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300+ Window Cleaning Business Names to Start Your Own Company

June 15, 2023 11 min. read
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Want your window cleaning company to stand out from competitors and attract clients? One of the first things you’ll need is the perfect window cleaning business name.

To help you find it, we’ve put together a list of window cleaning business names for inspiration, as well as instructions for using the name you’ve chosen. Let’s get started.

25 clever window cleaning names

You can use wordplay in your business name to show you’re smart and fun to work with. These are just a few examples of clever window washing business names:

  • Clean Streak Window Washing
  • Clear Outlook Window Washing
  • Fair Spray Window Cleaners
  • First Glass Window Wash Solutions
  • Frame Game Window Washers
  • Glass Act Window Cleaning Service
  • Glass Half Full Window Cleaners
  • Glass In Gear Window Cleaning Co.
  • High Glass Window Cleaning
  • High Soaps Window Washing Service
  • No Pane No Gain Window Wash
  • Oh My Wash Window Wash Solutions
  • Pane In the Glass Window Cleaning
  • Pane Point Window Cleaners
  • Panestaking Window Wash
  • Scrub Along Window Washers
  • Sheer Delight Window Washers
  • Spray Day Window Washing Service
  • Spray On Window Cleaning Service
  • Sweet Glass Window Wash Solutions
  • There’s the Scrub Window Wash
  • Top of the Glass Window Cleaning
  • Touch of Glass Window Wash Co.
  • Window of Opportunity Cleaning
  • World Glass Window Wash

Pro Tip: Include keywords like “window washing” or “window cleaning” in your business name. This is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and will help potential clients find your business online.

45 catchy window washing names

Catchy names are easy for your clients to remember—and to recommend to their family and friends. Choose an attention-grabbing window cleaning business name like:

  • All-Star Window Cleaning Co.
  • Bright Delight Window Washing 
  • Brush Rush Window Wash Solutions
  • Bubble Up Window Washing
  • Buds With Suds Window Wash
  • Change of Clean Window Wash Co.
  • Clarity Window Cleaning Service
  • Clean Hands Window Washers
  • Clear Choice Window Washing
  • Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Co.
  • Easy Breezy Window Cleaning
  • Five-Star Window Washing
  • Foam Up Window Cleaners
  • Glass Up Window Washing Service
  • Glaze Window Cleaning Co.
  • Gleam Team Window Cleaning
  • Helping Hand Window Washers
  • Home Foam Window Cleaning Co.
  • House & Home Window Cleaning
  • Lather & Rinse Window Cleaning
  • Lather Up Window Wash Solutions
  • Neatly Window Cleaning Service
  • Paneless Window Wash Co.
  • Peachy Clean Window Washers
  • Purely Window Cleaning
  • Refresh Window Wash
  • Restore Window Washing Service
  • Revive Window Cleaning Co.
  • Right Place Window Wash Solutions
  • Rinse Charming Window Cleaning
  • Rinse Prince Window Wash Solutions
  • Rise & Shine Window Washing
  • Scrub Club Window Cleaning Service
  • Scrub Hub Window Washing Service
  • Sheen Window Washing Co.
  • Soap & Sponge Window Cleaners
  • Soapsud Window Washing
  • Sparkle & Shine Window Washing
  • Sparkling Window Cleaning Co.
  • Speedy Window Washers
  • Spring Clean Window Cleaning Co.
  • Sunlit Window Cleaning Service
  • Timely Window Wash Co.
  • Wash & Wipe Window Cleaning
  • Window Whisperers

Pro Tip: Make sure the name you want is available before you start using it. To do that, google “NAME + YOUR AREA” and run a name search through your local trademark database.

