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With Christine Hodge and David Moerman

Episode Overview

This episode is perfect for business owners looking to improve operational efficiency and make informed decisions for sustainable growth. From common mistakes in business models and pricing to the transition between sales and production. Understand the impact of technology in refining processes and boosting efficiency, and the importance of process-driven approaches and strategic planning in scaling your business. Join host Adam Sylvester, Christine Hodge, CEO of Clearview Washing and David Moerman, owner of Revive Services and the Home Service Business Coach.

Show Notes

– Introduction to the episode and guests (0:30)

– Most common operational issues entrepreneurs are making, including implementation (1:15)

– Flawed business models and pricing issues in the home service sector (2:18)

– Handoff between sales and production and fulfilling customer promises (3:41)

– Using technology for streamlining processes and its impact on efficiency and communication (5:33)

– Process-driven approaches in scaling a business and ensuring quality (7:29)

– Value of checklists, job forms, and visual aids in operational management (08:35)

– Effective problem solving and decision-making in operations (10:57)

– Adapting business strategies and services based on employee feedback (12:09)

– Documentation in sales and operations, like inbound call scripts (12:54)

– Cashflow management strategies (14:04)

– What the guests love about Jobber (16:19)

– Managing complex jobs and the importance of operational simplicity (17:42)

– Handling large commercial projects and the importance of detailed planning (20:06)

– Effective communication and task management in complex operations (22:27)

– Importance of operational efficiency for business growth (24:50)

– Weekly operations team meetings and investing in your team (26:47)

– The need for detailed process documentation in business operations (27:36)

– Adam’s takeaway tips: Use technology to eliminate human error, build out your standard operating procedures, and lastly, learn to say no – go after the proper jobs based on your service offering and business size (28:10)

About the speakers


Adam Sylvester



Adam started Charlottesville Lawn Care in 2013 and Charlottesville Gutter Pros in the fall of 2020, in Charlottesville, VA. He likes to say, “I do gutters and grass! When it rains the grass grows and the gutters leak!” He got into owning his own business because he saw it as a huge opportunity to generate great income while living a life that suited him. He believes that small companies can make a serious impact on their communities and on every individual they touch, and he wanted to build a company that could make a big difference. His sweet spot talent is sales and marketing with a strong passion for building a place his team wants to work. Adam values his employees and loves leading people. While operations and efficiency is not something that comes naturally to him, he is constantly working to improve himself and his business in these areas. 




Instagram: @clearviewwashing
Instagram: @theprocessceo
YouTube: Clearview Washing, LLC
Youtube: The Process CEO

Since becoming the CEO of Clearview Washing, LLC—a commercial and residential exterior cleaning company in Freehold, NJ—five years ago, Christine Hodge has put the company on an aggressive growth trajectory, almost doubling the staff and increasing revenue by 200%. Christine is a tech-savvy systems integrator and excels at instilling a corporate culture of excellence and accountability. Entrepreneurship runs in her family and she successfully built and sold her first business by the age of 30. Her leadership at Clearview has seen the employee retention rate rise to nearly 100%, and she prides herself on building a company culture that’s the best of the best, with a strong team that represents the brand well. The company also focuses on commercial work and luxury clients, with a residential ticket average of $1,500.


David moerman


Instagram: @homeservicebusinesscoach

David Moerman owns two businesses in Vancouver, BC: Home Service Business Coach and Revive Services, which offers exterior cleaning services. He started Revive in 2016 and began business coaching in 2020. David’s goal is to help other business owners gain more free time and earn more money through efficient systems. He is dedicated to building strong teams and systems to help businesses grow. He has coached over 175 owners, hired more than 150 team members, and made over $6 million in the home service field. David also shares advice on his Home Service Business Coach Podcast.

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