uses his platform to teach others in the industry about environmental responsibility.


paul jamison

Green Industry Podcast

Instagram: @greenindustrypodcast
YouTube: @GreenIndustryPodcast

As an Atlanta, GA-based entrepreneur and leader in his field, Paul Jamison is the proud host of the esteemed Green Industry Podcast. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2011, out of the trunk of his Honda Accord. What started as a means to “cut that grass and make that cash” transformed into a deep-rooted love for the landscaping industry and a fascination with the intricacies of small business management. In 2018, Paul created the Green Industry Podcast, where he shares practical strategies and personal experiences and lessons to guide  lawn care and landscaping business owners towards success. His zeal for growth and innovation extends to a passion for marketing and he’s spent countless hours learning the art of attracting and retaining customers, and unlocking the potential of social media as a marketing tool.

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