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405+ Tree Company Names to Help Grow Your Business

June 23, 2023 13 min. read
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Ready to get your arborist business off the ground? First you’ll need a business name that makes a good impression on customers and helps you stand out from competitors.

To help with that, we’ve come up with a list of 405+ tree company names to use as inspiration, as well as tips for finding and registering your perfect business name. Let’s get growing.

40 catchy tree service names

Your customers may have an easier time recognizing and remembering your business name if there’s something catchy about it. Try one of these catchy tree service names:

  • Abound Tree Care Specialists
  • Above & Beyond Tree Co.
  • Adventure Tree Solutions
  • Arbor All Tree Surgeon
  • Arbor Vitae Tree Care
  • Art of Nature Tree Specialist
  • Avid Arborist Services
  • Bark & Bough Tree Care
  • Bark & Branch Tree Co.
  • Branch & Bough Tree Care Co.
  • Cambium Arborists
  • Crow’s Nest Tree Services
  • Crown Jewel Tree Company
  • Crown Prince Tree Specialist
  • Earth & Air Arborist Co.
  • Eco Tree Services
  • Eco Experts Tree Care
  • Field & Forest Tree Surgeon
  • Forest Fairy Arborist Services
  • Green Leaf Tree Solutions
  • Hemisphere Tree Company
  • High Up Tree Services
  • Infinitree Arborists
  • Longleaf Tree Care
  • Olive Branch Tree Surgeon
  • Over & Above Tree Co.
  • Overhead Arborist Co.
  • Panorama Tree Services
  • Profound Tree Solutions
  • Shrub Club Tree Company
  • Shrub Space Tree Specialist
  • Sky High Arborist Services
  • Tip-Top Tree Surgeon
  • Tree Guardians
  • Treehood Arborist Co.
  • Treehouse Arborists
  • Treelength Trimming
  • Treeline Solutions
  • Treetop Arborist Co.
  • Woodsy Tree Specialist

Pro Tip: Include keywords like “arborist” or “tree care” in your business name. This is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and helps customers find your arborist website online.

30 cool tree company names

A cool name makes a strong statement about your business and your abilities—for example, being tough, adventurous, athletic, or outdoorsy.

Cool names like these can also make it sound exciting to do business with your company, and they help customers form a positive opinion of your service business brand:

  • Alpine Tree Specialist
  • Altitude Arborist Co.
  • Ambition Tree Care Co.
  • Belay Tree Surgeon
  • Breakaxe Tree Services
  • Endurance Tree Company
  • Equinox Arborists
  • Escalate Tree Care
  • Glacier Tree Specialist
  • High Gear Tree Solutions
  • Incline Tree Services
  • Ironwood Tree Surgeon
  • Latitude Arborist Services
  • Leatherleaf Tree Specialist
  • Legend Tree Company
  • Lumberjack Tree Care
  • Mountain Pine Arborist Co.
  • Olympic Tree Solutions
  • Paragon Arborists
  • Peak Tree Services
  • Rappel Tree Specialist
  • Redwood Tree Care Co.
  • Rimrock Tree Co.
  • Solstice Tree Surgeon
  • Summit Tree Company
  • Tempest Tree Services
  • Timberline Arborists
  • Tree Masters
  • Tundra Tree Specialist
  • Viridian Tree Surgeon

Pro Tip: If you offer complementary or seasonal services, like landscaping or holiday lighting, think about including them in your tree care business name. This will help you inform customers about what you offer and stand out from competitors.