25 cool window cleaning company names

Cool business names tell customers that it’ll be easy working with you—and they may even feel cooler themselves just for working with you. You can pick a cool business name like:

  • Alpha Window Cleaning Service
  • Beacon Window Wash Solutions
  • Caliber Window Cleaning Co.
  • Clean Scene Window Washers
  • Clearly Window Cleaning
  • Cut Glass Window Wash
  • Detail Window Cleaning Service
  • Expert Window Wash Co.
  • Flash Window Wash Solutions
  • Glint Window Cleaners
  • Illuminate Window Washing
  • Magic Window Cleaning
  • Palisade Window Washing Service
  • Platinum Window Cleaning Co.
  • Ready Set Window Washers
  • Renew Window Cleaning Service
  • Revitalize Window Wash Solutions
  • Spot-On Window Cleaning
  • Spray Away Window Washers
  • Swiftly Window Cleaning Co.
  • Unstreakable Window Wash
  • Uplift Window Cleaners
  • Vivid Window Washing
  • Window Doctors
  • Zip Window Washing Service

Pro Tip: If your business offers seasonal services like holiday lighting or add-ons like gutter cleaning, you can include them in the name to tell customers what you offer year-round.

45 creative window cleaning business names

Creative names make your clients think of a bigger idea, like the value of your services or the way they’ll feel when their windows are clean. Try a creative window cleaning name like:

  • Alive Window Cleaning Co.
  • Azure Window Cleaning Service
  • Blissful Window Wash Solutions
  • Castle Window Wash Co.
  • Chateau Window Cleaning
  • Clean Living Window Washing
  • Cleanse Window Cleaners
  • Crown Window Washing Service
  • Crystal Window Cleaning Co.
  • Dazzle Window Wash
  • Diamond Window Washers
  • Dormer Window Washing Service
  • Dream Clean Window Wash
  • Enchant Window Cleaners
  • Flawless Window Wash Co.
  • Glamor Window Cleaning Service
  • Gleam Window Cleaning
  • Golden Window Washing
  • Luminous Window Cleaners
  • Luster Window Wash Solutions
  • Luxury Window Washing Service
  • Miracle Window Washing
  • Monarch Window Cleaning Co.
  • Perfectly Window Wash Solutions
  • Pride & Joy Window Cleaning Co.
  • Pristine Window Cleaning
  • Pure Window Washers
  • Radiant Window Cleaning Service
  • Regal Window Wash
  • Reveal Window Washing
  • Royal Window Cleaning Co.
  • Seamless Window Cleaning Co.
  • Serenity Window Wash Solutions
  • Shimmer Window Cleaners
  • Shine Bright Window Washing
  • Shine Window Cleaning Service
  • Sparkle Window Cleaning Service
  • Splendid Window Cleaning Service
  • Splendor Window Washers
  • Spotless Window Washing Service
  • Sunbeam Window Washing Service
  • Sunlight Window Cleaning Co.
  • Twinkle Window Wash
  • Waterdrop Window Cleaning
  • Wipe & Wax Window Cleaners

Pro Tip: Don’t quite love any of these names? Switch up your shortlist by changing “window cleaning” to something like “window cleaners” or “window washing” instead.

60 professional window washing company names

A professional-sounding business name tells clients that your window cleaners will do the job right and make sure they’re satisfied. Try one of these professional window cleaning names:

