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Top 10 HVAC Apps to Boost Productivity [2024]

May 15, 2024 6 min. read
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It’s stressful running an HVAC business—but there are lots of ways to save time and reduce stress on day to day tasks. Here’s one way: using mobile apps that help you complete those tasks faster, from anywhere.

Need help with on-site diagnostics and calculations? Or business management tasks like invoicing and team scheduling? We have you covered. 

Scroll for our list of the most useful HVAC apps for on-the-job work and off-site operations.

HVAC calculation apps

Use these apps to make easy calculations and measurements at the jobsite, including superheat and subcooling, duct sizing, and load calculation.

1. Ref Tools

Free |  iOS and Android

Ref Tools by Danfoss is the go-to app for many air conditioning techs who need refrigerant calculations, superheat tuning, and refrigerant information.

With easy-to-read pressure-temperature charts, Ref Tools is handy for calculating pressure and temperature ratios on the job. You can also use Ref Tools to:

  • Find and compare climate-friendly refrigerants
  • Search for spare HVAC parts in the Danfoss product catalog
  • Get specs and documents for specific Danfoss HVAC products
  • Educate yourself and improve your HVAC knowledge

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2. HVACR Check & Charge

Free | iOS and Android

HVACR Check & Charge is a free calculator app that helps you measure refrigerant charges for A/C units on site. 

First, choose from a dropdown list of common refrigerants. Then, you can choose to enter your system temperatures for superheat, subcooling, or airflow.

The app will use the values you enter to determine the right system charge—and tell you if you need to alter the charge amount.

3. HVAC Load Plus

HVAC Load Plus: $24.99 for iOS
HVAC Quick Load Plus: $6.99 for Android

A load calculation app can save you lots of time on installs. Use HVAC Load Plus to calculate heating and cooling block loads for commercial and residential buildings.

It’s not just a load calculator app. HVAC Load Plus also lets you share project details and reports with your clients and access complete heating and cooling reports.

You can even store information about your HVAC products on a remote server and share it with other employees.

Android users can get HVAC Quick Load Plus, a more basic version of the app that provides rule-of-thumb load calculations.

Troubleshooting and diagnostic apps

To keep your HVAC systems in good shape, use one of these HVAC troubleshooting apps built for identifying system problems.

4. HVACR Fault Finder

Free | iOS and Android

HVACR Fault Finder helps with on-site compressor troubleshooting for refrigerators and air conditioners. Use the app to find common AC faults so you can identify what’s causing an issue in a customer’s system.

Right from the app, you can access troubleshooting guides for specific unit types, which include tips and interactive flow charts to help you troubleshoot. You’ll also find product engineering guides, manuals, and videos.

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5. Danfoss Troubleshooter

Free | iOS and Android

Troubleshooter helps you diagnose and resolve typical HVAC/R system issues. This app can save HVAC service technicians and installers lots of time on the job. 

First, it shows you a list of common symptoms your system can experience—then it helps you narrow down the problem and offer possible fixes. The app’s design makes it easy to move back and forth between the system diagnosis and solutions.

Plus, you can download Troubleshooter’s database to access offline when you don’t have internet access.

Business management apps

Consider installing a business management app that helps you simplify tasks outside of the jobsite—like scheduling your techs, collecting payment, and overseeing team productivity.

6. Jobber

iOS, Android, and desktop | See pricing plans

Jobber is HVAC business software that helps you dispatch HVAC techs, manage jobs, invoice customers, collect payment, and more. You can manage your job workflow while moving between properties using the Jobber mobile app.

To control quality on every job, it’s easy to create custom installation and inspection checklists that your techs can check off while they work.

Need to track labor time more effectively, too? Jobber has automatic clock-in timers that start when your techs get to the jobsite.

Jobber also helps you:

7. Bluon HVAC

Free | iOS and Android 

Bluon HVAC helps you find and order HVAC parts from local suppliers in one app. When estimating a job or working on an HVAC system, you can use Bluon to look up the supplies you need for repairs, upgrades, or installations.

Use Bluon to easily search product manuals for over 300,000 HVAC parts. Their technical support team is around 24/7 to help you find specific unit info.

8. QuickBooks Online Accounting

Starting at $22/month | iOS, Android, and desktop

QuickBooks, a popular accounting tool, offers a mobile app that’ll help you keep your business finances healthy from anywhere. Use the QuickBooks Online Accounting app to manage your invoices, expenses, income, reports, and payroll for your HVAC business.

QuickBooks’ mobile app is easy for users with all levels of accounting experience—so it’s a great tool to lean on whether you have an accountant or not.

Pro Tip: Connect QuickBooks with your HVAC business software, like Jobber, to keep your finances up to date and eliminate double entry.

Training apps for HVAC apprentices

Keeping your team’s knowledge and skills sharp is a must if you want to keep giving customers A+ service. Get your apprentices using these training and learning apps.

9. HVAC School

Free | iOS and Android

HVAC School is a free community that compiles and shares up-to-date HVAC/R training material and industry knowledge.

Complete with podcasts, quizzes, videos, and other resources, this is the perfect app for any HVAC tech interested in professional growth. Contributors come from all over the U.S. and offer a variety of advice for HVAC pros.

10. SkillCat

Available for a monthly subscription fee | iOS and Android

SkillCat is a learning app and community for skilled trades pros. It has two programs for HVAC professionals:

  1. SkillCat HVAC School, an online trade school that prepares technicians for certification
  2. SkillCat For Companies, a service that helps business owners train, retain and attract workers

When it’s time to hire or train new HVAC techs, consider using SkillCat for Companies. You can access over 450 hours of training material, tools to create your own apprenticeship program,  and reports that track training progress.

If you’re an HVAC student or apprentice, use the SkillCat app to access essential HVAC and jobsite safety courses (including EPA 608 certification), bootcamps, and 3D jobsite simulations.

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the HVAC apps to choose from? Start by choosing apps that fill any gaps in your business. As your needs change and your business grows, you can test out more apps and see what works for you and your techs.

Originally published in March 2021. Last updated on July 20th, 2022.

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