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Job costing software that makes profitability tracking easy

Jobber automatically calculates profitability for your field service jobs. By tracking all your costs in one place, you’ll reduce the time spent switching between spreadsheets, physical receipts, and bank statements.

How does job costing work in Jobber?

Job Profit Bar

View your profit margin as you complete the job

See the profitability of each job based on the price and total costs you’ve tracked.

Calculations automatically update as costs are added and changed, so you can always stay on top of your margins.

Job profit bar showing the profit margin and job costs on a quote in Jobber
Material Cost Tracking

Cost your materials accurately

Add material costs spent on the job. Select items from your products and services saved in Jobber, or add new line items as needed.

Line items in Jobber that have adjustable unit costs and unit prices
Labor Cost Tracking

Factor every labor hour into your pricing

Set a default labor rate for each of your employees. When they track their visit time using the Jobber mobile app, their labor rate and hours will be automatically calculated as labor costs for the job.

For more accurate labor costing, use location timers to automatically track your team’s time so you can ensure your timesheets are accurate and always up to date.

Labor hours and labor costs associated with a specific team member in Jobber
Expense Tracking

Keep track of on-the-job expenses

Track expenses from anywhere to stay on top of any additional costs.

Then, upload accompanying receipts for more accuracy and easy reimbursement.

An expense in Jobber showing the expense description, date, dollar amount, and more expense details in the Jobber mobile app
Job Profitability Reporting

Compare profitability from job to job

Generate and view customizable reports to easily compare details for multiple jobs—price, costs, profits, custom fields, and more.

Knowing where you win (and where you don’t) helps you improve your pricing and costing for future jobs.

A report in Jobber showing one-off jobs and their revenue, expense totals, labor costs, and line item costs

What is job costing software?

Job costing software like Jobber helps you track all your work-associated costs in the same place you manage the rest of the job. With Jobber, you can see your profitability in real time and get an accurate picture of how much you’re earning on a job.

When you use Jobber as your job costing software, you can:

  • Track all job costs in one place, including materials, labor, and miscellaneous expenses—all in the same place you manage the rest of the job
  • Get a real-time view of job profitability and see profitability calculations automatically update as you add and change costs for each job
  • Improve pricing and costing accuracy for future jobs by understanding your past profitability on similar jobs

Integrations that fit the way you work

Jobber connects with your favorite apps and software to save you time.

Availability depends on location and plan

See All Integrations

Over 200,000 home service pros trust Jobber

With job costing, Jobber has taken our efficiency to the next level.

We’ve increased our revenue by 15 to 20% because I’m able to look at the data and determine in real time what jobs were most profitable, allowing me to price future jobs with more accuracy.

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