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10 Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

July 17, 2023 6 min. read
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Just like your work gloves and multimeters, appliance repair apps are must-have tools in any appliance repair professional’s toolbox. The right apps can make your repair business more organized and efficient—and even help it grow.

See this list for the ten best appliance repair apps for every team and technician—these will help with everything from scheduling repair jobs to booking more work.

Best all-in-one appliance repair app to manage your business

1. Jobber

Preview of Jobber's appliance repair app

iOS, Android, and desktop | See pricing

Jobber is an appliance repair app and software that helps teams send estimates, dispatch installs and repairs, and track them all in one place.

Think of Jobber as every appliance repair app you need to organize your business in one—and use it to receive new repair requests, track client info, schedule jobs, invoice, and accept payments.

The Jobber app is especially great for managing a packed schedule and dispatching appliance repair technicians, helping you optimize driving routes to save time between jobs.

Your appliance repair company can use Jobber to:

I don’t know what I’d do without Jobber.

It’s quick, efficient, and a great tool that covers all categories pertaining to appliance repair service work.

Joe Gallagher Semper Fix Appliance Repair LLC

More apps for appliance repair business management

2. Fixably

Contact for pricing

Fixably is repair management software that helps simplify repair service workflows. It lets every repair service manager and field technician see upcoming appliance repair jobs, track inventory of all parts and devices, and automate customer communication.

This app is ideal for enterprise-level repair businesses that need to manage multiple repair shops and a large inventory.

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3. WorkWave

Contact for pricing

WorkWave is an app that helps appliance repair companies manage and coordinate with field staff remotely. It lets you create and adjust driver schedules, track working hours, store cilent information, and collect payment for appliance repair jobs.

The WorkWave app is built for small and medium-sized field service businesses. The tool hosts a lot of features, though users report that the support team can be hard to reach.

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4. Appliance Repair Estimate Template

Free | Mobile and desktop

Jobber’s appliance repair estimate template lets you customize and download a professional estimate for any repair job—in minutes.

free estimate template sample

The tool gives a blank copy of an estimate that you can fill out with your company info, client details, services, and pricing. Then you can download your estimate as a PDF that’s easy to send to clients.

Or, you can choose to customize your estimate template with Jobber’s appliance repair quoting software, where it’s easy to:

  • Add company branding (your logo and colors)
  • Track the status of your estimates and send automated follow-ups
  • Collect online signatures from clients to get quotes approved
  • Convert those estimates to jobs and appliance repair invoices you can send online
  • Organize client contact information and personal notes, like warranty information
  • Impress your customers with access to client hub, a customer self-service portal where they can see and approve estimates and invoices

5. FleetSharp

Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device) | iOS and Android

The FleetSharp app uses GPS to help you track the efficiency of your work vehicles. It’s great for appliance repair teams that need to pack multiple jobs into busy workdays. The app can even help you reduce fuel costs by mapping out more efficient routes.

FleetSharp also lets you locate and monitor your fleet vehicles so you can manage schedules more effectively, and reduce mileage, and keep overhead costs down.

To improve your fleet operations, you can integrate FleetSharp with Jobber. You’ll get a live map view of your crew in the field so you can better schedule your day.

6. QuickBooks Time

Starting at $30/month | iOS, Android, and desktop

Use QuickBooks Time to easily track time and attendance for your repair team. This time tracking app by QuickBooks ensures you make every labor hour count by allowing employees to clock in, clock out, and add details to their timesheets. 

If you already use QuickBooks Online for your accounting, you can make payroll easier by connecting your account with QuickBooks Time and automatically syncing employee time tracking data.

7. Profit Margin Calculator

Free | Mobile and desktop

The profit margin calculator by Jobber helps appliance repair businesses figure out how profitable your pricing is. You just need to add your labor, material, and overhead costs, then what you charged—or plan to charge—for a repair job. The calculator will show you the job’s exact profit margin.

If you have a target profit margin, you can try adjusting your service pricing to see what will help you meet that margin.

Apps to help you book more appliance repair service jobs

8. NiceJob

Starting at $75/month | iOS and desktop

NiceJob helps you track what clients are saying about your appliance repair business on social media and review websites. With this reputation management software, you can easily share those client reviews on your website and automatically remind more clients to leave reviews.

Managing your online reviews with NiceJob saves you time and helps you get more appliance repair leads and customers.You’ll also have a source of great social proof to use in your marketing.

9. Pipedrive

Starting at $14.90/month per user | iOS, Android, and desktop

Pipedrive is a sales CRM that can help you manage your sales pipeline, track your client interactions, and build strong client relationships so you can win more jobs.

You and your appliance repair sales reps can use Pipedrive to save time on administrative tasks like importing contact information from leads and following up with potential customers.

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10. Canva

Free | iOS, Android, and desktop

Canva Pro: $16.99/month

The Canva app offers thousands of templates for professional marketing designs you can use for social media, online ads, flyers, and more.

In Canva’s massive image library, you can find stock photos and graphics of appliances, tools, and other elements that match your repair business. If you’re just starting an appliance repair business, use Canva to create a logo and choose your company branding.

FREE TOOL: Get organized with our free work order generator

Ready to work smarter? Use these appliance repair apps to save time at the office and on the job site.

Start introducing these apps to your digital toolbox—one at a time—and keep the ones that help you run a more efficient, scalable appliance repair business.

Originally published in June, 2021. Last updated on November 25th, 2022.

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