20 funny tree service names

Use jokes, wordplay, and funny phrasing in your business name to show customers you’re fun to work with. Check out these examples of funny tree service names:

  • Above It All Tree Care Co.
  • All of the Above Tree Surgeon
  • Bough Wow Tree Co.
  • Branching Out Tree Specialist
  • Full Height Tree Solutions
  • High & Mighty Arborists
  • High Places Tree Care
  • High Time Tree Services
  • Olive You Tree Specialist
  • On High Arborist Co.
  • Out On a Limb Tree Care
  • Over the Top Tree Surgeon
  • Pinetastic Arborist Co.
  • Shining Arbor Tree Solutions
  • Shrub Along Tree Company
  • Shrub Together Tree Care
  • Shrublime Arborists
  • The Shruburbs Tree Specialist
  • There’s the Shrub Tree Co.
  • Up & About Tree Surgeon

85 creative tree service business names

A creative name helps your customers think of an idea that’s bigger than your business—for example, the trees you work with, their vivid colors, or the feeling of walking through a forest.

Help customers build a detailed mental picture around your tree care business with a creative name like:

  • Acacia Tree Specialist
  • Acorn Tree Co.
  • Alder Tree Surgeon
  • Alpenglow Tree Services
  • Amaranth Tree Specialist
  • Arvore Arborists
  • Aspen Leaf Tree Care Co.
  • Aurora Tree Company
  • Baum Tree Surgeon
  • Bloom Tree Specialist
  • Blossom Tree Solutions
  • Blue Oak Tree Services
  • Blue Sky Tree Care Services
  • Boreal Arborists
  • Boreas Tree Specialist
  • Bosque Tree Surgeon
  • Breeze Tree Solutions
  • Broadleaf Tree Services
  • Cedar Tree Specialist
  • Cedarwood Tree Care Co.
  • Celadon Arborist Services
  • Cypress Tree Specialist
  • Daintree Tree Surgeon
  • Dogwood Tree Solutions
  • Emerald Tree Care Services
  • Evergreen Tree Specialist
  • Fern Tree Surgeon
  • Finch Tree Specialist
  • Floresta Arborist Co.
  • Grove Tree Services
  • Hawthorn Tree Care Services
  • Hazelnut Tree Specialist
  • Hickory Arborist Services
  • Hollyberry Tree Surgeon
  • Horizon Tree Solutions
  • Jade Arborists
  • Juniper Tree Company
  • Kingwood Tree Specialist
  • Larch Tree Surgeon
  • Lark Tree Specialist
  • Larkspur Arborist Co.
  • Laurel Tree Services
  • Lemonwood Tree Specialist
  • Lilac Tree Care Co.
  • Linden Tree Surgeon
  • Lodgepole Tree Specialist
  • Lush Tree Company
  • Magnolia Tree Specialist
  • Majesty Tree Surgeon
  • Maple Tree Specialist
  • Meadow Tree Solutions
  • Mulberry Tree Services
  • Oakwood Tree Care Co.
  • Oasis Tree Specialist
  • Olympia Tree Surgeon
  • Orchard Tree Specialist
  • Oriole Arborist Co.
  • Palm Tree Services
  • Patch Tree Solutions
  • Pine Tree Company
  • Pinewood Tree Specialist
  • Plum Tree Surgeon
  • Poplar Tree Specialist
  • Ridgepole Tree Care Co.
  • River Birch Tree Surgeon
  • Rowan Tree Specialist
  • Sapwood Tree Services
  • Scenic Tree Solutions
  • Selva Tree Specialist
  • Sequoia Tree Care Services
  • Serenity Arborist Services
  • Sherwood Tree Specialist
  • Silktree Tree Surgeon
  • Sparrow Tree Specialist
  • Springwood Tree Services
  • Spruce Tree Specialist
  • Starling Tree Solutions
  • Sycamore Arborists
  • Tamarack Tree Company
  • Tranquil Tree Specialist
  • Verdant Tree Surgeon
  • Walnut Tree Specialist
  • White Pine Arborist Co.
  • Willow Tree Services
  • Woodland Tree Solutions

Pro Tip: Make sure your tree company name is available in your city and state by googling “NAME + YOUR AREA” and searching your local trademark database.

