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325+ Flooring Company Names That Lay the Groundwork For Your Business

June 26, 2023 11 min. read
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Your flooring company name helps your business stand out from competitors and attract new customers. You just need to find the name that makes the right statement about your business.

To help with that, we’ve created a list of flooring company names for inspiration. You’ll also get tips for coming up with your own name and registering the name for business use.

40 creative flooring company names

Creative flooring company names can make customers think of a bigger concept or idea—for example, the forests where your materials come from. Try a creative flooring company name like:

  • Acacia Flooring
  • Alder Flooring Service
  • Ashwood Flooring Solutions
  • Balsa Flooring Co.
  • Beechwood Flooring Installation
  • Blackwood Flooring Pros
  • Blue Oak Floor Experts
  • Cedarwood Floors
  • Country Carpets
  • Cypress Carpet Co.
  • Dogwood Floor Co.
  • Forest Custom Flooring
  • Greenheart Flooring Contractors
  • Grove Flooring Service
  • Hawthorn Flooring Solutions
  • Hazelnut Flooring Co.
  • Hickory Flooring Installation
  • Ironwood Flooring Pros
  • Lodgepole Floor Experts
  • Lowland Floors
  • Maple Carpets
  • Medallion Carpet Co.
  • Mountain Pine Floor Co.
  • Olive Flooring Contractors
  • Panorama Flooring
  • Pine Flooring Service
  • Poplar Flooring Solutions
  • Purpleheart Flooring Co.
  • Redwood Flooring Installation
  • River Birch Flooring Pros
  • Rosewood Floor Experts
  • Sonoma Floors
  • Spruce Carpets
  • Sycamore Carpet Co.
  • Teakwood Floor Co.
  • Vale Flooring Contractors
  • Valley Flooring Solutions
  • Walnut Flooring Service
  • White Pine Flooring
  • Willow Flooring Co.

Pro Tip: Your business name should include the keyword “flooring.” This is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and helps potential customers find your business online.

35 catchy floor company names

Catchy floor company names are easy for your customers to say, recognize, and remember. Grab the attention of prospective clients and stick in customers’ minds with a catchy name like:

  • All Hands Flooring Pros
  • All Level Carpet Co.
  • All Over Flooring Solutions
  • Best Foot Flooring Installation
  • Better Built Flooring
  • Build Amazing Flooring Co.
  • By the Foot Flooring Contractors
  • Clean Cut Floor Experts
  • Cut Above Flooring Service
  • Drill Down Carpet Co.
  • Even Footing Flooring
  • Feet First Floors
  • Flat Out Flooring Co.
  • Footpath Flooring Solutions
  • Fresh Start Flooring Pros
  • Glamor Hammer Carpet Co.
  • Good Taste Flooring Contractors
  • Ground Rule Flooring
  • Ground Up Flooring Installation
  • Hammer Home Floors
  • High Ground Floor Experts
  • High Point Flooring Service
  • House & Home Flooring Co.
  • Level Best Floor Experts
  • Level Up Flooring Solutions
  • Low Profile Flooring Installation
  • Measure Twice Carpet Co.
  • Next Level Floor Co.
  • On It Flooring Pros
  • On the Level Flooring Service
  • Smooth Surface Flooring Co.
  • Solid Ground Flooring Contractors
  • Sure Footing Flooring
  • Under Cover Carpet Co.
  • Wall to Wall Flooring Installation

Pro Tip: Don’t choose a flooring business name that’s already in use in your city and state. You can check availability by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and searching for the name in your local trademark database.

20 cool flooring company names

Cool-sounding flooring business names make a statement about your business and abilities—for example, being hardworking, dependable, or outdoorsy.

