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300 Roofing Company Names: Ideas to Inspire Your Branding

March 8, 2023 9 min. read
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Your roofing company name tells the world who you are and what makes you different from other roofing contractors. That’s why it’s so important to pick a unique name that customers connect with.

Find the perfect name for your roofing company with this list of 300 roofing company name ideas.

20 funny roofing company names

A funny business name is fun to share and could earn a recommendation when family or friends are looking for a roofing contractor. You could use a funny roofing name like:

  • All Of The Above Roofing
  • All Over It Roofing Services
  • Eave an Impression Roofs
  • Eave It to Me Roofing Experts
  • Got You Covered Roofing Co.
  • High & Mighty Roofers
  • Nailed It Roofing Contractors
  • On the Nail Roofing Solutions
  • Over Easy Roofing Company
  • Over the Top Roofing
  • Raise the Roof Exteriors
  • Roof It Construction
  • Scaling Eave Roofing Co.
  • Seal the Deal Roofing Experts
  • Shingle Minded Roofing
  • Spruce Up Roofing Services
  • Take Cover Roofing Contractors
  • Top Form Roofing Solutions
  • Truss Up Roofing Company
  • Up & Running Roofers

Pro Tip: Check to make sure the name you want is available in your city, state, and country. Start by googling “NAME + AREA” and search your area’s trademark database.

25 catchy roofing company names

A catchy name is easy for your customers to remember, which means they can easily share it with family and friends. Try one of these catchy roofing company names:

  • Above & Beyond Roofing
  • Balance Roofing Services
  • Canopy Roofing Solutions
  • Change Over Roofs
  • Crown Roofing
  • Eave-Ho Roofing Co.
  • Gable Roofing Contractors
  • High Ground Roofers
  • High Time Roofing Experts
  • Hot Tin Roof
  • Housetop Roofing
  • On the Roof Construction
  • On Top Roofing Solutions
  • One Roof Exteriors
  • Overhead Roofing Company
  • Rafter Roofing
  • Raise Up Roofs
  • Rise Above Roofing Co.
  • Roof Troop Exteriors
  • Rooftop Construction
  • Shelter Roofing Services
  • Surface Roofing Contractors
  • Tip-Top Roofing
  • Top-Notch Roofing Company
  • Up a Notch Roofers

30 clever roofing company names

Clever business names sound smart and leave a lasting impression on customers. Consider going with one of these clever roofing company names:

  • Above It All Roofing Solutions
  • Angle & Slope Roofing Co.
  • Beam & Bridge Roofs
  • Cover to Cover Roofing
  • Cover Up Roofing Company
  • Dome Roofing Contractors
  • Dormer Roofing Services
  • Full Height Roofing Experts
  • Gambrel Roofers
  • Hip to Hip Roof Construction
  • Hold Up Roofing Solutions
  • On It Exteriors
  • Open Valley Roofing
  • Over & Above Roofs
  • Overlap Roofing Company
  • Overlay Roofing Services
  • Parapet Roofing Co.
  • Rafter & Roof Exteriors
  • Ridge & Rafter Roofs
  • Rise & Run Roofers
  • Roofline Exteriors
  • Rooftree Construction
  • Shake & Shingle Roofing Experts
  • Sky High Roofing
  • Skyline Roofing Company
  • Soffit & Span Roofing Services
  • Traverse Roofing Contractors
  • Truss Roofing Solutions
  • Under Cover Roofing Co.
  • Up Top Roofing

Pro Tip: Include service-related keywords like “roofing” in your business name. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) so potential customers can find your roofing company online.

25 creative roofing company names

A creative business name feels special and helps your company stand out. Get creative with a name that makes your customers think of warm shelter, the heights you work at, or the materials you use:

  • Atlas Roofing
  • Aurora Roofing Co.
  • Boreas Roofing Solutions
  • Cedarwood Roofing Experts
  • Cypress Roofing Contractors
  • Denali Roofing Services
  • Everest Roofers
  • Helios Construction
  • Jupiter Roofing Company
  • Locustwood Exteriors
  • Matterhorn Roofs
  • Mauna Kea Roofing Co.
  • Mulberry Roofing Experts
  • Oakwood Roofing
  • Olympus Roofing Contractors
  • Pinewood Roofers
  • Rainier Roofing Solutions
  • Redwood Construction
  • Spruce Roofing Services
  • Temple Exteriors
  • Thor’s Roofing Co.
  • Walnut Roofing Company
  • Whirlwind Roofs
  • Zephyr Roofing
  • Zeus Construction

Pro Tip: Make sure your roofing company name is still appropriate as an acronym or shortened version. For example, High Time Roofing (HTR) sounds professional, but Roofing Aces of Glen Ellyn might scare customers away.

