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The 16 Absolute Best HVAC Apps to Boost Productivity

July 18, 2023 8 min. read
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Useful HVAC apps can save you time before, during, and after your HVAC service visits. When so many apps promise to make your job easier, how do you choose the best ones for your business?

In this list, we’ve narrowed down the best HVAC apps for every purpose—including apps for HVAC calculations, troubleshooting, scheduling jobs, marketing your business, and training your team.

Best HVAC business apps

HVAC business apps help you run a smooth HVAC operation—from booking customers to getting paid.

Here are the best HVAC apps for team management, invoicing, accounting, fleet management, marketing, parts management, and more.

1. Jobber

iOSAndroid, and desktop

To reduce the stress of running your HVAC business day to day, use Jobber as your operations management app.

Jobber keeps your busy team organized and takes the headache out of scheduling service calls and dispatching HVAC techs—thanks to clever scheduling and team communication tools.

In the same place, create and send professional estimates in minutes, create shareable HVAC inspection checklists, invoice customers, and collect payment.

Whether you’re at the office or the job site, the Jobber app lets you:

Unlike many other HVAC apps, Jobber comes with free, award-winning training and support included in all plans.

2. Bluon HVAC

Free | iOS and Android

Bluon HVAC helps you find and order HVAC parts from local suppliers in one app. Whether you’re estimating a job or working on an HVAC system, you can use Bluon to look up the supplies you need for repairs, upgrades, or installations.

Use Bluon to easily search product manuals for over 300,000 HVAC parts. The app also offers 24/7 access to a technical support team that helps you find info on specific unit types and issues. Bluon is a great app to start with for any HVAC tech.

3. HVAC Invoice Generator

preview of HVAC invoice template

Free | Mobile and desktop

Jobber’s HVAC invoice generator lets you create and download a customized invoice for any HVAC job. Just fill in the blanks with your company and client information, then download your invoice as a PDF that’s easy to send to clients.

By using an HVAC invoice app to build invoices, you can spend less time creating invoices and reduce room for error, without having to start from scratch every time.

This invoice generator is completely free—it’s part of a larger free toolkit where you can store client information, convert their HVAC estimates to invoices, and get paid for your work.

4. FleetSharp

Preview of the FleetSharp HVAC business app

Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device) | iOS and Android

FleetSharp is a fleet management service that uses GPS to help you locate, monitor, and track the efficiency of your work vehicles. 

FleetSharp can help you reduce fuel costs by mapping out more efficient routes—and impress customers by responding to emergency HVAC calls faster.

View details on each vehicle’s speed, direction, and stops, along with detailed reports of vehicle activity. The app can also send you mobile alerts about your employees’ unsafe driving behavior or excessive idling.

5. Mailchimp

Free | iOS and Android

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps you promote your HVAC business. You can use Mailchimp to create, schedule, and send HVAC marketing emails with ready-made templates that are easy to edit.

Use Mailchimp to share updates and special offers with your customers—or to turn your HVAC leads into customers. Mailchimp also helps you run Facebook and Instagram ads to reach even more people.

6. QuickBooks Online

Preview of the QuickBooks Online app for HVAC businesses

Starting at $22/month | iOSAndroid, and desktop

QuickBooks Online is accounting software that helps you stay on top of your finances and understand how your business is performing.

Use QuickBooks to manage your invoices, expenses, income, reports, and payroll for your HVAC business—from anywhere.

When you integrate QuickBooks with HVAC software like Jobber, you can:

  • Keep your data up to date and eliminate double entry
  • Track time in the field with Jobber and sync back to QuickBooks Online for easy payroll
  • Add products from Jobber to your QuickBooks inventory
  • Streamline your accounting and make time to win more work

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7. NiceJob

Preview of the NiceJob app for HVAC businesses

Starting at $75/month | iOS

Customers look for positive reviews when choosing an HVAC business. NiceJob lets you request reviews from consumers so you can improve your online reputation and win more sales.

Send clients review requests when a job is complete. If customers are slow to review, NiceJob will remind them. The app also lets you convert these reviews into stories and automatically posts them to social media.

Best HVAC calculator apps

Use these apps to make easy calculations and measurements at the jobsite, including superheat, subcooling, duct sizes, and load calculation.

8. Ref Tools

Preview of the Ref Tools HVAC calculator app

Free | iOS and Android

Ref Tools by Danfoss is the go-to app for many air conditioning techs who need refrigerant calculations, superheat tuning, and refrigerant information.