Cool names like these can also make it sound exciting to do business with your flooring company, and they help customers build a positive opinion of your service business brand:

  • Arrowhead Flooring Co.
  • Boardwalk Flooring Contractors
  • Bond Flooring Pros
  • Buff Bros Flooring Installation
  • Built Tough Carpet Co.
  • Canyon Flooring Service
  • Danum Floors
  • Downlow Flooring Solutions
  • Horizon Floor Co.
  • Hotfoot Flooring Installation
  • Knight Flooring Experts
  • Nirvana Flooring Contractors
  • Paladin Carpet Co.
  • Razorback Floors
  • Rock Steady Flooring
  • Sovereign Flooring Solutions
  • Toolbox Floor Experts
  • Treadstone Floors
  • Viper Flooring Co.
  • Yosemite Flooring

Pro Tip: If you offer multiple services, like wall tiling or renovation, consider including them in your floor business name to stand out from competitors who don’t offer those services.

20 funny flooring company names

Funny names use jokes and wordplay to tell your customers that you’re fun to work with. These are just a few examples of funny flooring company names:

  • Against the Grain Flooring Co.
  • Below & Beyond Flooring
  • Downright Flooring Solutions
  • Flat Cats Flooring Installation
  • Floor & Peace Flooring Service
  • Floor Council Carpet Co.
  • Floor It Carpet Contractors
  • Hammer Time Floor Co.
  • Level Heads Flooring Pros
  • Love & Floor Flooring Experts
  • Lowdown Carpets
  • Man of Floor Carpet Co.
  • No Time Flat Floor Experts
  • On the Nail Flooring Service
  • Riser Above Flooring Installation
  • Sense of Tile Flooring Co.
  • This Means Floor
  • Tough As Nails Flooring
  • Walk It Off Flooring
  • You’ll Be Floored Carpeting

Pro Tip: Come up with even more flooring company name ideas by changing “flooring” to something like “carpeting” or “floor installation” instead.

20 epoxy flooring company names

If you specialize in epoxy flooring, you may want a name that suggests clear coating and a shiny floor. Try one of these epoxy flooring company names:

  • Clarion Flooring Contractors
  • Clear Cut Flooring Co.
  • Crystal Flooring Solutions
  • Cure All Flooring Pros
  • Cut Glass Flooring
  • Diamond Flooring
  • Eminent Floor Co.
  • Gallery Flooring Service
  • Glaze Floor Experts
  • Gleam Flooring
  • Looking Glass Floor Co.
  • Luminous Flooring Co.
  • Manifest Flooring Solutions
  • Mirror Floor Installation
  • Patina Flooring Contractors
  • Resin Eleven Flooring
  • Resin Heaven Floors
  • Shine Flooring Experts
  • Shimmer Flooring Service
  • Sure Cure Flooring

15 hardwood flooring company names

Customers should know if your business does hardwood flooring well. Consider a business name that incorporates the idea of hardwood boards, like:

  • Above Board Flooring
  • Across the Board Flooring Co.
  • All Aboard Flooring Solutions
  • By the Board Flooring Service
  • Drawing Board Flooring
  • Hammer & Nail Flooring Pros
  • Hard Act Floor Experts
  • Hard Knock Floor Co.
  • Hard Pressed Carpets
  • Hard Work Carpet Co.
  • Hardpack Flooring Installation
  • Onboard Flooring Contractors
  • Rock Hard Flooring Service
  • Springboard Flooring
  • Wood You Believe Flooring

25 carpeting company names

Tell customers that your business offers carpeting by including it in your business name. Think about using carpet-related, wordplay-based names like:

  • Carpet Committee
  • Cover to Cover Flooring Co.
  • Cut a Rug Flooring Solutions
  • Dogpile Flooring Installation
  • Helluva Rug Carpet Co.
  • Let It Roll Flooring Contractors
  • Low Rollers Flooring Service
  • No Rugrets Flooring Co.
  • On The Carpet Flooring Pros
  • On the Mat Floor Experts
  • Pile High Flooring Contractors
  • Pure Pile Flooring
  • Ready to Roll Carpeting
  • Red Carpet Flooring
  • Roll Call Carpet Co.
  • Roll With It Floor Co.
  • Rug It Out Flooring Installation
  • Rug Life Floors
  • Rugrats Flooring Solutions
  • Rugs & Kisses Flooring Service
  • Rugtime Flooring Pros
  • That’s a Wrap Floor Experts
  • Tuft Love Carpets
  • Under the Rug Flooring Co.
  • Welcome Mat Flooring Experts

