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28 Cleaning Websites You Really Should Be Imitating

February 3, 2022 13 min. read
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When cleaning clients are searching for services online, your business needs to show up in the list of search results. A solid website will help your business move to the top of that list.

It’s also one of the biggest ways to start a cleaning business and grow it over time.

So how do you build a new cleaning business website, or make your current one look better?

Let’s go through website essentials like design and content, using 28 home and office cleaning websites as examples. Then we’ll dive into an 8-step process to help you build your own site.

10 design ideas from real cleaning websites

Not sure what your website should look like or what features it should include? We’ve included examples of the top features from real cleaning company websites to give you ideas.

1. Clean, user-friendly design

Amazing Space has a simple, one-page website with bright colors and photos. It’s fun to look at and easy to use, but it still includes important information like who they are and what they do.

Pro Tip: Make sure your website is responsive, meaning it automatically resizes to fit any screen size (like a phone or tablet). Lots of website builders have responsive templates you can use, like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

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2. Eye-catching visuals

Luxe Cleaning Co. uses custom photos to show off their team and their work. The main header on the home page even includes a custom looping video of their cleaners on the job.

Pro Tip: Use our before-and-after image maker to create images for your website that show off your work. Your clients will be impressed when they see what a good job you can do.

3. Consistent branding

The Domestic Divas website has soft colors, modern photos, and a clean feel. This design matches their logo and their luxury branding.

Pro Tip: Share your value proposition (what makes you different from competitors) with potential clients. Domestic Divas’ strengths are listed right on their home page where they’re easy to find, and they tie in with the company’s focus on luxury service.

4. Simple navigation

Bluebonnet Cleaning has a simple navigation menu with just the right amount of detail. This makes it easy for site visitors to find the information they’re looking for, like services or contact details.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid drop-down menus, especially ones where you need to hover over them. They don’t always provide the best user experience, and they often don’t work well on mobile devices.

5. Social media links

On the Diamond Shine Cleaners website, icons in their main navigation link to their social media pages. That way, clients can easily find them on any platform and see all the content and reviews they have to offer.

Pro Tip: Get a website widget that updates your site with your social media content. This shows off your work and makes you look like an active business with lots of clients.

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6. Cleaning request form

An Extra Set of Hands offers a simple quote request form, powered by Jobber, that allows clients to request services through their website. The form asks for contact details, number of rooms, and the tasks they need done.

Quote request form example from An Extra Set of Hands website

With Jobber, this cleaning company can quickly schedule an assessment and assign it to a team member—directly from a customer’s request—in just a few clicks.

7. Online payment options

If your clients are leaving cash or checks for payment, there’s an easier way—and Jersey Green Cleaning knows it. They offer online payment so clients can pay for their services by credit card.

Pro Tip: Use Jobber’s client hub to let your clients pay invoices online, 24/7. They can also request more work, confirm appointments, and approve estimates. It’s like having a back office that never sleeps.

FREE TOOL: Invoice and get paid faster with our free cleaning invoice template

8. Online shop

Make your own cleaning supplies? Be like Cleaning Fairies and set up an online shop. They have cleaning supplies and equipment available through one-time purchases or subscriptions.

Pro Tip: Not sure what to sell? Try offering gift cards that can be purchased, gifted, and redeemed for a cleaning. This is a great way to reach new clients and win more business.

9. Instant messaging and chatbots

Boardwalk Cleaning Co. offers instant messaging through a pop-up on their website. Visitors can ask questions and book services without having to pick up the phone.

Pro Tip: Use Facebook Messenger on your website for free instant messaging, or invest in paid chatbot software options like Hubspot or Snatchbot.

10. Email newsletter signup

The Bay Area Cleaning Professionals website has an email signup pop-up. This encourages visitors to sign up for their email list, in exchange for a discount and valuable content, and keeps Bay Area Cleaning top of mind for potential clients.

