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Track your service business on one easy dashboard

Jobber shows you exactly how your business is performing in one glance. See an overview of your entire field service workflow and get recommended actions to keep it all running smoothly.

Business dashboard in Jobber

Jobber helps you keep a pulse on your business.

How does Jobber’s business dashboard work?

Here’s how Jobber helps you monitor and improve your business’s performance from one dashboard:

Job Tracking

See which jobs need your attention

In one glance, view how many jobs—and how much revenue—is sitting at each stage of your workflow.

Jobber recommends actions to take so you can keep it all moving forward.

Jobber business dashboard showing how many jobs and how much revenue is sitting at each stage of a business’s workflow across requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices
Appointment Tracking

Keep an eye on daily work progress

See how your team is progressing through their day, and through their current appointment, so you can get ahead of any delays.

View of “today’s appointments’ with scheduled times and visit types in Jobber’s business dashboard
Payments Tracking

Know how much you’re getting paid

See the funds that are on their way to your bank and what’s available as an instant payout.

Payments tracking window in Jobber showing funds available for instant payout

Have confidence your business is running smoothly

Insights shows you information about your business that you can take action on.

Jobber reveals blind spots that might have fallen under your radar—like jobs ending soon or double bookings.

Insights window in Jobber showing projected revenue, overdue items, jobs ending soon, and double bookings

What is Jobber’s business dashboard?

Jobber’s business dashboard provides reports and insights on your business’s performance—all in one place.

The dashboard is the command center for all your operations, designed to help you keep tabs on job and appointment progress, incoming payments, projected revenue, and other relevant information.

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

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Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

Information reaches my team instantly.

You can do a lot of multi-tasking instead of going and writing things down with pen and paper. It’s super efficient. And that information reaches my team instantly. This has helped us grow faster.

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