20 stump grinding company names

Your stump grinding services help set you apart from competitors who don’t offer the same service—and they make a big difference for your customers’ yards. Highlight this service with stump grinding company names like:

  • Ax to Grind Tree Surgeon
  • Boled Over Tree Care Co.
  • Daily Grind Stump Removal
  • Deep Roots Tree Solutions
  • Grind Away Tree Services
  • Heartwood Tree Surgeon
  • High Ground Tree Specialist
  • Hillside Tree Care Services
  • Longshadow Tree Specialist
  • Over the Stump Arborist Co.
  • Peak & Valley Tree Solutions
  • Rooting for You Tree Services
  • Stump All Over Tree Care Co.
  • Stump Squad Tree Specialist
  • Stump Up Tree Surgeon
  • Stumped Tree Company
  • Stumped Up Tree Specialist
  • Stumping Ground Arborists
  • Stumping Iron Arborists
  • Treemendous Tree Services

30 tree cutting company names

Some customers need tree removal services to keep their outdoor spaces safe and tidy. Communicate this service to customers with one of these tree removal company names:

  • All Over It Tree Surgeon
  • Balance Tree Services
  • Beleaf It Arborist Co.
  • Bough Down Tree Cutter
  • Bounty Tree Company
  • Branch & Bole Tree Services
  • Canopy Tree Trimming
  • Canopy Care Tree Company
  • Crown Tree Specialist
  • Cut Above Tree Services
  • Cut Once Arborist Services
  • Enhance Tree Solutions
  • Fighting Trim Tree Cutting
  • Harvest Tree Surgeon
  • Just a Trim Tree Specialist
  • Leaf an Impression Tree Co.
  • Leaf It to Me Tree Trimming
  • Limber Tree Care Services
  • Off the Top Tree Surgeon
  • On a Limb Tree Specialist
  • On Top Tree Services
  • Root & Branch Tree Cutters
  • Take a Bough Tree Surgeon
  • Timbercut Tree Specialist
  • Top Form Tree Services
  • Top Up Arborist Co.
  • Top-Notch Tree Company
  • Treehopper Tree Specialist
  • Trim Away Tree Cutters
  • Up Top Tree Specialist

Pro Tip: Come up with even more tree service company names by changing “tree care” to something like “arborist” or “tree trimmers” instead.

30 tree planting company names

Customers should know if you plant new trees as well as maintain mature ones. Tell current and potential customers about your planting service with a tree company name like:

  • Abide Tree Care Services
  • Abundant Arborists
  • Agrarian Tree Surgeon
  • Beam & Bough Tree Care
  • Branch Out Tree Company
  • Cultivate Tree Care Co.
  • Daybreak Arborist Services
  • Full Seed Tree Specialist
  • Get Growing Tree Co.
  • Good Seed Tree Surgeon
  • Grow Ahead Tree Solutions
  • Grow For It Tree Specialist
  • Need for Seed Tree Care
  • New Leaf Tree Company
  • Plant the Seed Arborist Co.
  • Ready Set Grow Tree Care
  • Rise Above Tree Specialist
  • Rise Up Tree Surgeon
  • Seed Away Tree Care Co.
  • Seed Squad Tree Co.
  • Seed Up Tree Specialist
  • Sprout Tree Care Services
  • Stem & Cellar Tree Care
  • Sunrise Arborist Services
  • Think Up Tree Specialist
  • Time to Grow Tree Solutions
  • Top Seed Tree Surgeon
  • Tree of Life Arborists
  • Treescape Tree Company
  • Up & Running Tree Care

50 professional tree service company names

A professional-sounding name tells customers that you’re an expert and their tree is in good hands. Consider a professional tree company name like:

  • Accomplish Tree Solutions
  • Adept Tree Surgeon
  • Artistry Tree Specialist
  • Ascend Tree Cutting
  • Authority Tree Specialist
  • Bright Tree Services
  • Capital Tree Co.
  • Catalyst Tree Surgeon
  • Conquer Tree Trimming
  • Craft Tree Cutting
  • Direct Tree Services
  • Discover Tree Specialist
  • Distinctive Tree Solutions
  • Dynamic Tree Trimming
  • Elevate Tree Solutions
  • Embark Tree Care Co.
  • Enlighten Tree Surgeon
  • Enterprise Tree Co.
  • Essential Tree Care
  • Flawless Tree Surgeon
  • Flex Tree Care Services
  • Force Tree Surgeon
  • Guarantee Tree Co.
  • Icon Tree Cutting
  • Insight Tree Care Services
  • Inspire Tree Specialist
  • Legend Tree Co.
  • Master Tree Solutions
  • Performance Tree Trimming
  • Pioneer Tree Surgeon
  • Poise Tree Specialist
  • Precision Tree Trimming
  • Prestige Tree Surgeon
  • Progress Tree Services
  • Pure Tree Surgeon
  • Quality Tree Care Co.
  • Ready Tree Specialist
  • Resolve Tree Surgeon
  • Seasoned Tree Care
  • Sentinel Tree Care Services
  • Success Tree Specialist
  • Summit Tree Solutions
  • Supreme Tree Specialist
  • Swift Tree Services
  • Talent Tree Co.
  • Thrive Tree Specialist
  • Unique Tree Solutions
  • Venture Tree Surgeon
  • Vision Tree Specialist
  • Vitality Tree Surgeon

Pro Tip: Your business name should still sound professional when it’s shortened or used as an acronym. Something like Balance Tree Care (BTC) is fine, but avoid a name like Shrub Club Arborists of Maine.

50 personal names for tree care companies

Some arborists use their first or last name in their business name. This can help you build a brand on your personal reputation and present yourself as a friendly, caring company.

Here are a few examples of how to use your personal name as a business name:

  • Alan Smith, Tree Specialist
  • Andrew’s Tree Surgeons
  • Barton Tree Co.
  • Bennett Arborist Services
  • Burns Tree Care Co.
  • Campbell Tree Trimming
  • Chapman Tree Surgeon
  • Collins Tree Care Services
  • Cooper Tree Specialist
  • Cox Tree Cutting
  • Dixon Tree Solutions
  • Edward’s Tree Care
  • Evans Tree Solutions
  • Fisher Tree Care
  • Flores Tree Surgeon
  • Garcia Tree Care Co.
  • Goodwin Tree Specialist
  • Gray Tree Trimming
  • Griffin Tree Specialist
  • Hill Stump Removal
  • Howell Tree Surgeon
  • Hubbard Arborist Services
  • Jackson Tree Care
  • James Tree Specialist
  • Jensen’s Tree Surgeons
  • Kelly Tree Services
  • Kennedy Tree Solutions
  • Lawson Tree Trimming
  • Lopez Tree Surgeon
  • Marshall Tree Company
  • Mitchell Tree Specialist
  • Morrison Tree Care
  • Nelson Tree Solutions
  • Owens Tree Care
  • Perez Tree Specialist
  • Peterson Tree Co.
  • Price Tree Cutting
  • Ramirez Tree Services
  • Reeves Tree Surgeon
  • Ross Tree Specialist
  • Sanchez Stump Removal
  • Shepherd Tree Surgeon
  • Simmons Tree Care Co.
  • Stanley Tree Specialist
  • Thompson Tree Solutions
  • Torres Tree Specialist
  • Tucker Tree Care
  • Wallace Tree Solutions
  • Wells Tree Surgeon
  • Young Tree Care Co.

Pro Tip: It’s best to avoid using your personal name as a business name if you plan to sell the company someday. Customers may get confused if Tony no longer works at Tony’s Tree Care.

50 location-based tree company names

Tell customers you offer tree care services in their area by including your city or region in your business name. This can also help you appear higher in Google’s search results when potential customers look for your services online.