With easy-to-read pressure-temperature charts, it’s a handy tool for calculating pressure and temperature ratios on the job. You can also use Ref Tools to:

  • Find and compare climate-friendly refrigerants
  • Search for spare HVAC parts in the Danfoss product catalog
  • Get specs and documents for specific Danfoss HVAC products
  • Educate yourself and improve your HVAC knowledge

9. Superheat and Subcooling Calculator

Preview of the Superheat and Subcooling Calculator HVAC app

Free | Mobile and desktop

Lennox’s HVAC Superheat and Subcooling Calculator is a quick online calculator for superheat and subcooling measurements.

When you know the pressure in your suction and liquid lines, add those numbers to the calculator—and you’ll get subcooling and superheat measurements instantly.

Since you don’t need to install an app to use this calculator, you can save space on your phone and share the tool easily with your HVAC techs.

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10. HVAC Load Plus

Preview of the HVAC Load Plus app

HVAC Load Plus: $24.99 for iOS
HVAC Quick Load Plus: $9.49 for Android

You need load calculation to figure out what size of HVAC unit to install. Use HVAC Load Plus to calculate heating and cooling block loads for commercial and residential buildings.

The app lets you easily show project details and reports to your clients, access complete heating and cooling reports for various load types, and store information about your HVAC products in a remote server you can share with other employees.

Android users can get HVAC Quick Load Plus, a more basic version of the app that provides rule-of-thumb load calculations.v

11. HVAC Duct Sizer

$5.99 for iOS, $1.29 for Android

The HVAC Duct Sizer app lets you calculate the size of a range of ducts by airflow and dimension. Using easy slider controls, you can increase or decrease whichever values you put in the app, then see calculation results instantly.

For size by airflow, the app produces height and width dimensions, as well as velocity and friction loss. For size by dimension, you can analyze the existing duct system to determine duct friction loss.

Top HVAC troubleshooting apps

To keep your HVAC systems in good shape, here are the best HVAC troubleshooting apps to help you identify system problems and find solutions.

12. HVACR Fault Finder

Free | iOS and Android

HVACR Fault Finder can help you with on-site compressor troubleshooting for refrigerators and air conditioners. Use the app to find common faults so you can identify what’s causing an issue in your system.

The app also gives you access to troubleshooting guides for specific unit types, which include tips and interactive flow charts to help you troubleshoot. You can also access engineering guides, product manuals, and videos.

13. Danfoss Troubleshooter

Free | iOS and Android

Part of the Ref Tools app, Troubleshooter helps you diagnose and resolve typical HVAC/R system issues. It can save lots of time for HVAC service technicians and installers.

First, it shows you a list of common symptoms your system can experience—then it helps you narrow down the problem and offer possible fixes. The app’s design makes it easy to move back and forth between the system diagnosis and solutions.

Plus, you can download Troubleshooter’s database to access offline when you don’t have internet access.

HVAC apps for training

As an HVAC professional, your education never stops. Use these training and learning apps to become a better HVAC tech, grow your team’s skill set, and run a more efficient business.

14. SkillCat: HVAC Training and Jobs

Free | iOS and Android

SkillCat is an online HVAC trade school that lets new HVAC techs learn from anywhere. The SkillCat app gives you access to essential HVAC and jobsite safety courses (including EPA 608 certification), bootcamps, 3D jobsite simulations, and an online support team.

It can also help you get into the workforce by letting you build a resume for free and showing job postings in your industry.

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15. HVAC Test Pro

Free | iOS and Android

Study HVAC flashcards and take practice tests for free with HVAC Test Pro. You can use the app to keep your team’s HVAC expertise up to date, or to study for HVAC certification exams.

The app tracks your performance and shows you which areas of knowledge you need to improve on with detailed score reports. You can even create your own mock tests and focus on the knowledge you need the most.

16. HVAC School

Free | iOS and Android

HVAC School is a free community that compiles and shares up-to-date HVAC/R training material and industry knowledge.

Complete with podcasts, quizzes, videos, and other resources, this is the perfect app for any HVAC tech interested in professional growth. Contributors come from all over the U.S. and offer a variety of advice for HVAC pros.

Start using apps for your HVAC business today

Feeling overwhelmed with all the HVAC apps to choose from? Start by choosing apps that fill any gaps in your business.

As your needs change and your business grows, you can test out more apps and see what works for you and your techs.

Originally published in March 2021. Last updated on July 20th, 2022.

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