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How to Get HVAC Leads: 6 Ways to Attract New Customers

September 8, 2022 7 min. read

Every time you get an HVAC lead—someone who could become a customer—you improve your chances of booking more work. With the right lead generation strategies, you can turn hundreds of strangers into potential customers.

Here are the six best ways to get leads as an HVAC business owner using digital marketing, word of mouth, and traditional advertising.

1. Make online booking easy on your website

Adding an online work request form to your HVAC website can help you turn casual visitors into leads.

On your booking form, let customers request or inquire about new work at a time that’s convenient for them—without having to call or email. Later on, you can use the information they submit to easily create an HVAC estimate.

An HVAC online request form, created with Jobber, where customers can request services and their preferred dates and times
An online request form, created with Jobber, where customers can request services and their preferred dates and times.

To increase your chances of getting leads from booking forms, you should:

  • Make your unique selling point clear on your homepage—whether that’s your competitive pricing, lightning-fast emergency services, or your years of experience.
  • Add a booking button with an eye-catching color to the very top of your website and on every page.
  • Use action-oriented text on your booking button, like ‘Book Now’ or ‘Get a Free Estimate.’
  • Keep your booking form short by only asking the questions you need to book a job.
Example of an HVAC website homepage with multiple ‘Schedule Now’ buttons
Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has multiple ‘Schedule Now’ buttons on their website’s homepage.

3. Create and optimize your online business listings

The more places your business is listed online, the more leads you’ll get. Here are the most popular places for HVAC companies to create online listings:

  • Google Business — A free Google Business Profile is the easiest way to help local searchers find you and turn into leads. Fill out your company contact information, add your service categories, and collect reviews from your customers that show your business is trustworthy.
  • Bing Places — Bing is the second most-used search engine in the world with over 1 billion searches per month. Claim your HVAC company listing on Bing and add contact details, photos of your work, and a call to action button (like ‘Contact us’) that takes leads to the booking form on your website.
  • Yelp for Business — With over 90 million visitors each month, Yelp can get you on the map and reach more people who need HVAC services. A potential customer can call, find a link to your website, or request a quote directly from your Yelp listing. Once you verify your free listing, get even more leads by running Yelp Ads.
Example of a Yelp for Business listing for an HVAC company

Pro Tip: Use WhiteSpark or BrightLocal to find even more online directories to list your HVAC company.

Having lots of positive customer reviews on your online business listings is key to building trust with potential customers and getting new leads.

Check in with customers after the job is done to make sure they’re happy with your service. Then, send a text or email with a link from Google, Bing, or Yelp that lets them leave a review.

Examples of HVAC companies using Google's Local Services Ads

You also get a Google Guaranteed badge, which shows every HVAC lead that you’ve been vetted by Google as a trustworthy business.

When a lead clicks on your Local Services ad, they’ll see all your business details, reviews, and a Call button that lets them contact you directly from the ad:

Example of an HVAC Local Services Ad that shows potential HVAC leads your business information

Create pay-per-click Google Search ads

Google Search ads let you pay for advertising space at the top of Google results. When people search for your preferred HVAC keywords, like “miami air conditioning repair” or “24/7 furnace services,” your Search ad will show up just below Local Services Ads.

Examples of Google PPC ads for HVAC contractors

These are pay-per-click (PPC) ads, so you’ll only pay when a lead clicks on your HVAC ad to learn more about your business or to book your services.

Because Google Ads runs an auction to choose which ads it shows (and in which order), you and other HVAC businesses need to bid for advertising space.

To create a Google ad that stands out from the rest, come up with a few three- to four-word headlines that include the unique services you provide.

5. Use QR codes on all your marketing materials

Putting QR codes on all your HVAC marketing materials is an easy way to send potential customers to your website and turn them into leads.

Without having to search your company name on their phone, a lead can scan the QR code to instantly visit your website and book you for work.

Example of an HVAC flyer with a QR code to generate HVAC leads

Here’s where you should add your QR code to get new leads:

Use a QR code generator to create a code that takes leads to the work request form or contact page on your website.

6. Ask your existing customers for referrals

Your current customers are the best spokespeople for your business. Creating a simple customer referral program that rewards customers for spreading the word can get you higher-quality leads than any other strategy.

Follow these steps to ask for referrals and reward your customers:

  1. Create a standard follow-up email you can send to every HVAC customer asking if they’re happy with the work.
  2. At the end of the email, write one or two quick sentences explaining how the customer can send a referral and what reward they can get.
  3. Offer your customer a reward for booking your services, like a service discount, gift card, or a donation to their favorite charity.

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You could also build referrals into your invoicing process. When you send an invoice with Jobber, your customer will see a button they can click to refer a friend.

The customer referral program button beside an invoice in the Jobber client hub

Then, your customer can easily share a referral link with people they know and help you get a new HVAC lead.

Jobber automatically prompts your clients to share a booking link with their friends and family, so you never miss an opportunity to get great leads.

Originally published in May 2021. Last updated on September 8th, 2022.

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