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320+ Appliance Repair Business Names That’ll Build Trust In Your Brand

June 29, 2023 10 min. read
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Your appliance repair business name sets you apart from competitors, makes a good first impression on your ideal customers, and helps you win new business. But how do you come up with a name?

Start by using the 320+ appliance repair business names in this article as inspiration. You’ll also get tips for choosing and registering your business name. Let’s get started.

40 catchy appliance repair business names

Catchy appliance repair company names are easy for people to say and remember, and they help your customers recognize your business. You can try a catchy business name like:

  • Advent Appliance Repair
  • All Systems Go Appliance Service
  • Applied Appliance Repairs
  • Cable & Coil Appliance Services
  • Casa Fridge Repair
  • Central Appliance
  • Closed Circuit Appliance Co.
  • Comfort Zone Appliances
  • Connect Appliance Repairs
  • Copper & Cable Appliance Services
  • Currently Appliance
  • Drill Down Appliance Repair
  • Dwelling Appliance Repairs
  • Fine Line Fridge Repair
  • Flip the Switch Appliance Services
  • Free Range Appliance
  • Full Circuit Appliance Co.
  • Full Tech Appliances
  • Full Vent Appliance Repair
  • High Wire Appliance Service
  • Hype Machine Appliance Repairs
  • In Power Appliance Services
  • Lean Machine Fridge Repair
  • Linework Appliance
  • Little Cog Appliance Co.
  • Machine Queen Appliances
  • Mission Kitchen Appliance Repairs
  • Mr. Fixit Appliance Services
  • Nuts & Bolts Appliance Repair
  • On Switch Appliance Repairs
  • Open Circuit Appliance Services
  • Operation Appliance
  • Plug & Play Appliance Co.
  • Plugged In Appliances
  • Power Up Appliance Repairs
  • Ratchet & Wrench Appliance Services
  • Rinse Cycle Appliance
  • Total Appliance Co.
  • Wire for Hire Appliance Repair
  • Wire Whizzes Appliance Services

Pro Tip: Include the word “appliance” somewhere in your business name to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and help potential customers find your business online.

40 cool appliance repair business names

Cool-sounding appliance repair company names make it sound exciting to do business with you. It’s also easy to build a good opinion of your service business brand using a cool name like:

  • Activation Appliance Repair
  • Allen & Hex Appliance Service
  • Amplify Appliance Repairs
  • Capacity Appliance Services
  • Circuit Fridge Repair
  • Conduit Appliance
  • Cooldown Appliance Co.
  • Cycle Appliances
  • Diode Appliance Repairs
  • Dynamic Appliance Services
  • Eclipse Fridge Repair
  • Endgame Appliance
  • Equinox Appliance Co.
  • Ethos Appliances
  • Fusion Appliance Repairs
  • Gamma Appliance Services
  • Hardwire Fridge Repair
  • High Voltage Appliance
  • Horizon Appliance Co.
  • Hotshot Appliances
  • Ignition Appliance Repairs
  • Impetus Appliance Services
  • Joule Fridge Repair
  • Juggernaut Appliance
  • Jumpstart Appliance Co.
  • Kinetic Appliances
  • Live Wire Appliance Repairs
  • Marvel Appliance Services
  • Megavolt Fridge Repair
  • Nine-Volt Appliance
  • Orbital Appliance Co.
  • Polarity Appliances
  • Propel Appliance Repairs
  • Quantum Appliance Services
  • Spectrum Fridge Repair
  • Switchback Appliance
  • Thermo Appliance Co.
  • Venture Appliances
  • Voltage Appliance Repairs
  • Wired Appliance Services

Pro Tip: If you offer complementary services, like HVAC, electrical, or handyman services, include them in your business name to help you stand out from competitors who don’t offer the same.