50 professional flooring company names

Choosing a professional-sounding name tells customers that you’re a flooring expert who will do quality work. You can go with a professional flooring company name like:

  • Admirable Flooring Service
  • Advantage Flooring Pros
  • Architect Flooring
  • Artistry Floor Experts
  • Ascend Flooring Co.
  • Authority Flooring Installation
  • Axiom Floors
  • Bold Flooring Solutions
  • Capital Flooring Contractors
  • Champion Flooring
  • Compliment Flooring Co.
  • Direct Flooring Pros
  • Discover Carpets
  • Discovery Floor Experts
  • Dynamic Flooring Service
  • Elite Flooring Contractors
  • Enrich Flooring Installation
  • Essence Flooring Solutions
  • Flair Floors
  • Flawless Flooring
  • Flex Carpet Co.
  • Focus Flooring Co.
  • Forward Flooring Solutions
  • Gem Flooring
  • Guardian Floors
  • Hero Flooring Installation
  • Illuminate Flooring Service
  • Impact Floor Experts
  • Independent Flooring
  • Insight Flooring Contractors
  • Pioneer Flooring Pros
  • Precision Floor Experts
  • Premier Flooring Co.
  • Progress Flooring Solutions
  • Prosper Floors
  • Pure Flooring Installation
  • Purpose Flooring
  • Quality Carpets
  • Resolution Flooring Service
  • Resolve Flooring Contractors
  • Seasoned Flooring Co.
  • Success Flooring Pros
  • Supreme Flooring Solutions
  • Swift Floors
  • Talent Flooring
  • Thrive Carpet Co.
  • Triumph Flooring Installation
  • Venture Flooring Service
  • Vision Flooring Experts
  • Wonder Floor Experts

Pro Tip: Your business name should still sound professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. Red Carpet Flooring (RCF) would work fine, but avoid something like Flooring Artisans of Randolph Tennessee.

50 personal names for flooring companies

Using your first or last name for your flooring company allows you to build a brand on your personal reputation. These are a few examples of how to do that:

  • Anderson Flooring Pros
  • Ava’s Floors
  • Bailey Flooring Solutions
  • Barnes Flooring Installation
  • Bell & Sons Carpet Co.
  • Ben’s Flooring Service
  • Brooks Family Flooring
  • Campbell Floor Co.
  • Coleman Flooring Contractors
  • Collins Flooring Experts
  • Cooper Flooring Co.
  • Davis Sisters Flooring
  • Dominic’s Carpets
  • Edwards Brothers Flooring
  • Fisher Flooring Solutions
  • Gonzalez Flooring Co.
  • Harrison Flooring Pros
  • Hayes Floor Experts
  • Henderson Floors
  • Henry’s Flooring Service
  • Hernandez Flooring Contractors
  • Hughes Flooring Installation
  • James Family Flooring Co.
  • Jenkins Flooring
  • Jordan’s Carpet Co.
  • Lee & Daughters Flooring
  • Lewis Flooring Solutions
  • Lily’s Floor Experts
  • Lucas Brothers Floors
  • Marshall Flooring Co.
  • Maya’s Flooring Pros
  • Morgan Floor Experts
  • Morris Flooring Service
  • Olson Carpets
  • Oscar’s Flooring Contractors
  • Parker Sisters Flooring Co.
  • Perry’s Flooring Installation
  • Peterson Flooring Solutions
  • Phillips Flooring Service
  • Price Flooring Co.
  • Reed Flooring
  • Richardson Flooring Pros
  • Rivera Floor Experts
  • Robert’s Floors
  • Rogers Carpet Co.
  • Schmidt Flooring Contractors
  • Sophia’s Flooring Solutions
  • Thompson Flooring Co.
  • Turner Flooring Installation
  • Watson Flooring

Pro Tip: If there’s a chance you might sell your company one day, don’t use your personal name—customers may be confused if Alan no longer works at Alan’s Flooring Company.