  • Accomplish Window Cleaning Service
  • Adept Window Wash Solutions
  • Advance Window Washers
  • Artistry Window Cleaning
  • Ascend Window Cleaning Co.
  • Bold Window Wash
  • Champion Window Washers
  • Clear Window Washers
  • Craft Window Cleaning Service
  • Creative Window Wash
  • Delight Window Cleaning Service
  • Discover Window Cleaning Co.
  • Distinct Window Wash Solutions
  • Dynamic Window Washing
  • Essence Window Wash Solutions
  • Essential Window Washers
  • Exact Window Cleaning Service
  • Excel Window Cleaning
  • Expert Window Washing Service
  • Focus Window Wash Co.
  • Force Window Cleaners
  • Fortify Window Washers
  • Fresh Window Cleaning
  • Gem Window Cleaning
  • Growth Window Wash Solutions
  • Hero Window Wash
  • Icon Window Washing
  • Illuminate Window Washing Service
  • Immaculate Window Washing Service
  • Impress Window Cleaners
  • Impressive Window Wash Co.
  • Innovate Window Cleaners
  • Inspire Window Cleaning
  • Invigorate Window Washers
  • Legend Window Cleaning Service
  • Master Window Cleaning Co.
  • Paramount Window Wash
  • Pioneer Window Cleaning
  • Precision Window Wash Solutions
  • Premium Window Washers
  • Prestige Window Cleaning
  • Principal Window Cleaning Service
  • Proven Window Wash Co.
  • Pure Window Cleaners
  • Quality Window Washers
  • Refine Window Cleaning Service
  • Reliable Window Washing
  • Reputation Window Cleaning
  • Resolve Window Washers
  • Satisfy Window Cleaning
  • Seasoned Window Washing
  • Signature Window Washing Service
  • Success Window Wash Co.
  • Summit Window Cleaners
  • Supreme Window Washing
  • Swift Window Cleaning Service
  • Talent Window Wash
  • Thrive Window Cleaning Co.
  • Venture Window Wash Solutions
  • Vision Window Washers

Pro Tip: Your business name should still sound professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. Sparkle Window Cleaning (SWC) is fine, but avoid a name like Ed’s Window Washing (EWW).

50 personal names for window cleaning companies

Using your first or last name as your company name helps you build a service business brand on your personal reputation. Here are some examples of personal names as window cleaning business names:

  • Alexander Window Washers
  • Bailey & Sons Window Cleaners
  • Baker Window Wash Co.
  • Bell Window Cleaning Co.
  • Bennett Window Wash Solutions
  • Bryant Window Wash
  • Butler Window Washing Service
  • Campbell Window Washing
  • Casey Family Window Wash
  • Chapman Window Cleaning Service
  • Coleman Window Wash Solutions
  • Cox Window Wash Solutions
  • Dylan’s Window Cleaning
  • Elliott Window Cleaning Service
  • Evans Window Cleaners
  • Fisher Window Washing
  • Fletcher Window Cleaning
  • Foster Window Wash
  • Fowler Window Washing Service
  • Gibson Window Cleaning Co.
  • Gomez Window Cleaning
  • Hayes Window Cleaning Co.
  • Henderson Window Washers
  • Howell Window Washers
  • Kelly Family Window Cleaning
  • Lane Window Cleaning Service
  • Lawson Window Wash Co.
  • Lewis Window Washers
  • Luke’s Window Wash Solutions
  • Marshall Window Cleaning
  • Murphy Window Cleaning Service
  • Olson Window Cleaning Co.
  • Olson Window Wash
  • Payne Window Washing
  • Peter’s Window Washing Service
  • Powell Window Washers
  • Price Window Wash Co.
  • Ramirez Window Cleaning
  • Ramsey Window Cleaners
  • Reed & Daughters Window Wash
  • Robinson Window Cleaning Service
  • Russell Window Washing
  • Sanchez Window Wash Solutions
  • Sanders Window Cleaning
  • Schmidt Window Wash Co.
  • Snyder Window Cleaning Co.
  • Vaughn’s Window Cleaning Service
  • Wilson Window Wash
  • Wright Window Cleaners
  • Yates Window Washing

Pro Tip: Don’t use your personal name if you plan to sell the business someday—clients may get confused if Dave no longer works at Dave’s Window Washing.

50 location-based window cleaning company name ideas

Want to tell clients that you offer services in their area? Try including your city or region in your business name. It can also help your business show up higher in Google’s search results.