20 creative appliance repair company names

Creative appliance repair business names can make customers think of a bigger concept, like the inventors who made their appliances possible. Consider a creative business name like:

  • Ampere Appliance Repair
  • Archimedes Appliance Service
  • Aura Appliance Repairs
  • Bell Appliance Services
  • Current Fridge Repair
  • Da Vinci Appliance
  • Edison Appliance Co.
  • Einstein Appliances
  • Faraday Appliance Repairs
  • Fillister Appliance Services
  • Franklin Appliance
  • Hestia Appliance Repair
  • Joules Appliance Service
  • Kelvin Appliance Repairs
  • Marconi Appliance Services
  • Morse Fridge Repair
  • Nimbus Appliance
  • Ohm Appliance Co.
  • Tesla Appliances
  • Vesta Appliance Repairs

Pro Tip: Come up with even more appliance repair business name ideas by changing “appliance repair” to something like “appliance” or “appliance services.”

30 funny appliance repair business names

Using wordplay in your business name tells customers that they’re going to enjoy working with you. Think about using one of these funny appliance repair business name ideas:

  • Against the Current Appliance Repair
  • All Teched Out Appliance Service
  • All Wired Up Appliance Repairs
  • Breaker Breaker Appliance Services
  • Bucket of Volts Fridge Repair
  • Captain on Tech Appliance
  • Fan Favorite Appliance Co.
  • For Watt It’s Worth Appliances
  • Guess Watt Appliance Repair
  • Home On the Range Appliance 
  • Know Watt I Mean Appliance Repairs
  • Mechs & Balance Appliance Services
  • No Matter Watt Fridge Repair
  • Now Watt Appliance Service
  • Nuts & Volts Appliance Co.
  • Ohm My Gosh Appliances
  • Tech You Later Appliance Repair
  • Tell You Watt Appliance Services
  • Tool Cool Appliance Repairs
  • Tool Right Fridge Repair
  • Trial By Wire Appliance
  • Under the Wire Appliance Co.
  • Vent to Be Appliances
  • Watt For Appliance Repairs
  • Watt On Earth Appliance Services
  • Watt the Heck Fridge Repair
  • Watt’s Next Appliance
  • Watt’s the Trouble Appliance Co.
  • Watt’s Up Appliances
  • What the Mech Appliance Repair

Pro Tip: Make sure no other business is already using your chosen name in your city and state. Do that by googling  “NAME + YOUR AREA” and looking up the name in your local trademark database.

40 unique appliance repair names

A unique business name is just one way your business can stand out from competitors and make customers think of the service you offer. Try one of these unique names:

  • Adaptive Appliance Repair
  • Amplitude Appliance Service
  • Apparatus Appliance Repairs
  • Atmosphere Appliance Services
  • Bandwidth Fridge Repair
  • Capacitor Appliance
  • Casita Appliance Co.
  • Conductor Appliances
  • Convection Appliance Repairs
  • Domestic Appliance Services
  • Electron Fridge Repair
  • Energy Appliance
  • Evergreen Appliance Repairs
  • Extend Appliance Services
  • Factory Appliance Repair
  • Fast Flow Appliance Service
  • Flathead Appliance Repairs
  • Function Appliance Services
  • Gadget Fridge Repair
  • Gizmo Appliance
  • Home Appliance Co.
  • Household Appliances
  • Induction Appliance Repairs
  • Infuse Appliance Services
  • Intensity Fridge Repair
  • Interconnect Appliance
  • Kilovolt Appliance Co.
  • Maison Appliances
  • Megawatt Appliance Repairs
  • Momentum Appliance Services
  • Outlet Fridge Repair
  • Powerhouse Appliance
  • Ratchet & Socket Appliance Repair
  • Restore Appliance Services
  • Solace Appliance Repairs
  • Startup Appliance Service
  • Toolbox Appliance Services
  • Transform Fridge Repair
  • Uptime Appliance Repairs
  • Widget Appliance