50 location-based flooring business names

Tell customers you provide flooring services in their area by including a location in your business name. This can help you appear higher in Google’s search results when customers search for flooring services nearby.

Your location-based flooring business name could look something like this:

  • Albuquerque Flooring Pros
  • Atlanta Flooring Co.
  • Austin Flooring Solutions
  • Baltimore Flooring Contractors
  • Birmingham Flooring
  • Boston Carpet Co.
  • Buffalo Flooring Service
  • Charlotte Flooring Installation
  • Chicago Floor Experts
  • Cincinnati Flooring
  • Cleveland Flooring Solutions
  • Columbus Flooring Co.
  • Dallas Floors
  • Denver Flooring Contractors
  • Detroit Flooring Service
  • Hartford Floor Co.
  • Honolulu Flooring Installation
  • Houston Floor Experts
  • Indianapolis Floors
  • Jacksonville Carpets
  • Kansas City Flooring Solutions
  • Las Vegas Flooring
  • Louisville Flooring Co.
  • Memphis Flooring Pros
  • Miami Floor Experts
  • Milwaukee Flooring Contractors
  • Minneapolis Flooring
  • Nashville Flooring Solutions
  • New Orleans Flooring Service
  • Oklahoma City Floor Co.
  • Omaha Flooring Installation
  • Orlando Floor Experts
  • Philadelphia Floors
  • Phoenix Carpet Co.
  • Pittsburgh Flooring Service
  • Portland Flooring Contractors
  • Providence Flooring
  • Raleigh Flooring Solutions
  • Richmond Flooring Co.
  • Sacramento Flooring Installation
  • Salt Lake City Floor Experts
  • San Antonio Floors
  • San Diego Flooring
  • San Francisco Flooring Pros
  • San Jose Floor Experts
  • Seattle Flooring Solutions
  • St. Louis Flooring Co.
  • Tampa Flooring Contractors
  • Tucson Flooring
  • Virginia Beach Flooring Service

What makes a good flooring company name?

The best flooring company names have several important things in common:

  • They tell customers that you provide flooring services
  • They make customers think or feel positively about your flooring company
  • They’re unique in your area and you won’t be confused with other flooring companies
  • They’re easy for potential customers to say, spell, and remember

Once you’ve chosen a name that meets those criteria, you can design a professional-looking logo to go with it. Here’s an example of a logo using one of the flooring business name ideas in this article:

flooring company name and logo application

What should I name my flooring business?

Not sure what to name your flooring company? Follow these simple steps to make a list of memorable floor company names and choose the right one for your business:

  1. Brainstorm a list of names using the ideas in this article as inspiration. (Need extra flooring name ideas? Try using a flooring business name generator.)
  2. Make a shortlist of flooring business names that make a statement about your business. They should be easy for your customers to read, say, and remember.
  3. Ask for feedback from friends and family to see which name is most appealing to your ideal customers and why.
  4. Choose a name that fits your flooring company and will attract the types of customers you’re looking for.

5 examples of good flooring company names

Brainstorming a good flooring company name can be a challenge, but these businesses have already done it. See these real-life flooring company name examples and how their names help create a good impression:

  • Trotter Brothers Flooring is named after the brothers who started the company, which makes it sound like a family-oriented business that customers would want to work with.
  • Diamond Wood Floors sounds like a business that does high-quality work and specializes in hardwood flooring.
  • Titan Garage Flooring Solutions tells customers that they build strong floors and are experts at installing a certain type of flooring.
  • Grove Manor Flooring is a creative, symbolic name referring to the wood materials they use, the solid construction they provide, and even the owners’ last name (Cosgrove).
  • The Tile Guy Flooring & Renovations sounds like a business that customers might easily refer to their friends. The name also includes the company’s additional services.

How to register your flooring company name

You’ve picked a name for your flooring company, and no other business is using it—now it’s time to register the name. Here’s how to do that, depending on where you live and work:

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Next steps after naming your flooring business

Ready to build your business? Follow these next steps to finish starting a service business:

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