Here are a few examples of location-based window cleaning business names:

  • Albuquerque Window Washing 
  • Anchorage Window Cleaning
  • Atlanta Window Cleaning Co.
  • Austin Window Wash Solutions
  • Baltimore Window Washing Service
  • Baton Rouge Window Washers
  • Birmingham Window Cleaning Service
  • Boston Window Cleaners
  • Buffalo Window Washers
  • Charlotte Window Wash Co.
  • Chicago Window Cleaning
  • Cincinnati Window Wash Solutions
  • Cleveland Window Wash
  • Dallas Window Washing
  • Denver Window Wash Co.
  • Detroit Window Cleaning Service
  • Honolulu Window Cleaning
  • Houston Window Wash
  • Indianapolis Window Washing Service
  • Jacksonville Window Cleaning Co.
  • Kansas City Window Washers
  • Las Vegas Window Cleaning Service
  • Louisville Window Cleaners
  • Memphis Window Washing
  • Miami Window Wash Solutions
  • Milwaukee Window Washers
  • Minneapolis Window Cleaning Co.
  • Nashville Window Wash
  • New Orleans Window Cleaning
  • Oklahoma City Window Washing
  • Omaha Window Cleaning Service
  • Orlando Window Wash Co.
  • Philadelphia Window Cleaners
  • Phoenix Window Wash
  • Pittsburgh Window Washing Service
  • Portland Window Cleaning
  • Raleigh Window Wash Solutions
  • Reno Window Washers
  • Richmond Window Cleaning Service
  • Sacramento Window Cleaning Co.
  • Salt Lake City Window Washers
  • San Antonio Window Washing
  • San Diego Window Wash Solutions
  • San Francisco Window Cleaners
  • Seattle Window Wash Co.
  • St. Louis Window Cleaning Service
  • Tampa Window Wash
  • Tucson Window Cleaning
  • Virginia Beach Window Washing
  • Wichita Window Cleaning Co.

What makes a good window cleaning company name?

The best window cleaning business names have several things in common:

  • They make it very clear to customers that you provide window washing services
  • They make customers think or feel a certain way about your business
  • They’re unique in your area (which keeps people from confusing you with competitors)
  • They’re easy for your customers to say, spell, and remember

After choosing a name, you can design a professional-looking logo to go with it. Here’s an example of a logo that goes with one of our window cleaning business name examples:

Window cleaning business logo application

What should I name my window cleaning business?

Not sure what name is best for your window cleaning company? These steps will help you make a list of memorable window cleaning business name ideas and find the perfect one:

  1. Brainstorm a list of names using ideas in this article as a starting point. (If you need more inspiration, you can try a window cleaning business name generator.)
  2. Write down a shortlist of window cleaning company names that make a statement about the business. Make sure they’re easy for clients to read, say, and remember.
  3. Get feedback from friends and family to see which name connects best with your ideal clients. Make sure to ask what they like about the name while you’re at it.
  4. Choose a name that fits your window cleaning business and will help you attract the types of long-term clients you’re looking for.

5 real examples of window cleaning business names

Need help brainstorming good names for a window cleaning business? These examples of real-life names might inspire you—and show you how a good name can create an even better first impression:

  • Pane’N The Glass Window Cleaning sounds like a smart, savvy business that can handle your least favorite chore with ease.
  • Blue Ridge Window Cleaning quickly tells customers what their service area is—the city of Blue Ridge, Georgia.
  • Hardy Window Cleaning is named after the owner, which suggests a business built on personal relationships and client satisfaction.
  • Clearview Washing makes their service benefit obvious through their name—clean windows and a clear view of the beautiful outdoors.
  • Stone Cliff Window Cleaning has a strong, catchy name that makes the business seem bold, dependable, and able to get the job done.

How to register your window cleaning business name

Once you’ve chosen a window cleaning business name and confirmed that it’s available, you’ll most likely need to register the name with your local, state, or federal government. Here’s how:

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Next steps after naming your window cleaning business

Your business name is registered and you’re ready to get to work. Take these next steps to finish starting your window cleaning business:

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