50 professional appliance repair company names

When your business name sounds professional, it tells customers that their appliances are in good hands. Consider one of these professional-sounding appliance repair names:

  • Accomplish Appliance Repair
  • Adept Appliance Service
  • Admirable Appliance Repairs
  • Advantage Appliance Services
  • Architect Fridge Repair
  • Artisan Appliance
  • Ascend Appliance Co.
  • Authority Appliances
  • Axiom Appliance Repair
  • Capital Appliance Service
  • Clear Appliance Repairs
  • Climb Appliance Services
  • Conquer Fridge Repair
  • Craft Appliance
  • Discovery Appliance Co.
  • Distinctive Appliances
  • Dynamic Appliance Repair
  • Emerge Appliance Service
  • Endurance Appliance Repairs
  • Essential Appliance Services
  • Expert Fridge Repair
  • Flair Appliance
  • Flex Appliance Co.
  • Focus Appliances
  • Force Appliance Repair
  • Fortify Appliance Service
  • Guarantee Appliance Repairs
  • Illuminate Appliance Services
  • Impact Fridge Repair
  • Impressive Appliance
  • Independent Appliance Co.
  • Inspire Appliances
  • Lead Appliance Repair
  • Method Appliance Service
  • Modern Appliance Repairs
  • Optimum Appliance Services
  • Pioneer Fridge Repair
  • Platinum Appliance
  • Polished Appliance Co.
  • Precision Appliances
  • Pure Appliance Repair
  • Resolve Appliance Service
  • Seasoned Appliance Repairs
  • Swift Appliance Services
  • Talent Fridge Repair
  • Thrive Appliance
  • Triumph Appliance Co.
  • Value Appliances
  • Venture Appliance Repair
  • Vision Appliance Service

Pro Tip: Your business name should still sound professional and inoffensive when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. Expert Fridge Repair (EFR) is fine, but steer clear of Swift Home Appliance of Tennessee, which shortens to the unfortunate acronym SHAT.

50 personal names for appliance repair companies

Using your first or last name as your business name lets you build a brand on your personal reputation. Here’s what your business name could look like when it includes your own name:

  • Allen Family Appliance Repair
  • Archer Appliance Service
  • Bailey Appliance Repairs
  • Bennett Appliance Services
  • Bernard Fridge Repair
  • Brooks Appliance
  • Bryant Appliance Co.
  • Butler Appliances
  • Campbell Appliance Repair
  • Carter Brothers Appliance Service
  • Castillo Appliance Repairs
  • Coleman Appliance Services
  • Cooper Fridge Repair
  • Cox Family Appliance
  • Diaz Appliance Co.
  • Evans Appliances
  • Frost Appliance Repair
  • Gray Sisters Appliance Service
  • Hamilton Appliance Repairs
  • Hayes Appliance Services
  • Henderson Fridge Repair
  • Lee Brothers Appliance
  • Long Appliance Co.
  • Middleton Appliances
  • Morris Appliance Repair
  • Murphy Appliance Service
  • Nelson Appliance Repairs
  • Parker Appliance Services
  • Patel & Sons Fridge Repair
  • Peralta Appliance
  • Perry Appliance Co.
  • Peterson Appliances
  • Price Appliance Repair
  • Ramirez Appliance Service
  • Reed Family Appliance Repairs
  • Rivera Appliance Services
  • Roberts Fridge Repair
  • Ross Sisters Appliance
  • Russell Appliance Co.
  • Sanchez Appliances
  • Sanders Appliance Repair
  • Simmons Appliance Service
  • Spencer Appliance Repairs
  • Thompson Appliance Services
  • Tucker Fridge Repair
  • Wallace Appliance
  • Ward Daughters Appliance Co.
  • Waters Appliances
  • Wood Appliance Repair
  • Wright Appliance Service

Pro Tip: If you might sell your company one day, don’t use your personal name as the business name—customers will be confused if Roy no longer works at Roy’s Appliance Repair.