Your location-based tree company name could look something like this:

  • Albuquerque Tree Specialist
  • Anaheim Tree Care Services
  • Anchorage Tree Surgeon
  • Arlington Tree Cutting
  • Atlanta Arborist Co.
  • Aurora Tree Surgeon
  • Baltimore Tree Solutions
  • Bay Area Tree Specialist
  • Buffalo Tree Co.
  • Cincinnati Tree Care Co.
  • Cleveland Tree Services
  • Corpus Christi Tree Specialist
  • Dallas Tree Cutting
  • Denver Tree Care Services
  • Detroit Tree Surgeon
  • Fresno Stump Removal
  • Honolulu Tree Services
  • Indianapolis Tree Co.
  • Kansas City Arborist
  • Las Vegas Tree Care
  • Lexington Tree Cutting
  • Long Beach Tree Trimming
  • Louisville Tree Specialist
  • Memphis Tree Surgeon
  • Mesa Tree Solutions
  • Miami Tree Specialist
  • Milwaukee Tree Care Co.
  • Minneapolis Stump Removal
  • Nashville Tree Surgeon
  • New Orleans Tree Care
  • Oakland Tree Cutting
  • Oklahoma City Tree Solutions
  • Omaha Tree Surgeon
  • Orange County Tree Co.
  • Philadelphia Tree Care
  • Pittsburgh Tree Surgeon
  • Portland Tree Solutions
  • Raleigh Arborist Co.
  • Riverside Tree Services
  • Sacramento Tree Specialist
  • San Diego Tree Cutting
  • Santa Ana Arborist
  • Seattle Tree Surgeon
  • St. Louis Tree Co.
  • Stockton Tree Care Services
  • Tampa Tree Specialist
  • Tucson Stump Removal
  • Tulsa Tree Care Services
  • Virginia Beach Tree Care
  • Wichita Tree Specialist

What makes a good tree company name?

The best tree service names have several key things in common:

  • They tell potential customers that you are an arborist providing tree care services
  • They make your customers think or feel positively about your business
  • They’re one-of-a-kind in the town, city, or region where you do business
  • They’re easy for your customers to say, spell, and remember

Once you’ve chosen a name, you can design a professional-looking logo to go with it. Here’s an example of an arborist business logo, using one of the tree service name ideas in this article:

Tree company logo application with tree company name

What should I name my tree care business?

Not sure how to come up with a name for a tree company or which one is best? Follow these steps to make a list of tree company names and find the right one for your business:

  1. Brainstorm a list of names, building on the list of the tree service name ideas in this article. (Looking for more ideas? Try using a tree service name generator.)
  2. Create a shortlist of names that tell customers something important about your arborist business. These names should be easy to read, say, and remember.
  3. Ask for feedback from friends and family. Ask them to pick the name that’s most appealing to them and find out what they like about it.
  4. Choose a name that fits your tree care business and will help you attract the types of customers you’re looking for.

5 examples of good tree company names

Need extra ideas for your business name? Below are a few examples of real-life tree company names. See how a good name can help your business create a solid first impression:

  • Taproot Tree Care is a name that can make customers think of a strong, deep root system—and a business that can keep those roots healthy.
  • Smart Feller Tree Works uses wordplay to suggest a team of knowledgeable arborists who can remove your tree as needed.
  • Brad’s Tree Service is named after the owner, which makes the business sound friendly, dedicated, and focused on the customer.
  • Ladybug Arborists is not only a quick, catchy name, but also suggests that the business provides insect management services.
  • Vista Tree Management sounds like a cool yet professional company that can handle any of their customers’ arboriculture needs.

How to register your tree company name

Once you’ve chosen your tree care business name, you’ll need to register it with your local, state, or federal government. Here’s how to do that, depending on where you live:

READ MORE: Should I incorporate my small business?

Next steps after naming your tree service business

You’re ready to grow—your business name is registered and it’s time to finish starting a tree service business. Here’s what comes next:

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