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Top 14 Pest Control Apps for Pest ID, Scheduling, and More

July 17, 2023 8 min. read
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Whether you’re zapping or trapping pests, you rely on high-quality tools—the same goes for running the day-to-day operations of your pest control service business.

Use this list to find the best pest control apps for identifying unfamiliar pest species, simplifying your scheduling process, booking more pest removal jobs, and exterminating all your mind-numbing paperwork.

Best overall pest control app

1. Jobber

iOS, Android, and desktop

Keep your pest control business organized and efficient with Jobber as your go-to app for managing jobs, clients, documents, and team members. Jobber is pest control management software that simplifies your day-to-day work, whether you’re a manager or technician.

Use the drag and drop calendar to quickly schedule one-off work (like removing wildlife from an attic) and recurring work (like home inspections for termites and bed bugs). Jobber also lets you create and share digital inspection checklists to ensure you do thorough work every time.

Jobber’s versatility puts it among the best software for pest control business owners and field technicians. From a single place, Jobber lets you:

  • Keep track of important client details from anywhere, like children and pets in the household
  • Create and send professional pest control estimates that clients can approve online
  • Invoice clients with customizable, company-branded invoice templates
  • Accept credit card payments in-person or online
  • Send automatic follow-up texts and emails for your quotes, invoices, appointments, and more
  • Team members can use the Jobber app in English or in Spanish to manage day-to-day work in the field

Best pest identification apps

Use these pest identification apps to learn what pests you’re dealing with at client properties—and the right ways to control and eliminate them.

2. NPMA Field Guide PRO

Annual subscription for $8.99 USD | Available on iOS and Android

Lean on NPMA Field Guide PRO as your portable, online pest control encyclopedia so you can quickly identify and manage pests on the job. It’s the most advanced digital field guide for pest control contractors.

NPMA Field Guide PRO has a massive database, but its search tools make it easy to find the pest you’re looking for, its biology, behavior, and the best pest control solutions to manage it.

Take notes on specific pests in the app, save your notes, and upload photos you’ve taken to each pest’s profile.

3. Picture Insect

Free (with in-app purchases) | Available on iOS and Android

Picture Insect helps you identify any insect during your pest control inspections just by taking a photo.

When you encounter an unfamiliar pest, find it in Picture Insect and get information on the insect’s toxicity—the app will tell you if it’s harmful to humans, animals, or both. You’ll also find answers to common questions about each species.

If you know the name of the insect and want information on the species, just type it into your pest identifier app. Then, save insects to your collection and pull up the app for reference if you see the pest again.

4. Seek

Free | Pest identification app for iOS and Android

Use the Seek pest identification app to find information on animal, plant, and insect pests.

Take a photo of any kind of intrusive or dangerous wildlife species, plant, or fungus, and Seek will show you a biological profile of the pest.

This pest ID app was designed as a learning tool, but its photo identification system can save pest control specialists loads of time identifying and learning about unfamiliar wildlife on the job.

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Pest control business apps to manage your operations

Keep your pest control business organized and efficient with these apps that help with scheduling, estimating, invoicing, accounting, and reporting.

5. FleetSharp

Free (with purchase of FleetSharp device) | Available on iOS and Android

Fit more pest control jobs in a day with FleetSharp’s GPS mapping and vehicle tracking. Use this fleet management app to plan out the most efficient, time-saving route for each day’s pest control jobs.

Here’s how you can manage your vehicle efficiency with  FleetSharp’s route optimization app:

  • Track your team’s vehicle routes during the day
  • Monitor each vehicle’s location at any point in time
  • Quickly dispatch your nearest pest control technician for emergency service calls
  • Assess fuel levels and daily fuel mileage

6. GasBuddy

Free | Available on iOS and Android

Save money and time on your trips to customer properties using GasBuddy. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area and search for gas stations by price, location, and restroom availability.

With your eyes on regional gas prices and trends, you can budget your vehicle expenses more accurately. GasBuddy also offers driving tips to help you use less fuel on your way to pest control jobs.