50 location-based appliance repair names

Tell customers you provide local services in their area with a location-based name. It’ll also help your business appear higher on Google’s when customers search for appliance repair services nearby.

Your location-based appliance repair business name could look like this:

  • Albuquerque Appliance Repair
  • Arlington Appliance Service
  • Atlanta Appliance Repairs
  • Austin Appliance Services
  • Baltimore Fridge Repair
  • Bay Area Appliance
  • Boston Appliance Co.
  • Charlotte Appliances
  • Chicago Appliance Repair
  • Colorado Appliance Service
  • Columbus Appliance Repairs
  • Dallas Appliance Services
  • Denver Fridge Repair
  • Detroit Appliance
  • El Paso Appliance Co.
  • Fort Worth Appliances
  • Fresno Appliance Repair
  • Houston Appliance Service
  • Indianapolis Appliance Repairs
  • Jacksonville Appliance Services
  • Kansas City Fridge Repair
  • Las Vegas Appliance
  • Long Beach Appliance Co.
  • Los Angeles Appliances
  • Louisville Appliance Repair
  • Memphis Appliance Service
  • Miami Appliance Repairs
  • Milwaukee Appliance Services
  • Minneapolis Fridge Repair
  • Nashville Appliance
  • New Orleans Appliance Co.
  • New York City Appliances
  • Oakland Appliance Repair
  • Oklahoma Appliance Service
  • Omaha Appliance Repairs
  • Philadelphia Appliance Services
  • Phoenix Fridge Repair
  • Portland Appliance
  • Raleigh Appliance Co.
  • Sacramento Appliances
  • San Antonio Appliance Repair
  • San Diego Appliance Service
  • San Jose Appliance Repairs
  • Seattle Appliance Services
  • Tampa Fridge Repair
  • Tucson Appliance
  • Tulsa Appliance Co.
  • Virginia Appliances
  • Washington Appliance Repair
  • Wichita Appliance Service

What makes a good appliance repair business name?

All the best appliance repair names have a few key things in common:

  • They tell potential customers that you can repair their appliances
  • They make customers think or feel positively about your appliance repair business
  • They’re one-of-a-kind so customers won’t confuse you with local competitors
  • They’re easy to say, spell, remember, and share with other people

Once you’ve chosen a name, you can design a professional-looking logo, too. Here’s an example of a logo using one of the appliance repair business name ideas in this article:

appliance repair business names - logo application

What should I name my appliance repair business?

Having trouble thinking of a name on your own? Find your perfect appliance repair business name following these four simple steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of appliance repair names using the ideas in this article as inspiration.
  2. Make a shortlist of the appliance repair business name ideas that sound best and say something important about your company.
  3. Get useful feedback from your friends, family, and ideal customers to see which business name they like and trust the most.
  4. Choose a name that fits your appliance repair business and will help you attract the types of customers you’re looking for.

5 real examples of good appliance repair names

Get inspired with these examples of real-life appliance repair business names:

  • Pro-Tech Appliance is a short, snappy name that sounds like it offers professional technicians who are ready and waiting to fix customers’ appliances.
  • Master Appliance Tech suggests the business is not just competent, but masters in their field and able to tackle any problem.
  • ElectraFix Appliance Repair is a catchy, unique name that makes it double-clear customers will get their appliances fixed here.
  • Stocker Appliance Repair is named after the business owner. This suggests to customers that they can build a relationship with a real person, not just a company.
  • Liberty Appliance Repair sounds like a positive business that will free clients from the stress and frustration of a broken fridge or dishwasher.

How to register your appliance repair business name

Picked your perfect appliance repair name? Perfect—now it’s time to register the name. Here’s how, depending on where you live:

READ MORE: Should I incorporate my small business?

Next steps after naming your appliance repair business

Ready to kickstart your business and get to work? Follow these steps to finish starting an appliance repair business:

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