25 cool roofing company names

A cool name tells customers that you work hard and are easy to work with. Try impressing your customers one of these cool roofing company names:

  • Alpine Roofing Contractors
  • Altitude Roofing Services
  • Angle & Edge Exteriors
  • Ascend Roofing Experts
  • Belay Roofing Solutions
  • Bulletproof Roofs
  • Crossbeam Construction
  • Crossover Roofing Co.
  • Cut Above Roofing
  • Escalate Exteriors
  • Hammer & Nail Roofers
  • High Gear Roofing Experts
  • Incline Roofing Company
  • Latitude Roofing Services
  • Overhaul Roofing
  • Peak Roofing Contractors
  • Pole Vault Construction
  • Rappel Roofing Co.
  • Ridgepole Roofs
  • Selvage Roofing Services
  • Shingle & Scaffold Roofers
  • Shingle & Seam Exteriors
  • Summit Roofing Solutions
  • Tempest Roofing Experts
  • Tough As Nails Roofing

25 unique roofing company name ideas

A unique name helps your business stand out from competitors in your service area. Try a unique roofing company name like:

  • Above Board Roofs
  • Call Over Roofing Co.
  • Covered Roofing Company
  • Cupola Roofing Services
  • Eave To Exteriors
  • High Places Construction
  • High Up Roofing Experts
  • House & Home Roofers
  • Leapfrog Roofing Solutions
  • Nail Down Roofs
  • On High Roofing Contractors
  • On the House Roofing
  • Over Again Roofing Company

Pro Tip: Like one of these roofing company names, but don’t love it? Make it unique by changing the ending to something like Roofers, Exteriors, or Roofing Co.

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50 professional roofing names

When your roofing company name sounds professional, customers are more likely to think you run a reputable business with excellent service. Here are some examples of professional roofing company names:

  • Accomplish Roofing
  • Admire Roofing Company
  • Advantage Roofs
  • Ambition Roofing Services
  • Architect Roofing Co.
  • Ascend Roofing Experts
  • Award Roofing Contractors
  • Best Roofers
  • Bold Roofing Solutions
  • Boss Construction
  • Capital Roofing
  • Catalyst Roofing Services
  • Champion Exteriors
  • Command Roofing Co.
  • Concord Roofing Company
  • Cornerstone Construction
  • Craft Roofing Contractors
  • Dedicated Roofing Experts
  • Depend Roofs
  • Design Roofing Services
  • Distinct Roofers
  • Edge Roofing Solutions
  • Elite Roofing Co.
  • Enterprise Roofing
  • Experience Roofing Experts
  • Expert Roofing Company
  • Five-Star Construction
  • Fortify Roofing Contractors
  • Foundation Roofs
  • Guaranteed Roofers
  • Guardian Roofing
  • Illuminate Roofing Services
  • Independent Roofs
  • Insight Exteriors
  • Inspire Roofing Experts
  • Luxury Roofing Co.
  • Merit Roofing Solutions
  • Method Construction
  • Optimum Exteriors
  • Paragon Roofing Company
  • Performance Roofers
  • Pioneer Roofing
  • Precision Roofing Experts
  • Prestige Exteriors
  • Ready Roofing Services
  • Resolve Construction
  • Sentinel Roofing Co.
  • Talent Roofing Contractors
  • Trailblaze Roofers
  • Venture Roofing Solutions

50 personal names for a roofing company

Some roofing contractors use their personal names for their business name. This builds on their personal and professional reputation, creating a friendly feel around their brand. For example:

  • Allen Family Construction
  • Alvarez Roofing Solutions
  • Baker Brothers Exteriors
  • Brooks Roofing Company
  • Castillo & Sons Roofing
  • Cooper Roofing Services
  • Cruz & Daughters Roofing
  • Diaz Roofing Contractors
  • Evans Roofing Experts
  • Foster Roofing Co.
  • Garcia Sisters Construction
  • Gray Roofing Company
  • Harris Family Exteriors
  • Howard Roofing
  • Hughes Roofing Solutions
  • Jackson Roofers
  • Johnson Roofing Services
  • Jones Roofing Co.
  • Kim Roofing Contractors
  • King Roofing Company
  • Lee & Daughters Construction
  • Lopez Roofing Services
  • Martinez Family Roofing
  • Miller Sisters Exteriors
  • Morgan Roofing Experts
  • Murphy Roofing Solutions
  • Nelson Brothers Roofers
  • Nguyen Construction
  • Ortiz Roofing Contractors
  • Patel Roofing Company
  • Perez Roofing Co.
  • Peters Family Roofing
  • Ramos Roofing Services
  • Reyes Roofing Solutions
  • Richardson Exteriors
  • Roberts Roofing Experts
  • Rodriguez Roofers
  • Ruiz & Sons Construction
  • Sanchez Roofing Contractors
  • Sanders Roofing Co.
  • Smith Roofing Company
  • Stewart Roofing Experts
  • Thomas Roofing Services
  • Thompson Sisters Roofing
  • Torres Roofing Solutions
  • Turner Roofers
  • Walker Brothers Exteriors
  • Watson Roofing Contractors
  • Williams Roofing Experts
  • Wright Family Roofing Co.

