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Lawn Care Sales: How to Sell More Lawn Care Services

March 24, 2020 5 min. read
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Now that you’ve figured out how to create a lawn care pricing chart to price your services properly, it’s time to tackle your sales.

There are a ton of different ways you can sell your lawn care services to win more lawn care bids and retain more customers. But those selling tactics are not always the most obvious.

Complete with industry expert tips, we’ll take you through some straightforward strategies you can use to sell your lawn care business’ services and close more deals.

Let’s jump in.

1. Send professional and thorough lawn care quotes

Appearance really does matter when it comes to lawn care services and bids. That means you should be sending your customers formalized and professional quotes.

Quoting isn’t just a means to an end with your jobs––think of the quoting process as a communication touchpoint. It helps you set professionalism and customer service expectations high.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the quoting process. You send off a quote, carry on with other work on your to-do list, and wait for a response from your potential customer.

But your relationship doesn’t begin once you’ve won the job––your relationship starts the moment you speak with your client. You can improve the chances of winning their business by improving your process and communication.

How can you do that? Give more context to your quotes.

“Don’t be an estimator or an order taker,” Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek tells us.

Be an educator. Be a partner.

Take the time to answer questions, explain what it all means, what needs to happen, and exactly what the outcomes are that can be expected

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek

“You don’t just go out and hand them a quote and walk away. You become their partner on their project.”

This thorough approach to quoting builds trust and loyalty with your clients. Not only are your quotes professional looking, but you also show you’re willing to go the extra mile to help.

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2. Get to know customers in your target neighborhoods

Getting to know your clients in your target neighborhoods can give your word of mouth sales a boost. It helps you know what services your clients (and prospects) want.

This makes you more helpful as a service provider, and it helps you grow your customer base

Try working on weekends and evenings, and dropping by to say “thank you” when people are actually home.

Brian Boase, owner of MIL-SPEC Landscaping and expert on using tech to boost his lawn care businesses suggests this. He strongly believes it’s a great way to grow your base and really get to know your clients.

Brian says, “you’d be surprised at how much traction this gets on the neighborhood private Facebook pages. It’s just plain ‘ole fun to go have a thank you day.”

This gives you the chance to build a rapport with your customers, thank them in person for their business, and also give some free lawn care advice.

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3. Bundle lawn care services and offer package deals

Some of your services, like weed control and basic lawn care, are going to sell better than others. With lawn care reporting software, you can learn exactly which customers are more profitable, which services you should double down on, and which ones you should cut.

Having this information also helps you figure out which services you can bundle.

You can create specialty packages with some helpful services that might not be as obvious to customers, like a pH soil test.

Edward Ramsden of Enviromasters Lawn Care suggests structuring quotes as templates that have different service offering tiers.

“Bump a client up to a different tier when they want more services. For example tier 1 is cutting every week; tier 2 is cutting, trimming, and flower beds; tier 3 is fertilizer throughout summer plus a basic tier.”

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When your client asks you about more services, you would simply send them a new quote and have them sign off on that if they agree to it.

Edward Ramsden Enviromasters Lawn Care

Once you’ve created a lawn care services package, post it on your Facebook page or advertise your lawn care services on flyers, and play with how you word the deal.

For example, “buy 5 services, get 1 service free” might perform better than “buy 6 services for the price of 5.”

Edward’s had more success with freebies rather than discounted offers.

“Instead of 20% off aeration, we’d offer a free soil conditioner worth $45 value –– I paid $5 for that bag, and I can sell it for $45 but I can offer $5 of material for free and the work too.”

“You can also offer the second service for free. I built it into the price so the customer doesn’t actually get it for free, but that’s a lawn care professional’s secret,” says Edward.

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4. Communicate clearly

Communicating effectively with a prospect or a customer is essential. You need to go beyond simply emailing a quote or an invoice to your clients if you really want to win more jobs, get recurring work, and meet sales targets.

Once you’ve sent off a thorough and detailed quote, follow up to keep the conversation going. It’s easy to forget that your clients are often just as busy as you are. It’s likely that it slipped their mind if you haven’t heard back.

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Although client communication isn’t rocket science, it shouldn’t be taken lightly, says Stanley Genadek. “You don’t get a second chance at these things. The way you communicate can land or lose you a job in a hurry.”

Your customers want to feel like they’re in good hands and the way you communicate dictates that.

“I’ve lost jobs because I gave the low bid and didn’t effectively communicate or connect with the customer,” says Stanley.

“I gave them a bid because they were one of five, or six, or seven that I had to do that day. I couldn’t allocate the amount of time necessary to really make that interpersonal connection with them, and I turned it in.”

Take this tip from Stanley and carve time out of your busy schedule to make connections with your customers. It’ll help you win more jobs and retain customers.

Communicating at key points before and after the job with appointment reminders and following up after a service is a great customer service tactic. It also opens the door to more potential sales––the more you talk to your customers, the more opportunities you have to upsell and offer more services.

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