Cleaning websites - email newsletter screenshot

Pro Tip: If you’re collecting email addresses, make sure you’re sending useful email marketing content regularly. It should be about 80% useful content and only 20% sales.

18 content tips from cleaning websites

Even the most well-designed site needs content to make it effective. Check out these examples of great content from real residential and commercial cleaning websites.

1. Clear call to action (CTA)

Green Clean Plus includes their CTA buttons (“Request a Quote Now!”) all over the website. It’s clear they want visitors to request a free estimate, and they make it easy to do.

Cleaning websites - CTA screenshot

Pro Tip: Try not to have too many calls to action in the same place. Focus on getting clients to complete one action, like calling, filling out a contact form, booking service, or requesting a quote.

2. Services list

Clean Agent includes their list of cleaning services right on their home page. Each has its own icon that links to the Services page, where visitors can find more information about that service.

Cleaning websites - services page screenshot

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3. Service process

Pristine House Cleaning includes a breakdown of their service process. This helps clients understand every step of the process and know what to expect from working with them.

Cleaning websites - service process screenshot

Pro Tip: Do like Pristine House Cleaning and add a “Get an Instant Quote” button below your service process. Once visitors know how you work, they’ll be more likely to want to hire you.

4. Visible pricing

Commercial Cleaning Canberra uses a price calculator to provide custom cleaning service pricing. Adjusting the square footage and visit frequency helps clients understand whether they can afford the service.

Cleaning websites - pricing screenshot

Pro Tip: If you need to create a custom estimate for every job, you can still share your pricing structure to help clients understand your rates. This will make them more likely to contact you for a full estimate.

FREE TOOL: Quote faster with our free cleaning estimate template

5. Special offers or discounts

Peaches ’n Clean offers coupons to new visitors who are willing to share their contact details. This gives their sales team a way to get in touch and book services.

Cleaning websites - special offers page screenshot

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6. Reviews and testimonials

California Well Done Cleaning Services shares client testimonials that include the client name, review platform, and star rating. They even have a video that shows a happy client talking about their experience.

Cleaning websites - reviews screenshot

Pro Tip: Include testimonials, review website badges, and links to review platforms like Google or Yelp. You can also install a site widget to display client reviews from other websites.

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7. Experience statistics

The All Clean Team shares statistics on their home page so visitors can see how much experience they have—and how many happy clients they’ve served.

Cleaning websites - experience screenshot

Pro Tip: Track client numbers (and all of your jobs) more easily with a cleaning CRM.

8. Contact information

On the Blu Cleaning website, their contact details are at the top of the page in the main header. Keeping this information visible makes it easy for visitors to email, call, or fill out a contact form from any page of your website.

Cleaning websites - contact page screenshot

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re promoting the best way to reach you. For example, if you’re able to answer text messages quickly, tell visitors to text you for questions and availability.

9. Service area

On their website’s home page, Clean Vibz Kzoo includes a map with their location. The company also lists a service area so visitors know if they can access those services.

Cleaning websites - service area screenshot

Pro Tip: Adding your location to your website will help you appear higher on the results page when customers search for cleaning services in their area.

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10. Useful blog posts

Monthly blog content presents Clean Club Calgary as industry experts and helps attract new clients. These posts are packed with tips for DIY cleaning and information about the company’s house cleaning services.

Cleaning websites - blog posts screenshot

Pro Tip: Write blog content with your ideal clients in mind. For example, busy parents would love your list of quick house cleaning hacks. Be consistent with your publishing, too, even if it’s only once a month.

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11. In-depth FAQ

Site visitors are bound to have questions, and Mint House Cleaning answers them. Their FAQ page shares honest answers to tough questions, which helps improve transparency and trust.

Cleaning websites - FAQ page screenshot

Pro Tip: Pick questions for your FAQ page based on actual questions you get asked, like “why should I hire a cleaner?” or “what forms of payment do you accept?” You can narrow down the list to the types of questions and answers that’ll help people decide to hire you.