7. ePestReports

Subscription required | Available on iOS and Android

Running a commercial pest control company? Use ePestReports to manage all your compliance documents, reports, and service agreements online.

ePestReports lets you complete commercial pest control service reports from your phone, including HACCP compliance and chemical usage reports. It also lets you schedule pest removal jobs and give clients access to the documents they need.

8. SafetyCulture

Free plan available (for up to 10 team members) | Available on iOS and Android

Use SafetyCulture to keep your on-site pest control processes consistent, no matter who’s on the job or where it is.

SafetyCulture’s templates help you create checklists for PPE inspection, pest inspection, chemical handling, and job tasks so you don’t miss an important step.

After a site inspection, take notes in the SafetyCulture app to document the property’s conditions and where you’ve found termite damage, signs of bed bugs, or other pest infestation clues.

9. Pest Control Invoice Generator

Preview of pest control invoice template

Free | Available on mobile and desktop

Jobber’s pest control invoice generator lets you create and download customized invoices for your pest control jobs.

Just fill in the blanks with your pest control company and client information. Then download your invoice as an easy-to-read PDF that you can instantly send to clients.

Using an invoice generator saves you time, makes you look professional, reduces room for error, and keeps your invoices consistent across pest control jobs.

10. QuickBooks Accounting

Starting at $22/month | Available on iOS, Android, and desktop

Manage your pest control company’s finances and prepare for tax season with QuickBooks Accounting.

This accounting app helps you stay on top of your daily and monthly finances by managing income and expenses, financial reports, payroll, and invoices in one place.

In the QuickBooks Accounting app, you can:

  • Scan receipts for pesticide and chemical purchases then attach them to your expenses
  • Categorize receipt photos so you can claim tax deductions
  • Check account balances and cash flow in one place
  • Track sent invoices to stay on top of overdue payments

Plus, QuickBooks Online integrates with Jobber so you can access job details, track time, invoice, and manage your pest control business on the go.

Apps to book more pest control jobs

Get more pest control customers with these handy apps for marketing and lead generation

11. Angi Services for Pros

Free (with pay-per-lead option) | Available on iOS and Android

Angi Services for Pros helps you generate more pest control leads by connecting you with clients searching for your services. It’s one of the best lead generation sites for service providers who perform one-off jobs and specialized work like pest removal.

Use the Angi app to find new customers between pest control jobs. Once you create a free profile, you can pay for Angi advertisements if you want more people to see your company.

Or, get more eyes on your profile (for free!) by asking for customer reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the higher Angi will place your business on a potential customer’s search results list.

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12. Mailchimp

Free plan available (for under 500 email contacts) | Available on iOS and Android

Promote your services to new and existing pest control customers using Mailchimp. Mailchimp’s email builder lets you create, schedule, and send marketing emails with ready-made templates—and you don’t need marketing experience.

Expand your pest control marketing by sending regular emails to all your contacts that share preventative pest control tips, as well as testimonials from happy customers.

Mailchimp is also great for sending emails to existing customers when you have special discounts on preventive pest control products and services—and for customer feedback surveys.

13. Tearaway Flyer Maker

Free | Available on mobile and desktop

Need to attract new pest control customers in your neighborhood without spending lots of money? Use Tearaway Flyer Maker on your mobile device or computer to make simple, custom flyers.

Add your pest control company name, description, phone number, and URL for your pest control website to the flyer maker—and Tearaway automatically creates tear-off tabs with your contact info.

When you print and post your flyers around town, anyone can easily rip a tab off and contact you when they need your pest removal services.

14. Canva

Free plan available | iOS, Android, and desktop

The Canva app offers thousands of templates to help you create marketing designs. Create brochures, flyers, social media ads, Google Search ads, and more with Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools.

Use Canva’s massive library of stock photos and graphics to build visuals that show potential customers your professionalism. If you’re just starting a pest control business, you can easily create a logo and design your company branding right in the app.

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Ready to try out new apps? Choose ones that will save you and your pest control technicians time and effort.

For a pest control business app that gets a lot done and wears many hats—just like you—try Jobber.

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