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Top 9 Handyman Websites and What They Get Right [Examples]

July 21, 2021 6 min. read

No matter what stage you’re at in your handyman entrepreneurship journey, building a website and having a web presence is probably part of your marketing plan. But before you dive in and start building, it’s important to know how to make your handyman services site effective in generating new leads and attracting clients.

From getting customer reviews to creating a project portfolio and handyman services list, see which elements the best handyman websites use to stand out and succeed.

1. Online Estimates – Best Handyman Boston

You’re busy and so are your clients. The easier you can make the online booking and estimation process, the more likely it is for leads to reach out — that’s where handyman estimating software comes in.

Best Handyman Boston does a great job of outlining exactly what clients can expect when requesting a cost estimate, going so far as to provide a timeline. This tells potential clients what to expect and allows them to get an accurate estimate quickly and easily.

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Detailed pictures and measurements help Best Handyman Boston to provide a quote without even having to visit a job site. This makes the process convenient, straightforward, and efficient for everyone involved.

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2. Project portfolio – Zach of All Trades

What better way to showcase your skills and expertise than by including photos of your best projects on your handyman services website?

Zach of All Trades has a large photo gallery of home improvement projects they’ve completed for site visitors to review.

Highlighting real jobs and adding a visual element to the home repair and handyman services that you offer. This helps to:

  • Add legitimacy to your business and skills
  • Demonstrate your professional experience
  • Set your website apart from competitors
  • Show potential customers what you can do

Just make sure that you ask for permission before using a photo taken of a client’s property on your website.

You don’t need to have a professional photographer come in after every job to take photos, but you do need to make sure the photos are high enough quality for a website. This is your portfolio of work after all, so make sure the images are well-lit and clear. You can take the perfect photos with an iPhone or Android.

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Insurance and licensing information – Make Ready Repairs LLC

Although not all states require handymen to have a license, it can still set you apart from competitors. Potential clients want to feel confident about hiring you and letting them know that you’re licensed and insured offers peace of mind.

For example, take a look at how Make Ready Repairs LLC reassures customers upfront by taking advantage of a “Why Hire Us” section on their website:

This simple feature tells site visitors everything they need to know:

  • Make Ready Repairs is licensed and insured
  • They provide residential and commercial services
  • They price affordably
  • They focus on remodels and repairs

In one small section, they’re giving clients a lot of important information that will help them to make a decision. And, they’re adding to their overall legitimacy as a handyman business just by highlighting that they’re both licensed and insured.

4. Comprehensive handyman services list – Handy Tec

Every handyman website needs to have a service list, but Handy Tec goes a step further. Their service list is comprehensive and includes everything from small plumbing and electrical repairs to carpentry and painting.

Using a modern design, simple color scheme, and clean layout, they make it clear they are able to help with a variety of different home improvement needs. And, each tile links out to a page providing more details about the services offered.

For example, clicking on “Plumbing” will take you to a page describing toilet repairs and installation as well as caulking and faucet repair.

From ceiling fan installations to odd jobs, Handy Tec offers a wide range of home improvement services. And, they do a great job of communicating them to prospective clients through their interactive services list.

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5. Detailed business information – Handyman Pro LLC

The easier it is for leads to reach out to you, the more likely they are to get in touch. Handyman Pro LLC makes sure that potential clients aren’t left searching for their contact details by including all of it in their website footer.

This provides clients with a ton of great information, such as:

  • In-person, phone, and email contact information
  • An interactive map of the area they service
  • Their business areas

Having all of this information in their footer saves clients from having to search for it when they need to reach out. Offering a variety of contact methods ensures that clients of all types can book an estimate, regardless of whether they prefer to go online or make a phone call.

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6. Facebook chat – JS Handyman Services LLC

Customer service is a major element in any handyman business. The more accessible and stress-free you can make it, the better. Which is why including a Facebook Chat popup on your website, like JS Handyman Services LLC, is a great way to up your customer service game.

Potential clients can ask questions, book estimates, and request changes to their appointments straight from the JS Handyman LLC website, simply by logging in to their Facebook account.

And while not every client will have a Facebook profile, it’s a convenient and straightforward way to communicate for those who do.

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7. Customer reviews – Handily

Customer reviews and testimonials are a classic way to show new leads just how much your clients love your handyman company. Handily uses reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp to highlight happy clients.

Reviews help potential clients to feel confident in your abilities to take on their home services needs. Not only do they show that you have professional experience as a handyman, but they also prove that you care about quality work and client satisfaction.

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8. Blog – Odd Job Professional Handyman Services

Having a blog gives you an opportunity to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), provide helpful information to clients, and offer details about the services you offer. Odd Job Professional Handyman Services writes about many different topics on their blog, from deck staining tips to advice for hiring contractors.

Blog posts can be used on your website to encourage repeat visitors as well as in newsletters and print material as value adds to your customer communications. Plus, if they’re SEO friendly, they’ll generate traffic and potential leads.

9. Clear niche – Wizard Fix Home

Some handyman businesses offer generalized services while others target a niche. If you target a niche, it’s important to communicate about it right off the bat, as Wizard Fix does.

Wizard Fix specializes in delivering, assembling, and moving flat-pack furniture, and they’ve made their offerings clear on their homepage. This helps potential clients to determine whether Wizard Fix is the right choice for them almost immediately, saving them from having to write emails or make phone calls asking for clarification.

If you have a niche or you specialize in a few core handyman services, don’t leave your clients guessing. Detail any special services or areas of focus on your homepage so that clients can quickly and easily understand exactly what you do, and how you can help them.

Clearly defining your niche or any diverse services you offer directly on your website gives your customers a better customer experience and it ends up saving you time answering basic questions related to your services.

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