12. About page

Eagleson Cleaning includes an About section on their home page. It talks about who they are as a company, outlines what makes them different, and includes links to other relevant sections.

Cleaning websites - about page screenshot

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13. Team page

Simply Spotless has a team page that introduces each of their cleaners. They have high-quality photos, names, titles, and short bios so visitors can meet the people working in their homes.

Cleaning websites - team page screenshot

Pro Tip: If you can’t get professionally taken photos like Simply Spotless, find a well-lit area with a plain wall, then take team photos with the best phone or camera you have available.

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14. Careers page

Rise and Shine Cleaning Service is always hiring cleaners. That’s why they created a Careers page sharing what it’s like to work there, along with a button that links to their hiring portal.

Cleaning websites - careers page screenshot

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15. Community activities

Ivy Glove donates free cleaning services to people going through cancer treatment, and they promote it on their website with a testimonial specifically from a person who used this service.

Cleaning websites - community page screenshot

Pro Tip: Show site visitors how you make your community better. They’ll want to support your efforts, which means they’ll be much more willing to work with you.

16. Awards and certification

Sparkle & Shine puts safety first, which is why they’re certified in pandemic-related cleaning and sanitation. This certification is front and center on their website to keep them competitive and help clients feel safe.

Cleaning websites - awards screenshot

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17. App information

All Ways Clean offers a booking and invoicing app to help customers book more easily. They’ve included information about it on their website to show clients how convenient they are.

Cleaning websites - app page screenshot

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18. Legal information

Some cleaning company websites list legal information to show they’re legit. CleanService does that by including their Australian business number (ABN) in the footer.

Cleaning websites - legal information screenshot

Pro Tip: Even if you aren’t legally required to, get a business license and cleaning insurance. This will protect your business, boost your professionalism, and make your services more appealing to potential clients.

How to build a cleaning website in 8 steps

You’re ready to start building a website. But how do you do it? Let’s go through the process and answer your questions about building office and house cleaning websites.

1. Buy and register a domain name

Your domain name is the URL where your website lives. If you’re using a site builder, you may be able to register a domain during setup. If not, you can use a registrar like GoDaddy.

(Remember, you’ll need to renew your registration every year!)

2. Pick a site platform

Decide where you’re building your site. A website builder like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix makes it easy to build your site from scratch—without having to learn how to code.

If you do know how to code or are working with a web developer, you can build something custom that meets your needs exactly. WordPress has options for this method, too.

3. Choose a design

Website builders usually offer template designs that you can customize to match your branding. Choose a theme that fits the tone of your business and is easy for visitors to use.

If you’re working with a professional, you’ll plan your site design together and the developer will build it for you.

4. Add content and images

Write content for your website that tells visitors who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. Website builders make it easy to add this content to the site (or your developer can do it for you).

You should also add photos that show you and your team in action. You can hire a local photographer or take pictures yourself with your smartphone.

5. Optimize for search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your site show up when people search for cleaning services online.

In your website’s content, include terms that people would use to search for your services (like “cleaning company near me”) and include your location and contact details.

6. Set up Google Analytics and Search Console

Google Analytics is a free tool that shows you how many people visit your site and how they got there. To get started, create an account and add the tracking code to your website as instructed.

Search Console (also free!) shows you how your website is performing on Google. It’s a great way to monitor your search engine rankings and spot any problems with your SEO.

7. Launch the site and link to it

Your site is ready! Hit publish and start telling people about it. Send an email to clients, print new business cards, and update any local business listings and social media profiles with your URL.

8. Update regularly

Update your website every few months with new photos and testimonials. If you’re short on time, install plugins that automatically post new social media content and customer reviews.

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Ready to promote your cleaning services through a well-designed, easy-to-find website? These ideas from other successful cleaning companies will help you do that—and grow your cleaning business like an expert.

Originally published August 2019. Last updated February 3, 2022.

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