Pro Tip: Avoid attaching your personal name to your roofing company if you might one day sell or leave the business. It could confuse customers if there’s no Big Al at Big Al’s Roofing.

50 location-based roofing names

A location-based name helps your company appear in search engine results and tells customers that you offer roofing services in their city or state. Consider a name that includes your location, like:

  • Albany Roofing Contractors
  • Annapolis Roofs
  • Arizona Roofing Services
  • Atlanta Roofing Company
  • Baltimore Roofing Co.
  • Bismarck Exteriors
  • Boston Roofing Solutions
  • California Construction
  • Chicago Roofing Experts
  • Colorado Roofers
  • Columbia Roofing Co.
  • Dallas Roofing Services
  • Delaware Roofing
  • Denver Roofing Company
  • Detroit Roofing Contractors
  • Florida Roofs
  • Fort Worth Exteriors
  • Fresno Roofing Solutions
  • Georgia Construction
  • Honolulu Roofing Experts
  • Houston Roofers
  • Idaho Roofing Services
  • Indiana Roofing Co.
  • Jacksonville Roofing
  • Kansas Roofing Company
  • Las Vegas Roofing Solutions
  • Little Rock Roofing Experts
  • Los Angeles Exteriors
  • Louisiana Roofing Services
  • Maryland Construction
  • Miami Roofing Contractors
  • Minnesota Roofs
  • Nashville Roofing Solutions
  • New Orleans Exteriors
  • Oakland Roofing Company
  • Oklahoma Construction
  • Olympia Roofing Experts
  • Phoenix Roofing Services
  • Portland Roofing Co.
  • Raleigh Roofing Contractors
  • Richmond Roofers
  • Sacramento Exteriors
  • San Antonio Roofing
  • Seattle Roofing Solutions
  • Texas Roofing Experts
  • Tucson Roofing Co.
  • Tulsa Roofing Company
  • Vermont Construction
  • Virginia Roofing Contractors
  • Washington Roofers

Pro Tip: Does your roofing company also offer services like skylight or solar panel installation? Add those services to your name so customers know everything you can do for their home.

How to name your roofing company

Coming up with good roofing company names might sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be—just follow these four steps to find the right name for your roofing company:

  1. Brainstorm a list of roofing company names using the examples in this article to get started. (You can also try a roofing company name generator for extra inspiration.)
  2. Make a shortlist of a few roofing names that make a statement about your business and are easy for customers to recognize and remember.
  3. Get feedback from family, friends, and potential customers who would hire you to build or repair their roof. Find out which business name they like most and why.
  4. Pick a name that best fits your roofing company—and make sure it’s not already taken by a competitor in your city and state.

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Found the perfect roofing company name? Design a professional logo that’ll impress your customers and help them remember your name. Here’s an example using a roofing name from this article:

Roofing company names with logo design

Real-life examples of roofing company names

The names in this article are just ideas. You can also get inspired by these real-life roofing company names and the reasoning behind them:

  • RETEX Roofing combines the words “retro” and “vertex” for a catchy name that adds a modern touch to an industry that’s normally pretty traditional.
  • Patriot Fence + Roofing Co. has a professional-sounding name that can appeal to customers’ sense of pride in their country.
  • Gaston Roofing is located in Gastonia, North Carolina. The company’s name is simple and easy to remember while feeling tied to its service area.
  • Unrivaled Roofing sounds like a business that puts quality work and customer service above all else, which can impress and attract potential customers.
  • Paramount Roofing is a clever name that makes customers think about what’s important to them—in this case, having a roof over their heads.

How to register your roofing company name

It’s a good idea to protect your roofing business name so other companies can’t use it. Stop by your local registry office to register your business name.

Here’s what the registration process can look like, depending on where you live:

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Next steps after naming your roofing business

You’ve picked the perfect roofing name, registered it, and designed a logo to go with it. Now you’re ready to keep moving through the process of starting a roofing business:

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